New Music Friday: December 18

As we get closer to the holidays of Christmas and New Year’s, I hope these next highlighted picks bring you some joy this week! There are new songs from 18x Grammy Award winner Paul McCartney, Grammy winning alt-pop solo singer/Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams, rock band Good Charlotte, 2x Grammy winner LeAnn Rimes & multi Grammy-nominated recording artist Jon Batiste. All that and more in this week’s New Music Friday for December 18, 2020!

“Find My Way” by Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney is back with the release of his 18th solo studio album, McCartney III. It follows his previous eponymous albums, McCartney and McCartney II released back in 1970 and 1980 respectively. It’s now officially a trilogy set if you think about it.

Once again, the legendary singer-songwriter/producer created this entire album by himself. The only difference this time is that this was made during the quarantine lockdown earlier this year.

It’s cool to see the 78-year-old musician playing all the instruments in the music video seen above. You can tell this was a passion project for him from start to finish. Everything from the vocals to the guitar playing to the drums and even the harpsichord, all of it, it’s a visual and aural delight! It’s a very joyous song that needs to be played for those seeking to relieve the stresses of the week or after a long and hard day’s work.

According to the video’s description the video was directed by Francis Ford Coppola’s son Roman Coppola and “the shoot utilized no less than 46 cameras to capture Paul on every instrument and from every angle, resulting in an unprecedented and intimate glimpse into Paul creating and performing a McCartney III highlight.”

There are 10 additional songs on the new record, so feel free to go check that out this weekend! I enjoyed listening to this experimental album, and I feel Beatles fans and Sir Paul fans alike will do so too!

“Find Me Here” by Hayley Williams

Reflecting on the year that it’s been thus far, we could all use a song like this one from Miss Hayley Williams! This song is part of her latest EP, Petals For Armor: Self Serenades.

It’s soothing to hear this new song where she reminds us all that “long as I’m lovin’ you you’ll never be alone/Long as you keep wanting me around.” It’s true because even though we can’t see all our friends, family members and favorite artists on tour like we use to, the love is still there. The love we have for them will help carry us all through this dark and scary time.

I applaud Williams for putting out one more body of work before the year’s end. It’s like a warm and cozy hug and a very intimate experience for our ears. I’m looking forward to more new music from her in 2021 and from her band Paramore later down the road. How about you?

“Last December” by Good Charlotte

Rock band, Good Charlotte returns to the music scene with a brand new song called “Last December.” It’s been two years since their last release, Generation Rx (2018). A bittersweet music video accompanies the song which deals with the craziness that is 2020 as well as a hint of some hope and joy to carry us into the new year!

Images of closed venues due to the coronavirus lockdown earlier this year are seen. There’s also broken and or boarded up storefronts due to the protests against police brutality and the unjust murder of George Floyd, plus billboards advertising climate change is real and COVID-19 testing sites. It’s very surreal looking back upon those powerful moments. It really seemed like this year would go on and on, seemingly never-ending, but alas we’re in the homestretch part now. Christmas lights are up practically everywhere, and that sliver of normalcy is definitely craved by many. With the vaccines being rolled out across the country as we speak, here’s hoping 2021 will be a better year for everyone. Light is definitely at the end of the tunnel!!

Sonically speaking, this is a very well crafted song from the band whom wanted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first album with this release. The lyrics flow seamlessly along the upbeat track. The drumming is simply impeccable.

According to an ALTPRESS interview, lead guitarist Benji Madden said, “The holidays can be a rough time of year. Thinking of the ones we’ve lost and longing for moments that have passed us by is definitely a part of the joy and melancholy.” He added that “for us [it] speaks to both sides of those holiday feelings and we hope it brings some solace to anyone who needs it.”

Overall, it’s great to hear a new GC song before the new year starts. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.

“Throw My Arms Around The World” by LeAnn Rimes

38-year-old singer-songwriter and 2x Grammy winner, LeAnn Rimes is back with a passionate new song, “Throw My Arms Around The World.” She expressed in a recent tweet that her new single, “is full of passion, hope and sacred rage. I simultaneously dance and cry every time I listen to it. It’s a plea for the world to join me in healing this planet, ourselves and each other.”

Sonically, there’s a lot going on here. It’s such a big production undertaken by a small crew plus Rimes. Props to everyone who worked on this single. Watching the video seen above will make you appreciate the recording process and number of takes it took to put it all together smoothly.

Please put your headphones or earbuds on to get the maximum aural experience! I got a lot of international vibes from this worldwide appealing track such as African and Egyptian sounds. The background vocalists enhances the flow of it all as well. What do you all think? Share your opinions in the comments box down below.

“It’s All Right” by Jon Batiste

The amazing Jon Batiste (3x Grammy-nominated) offers his voice on the upcoming Disney/PIXAR soundtrack, Soul. This track titled, “It’s All Right” is very uplifting and encouraging to listen to. Play this track if you’re feeling sad because it will definitely perk your heart and soul up. Play it also if you want to get an idea of the film’s vibes ahead of time.

The smooth jazzy number is just one of the brilliantly composed tracks off the soundtrack, so you should definitely check out the rest of the album which features tracks from Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross as well as actor Daveed Diggs and neo-soul musician Cody Chesnutt.

Soul will be available to stream on Disney+ on Christmas Day!

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New Music Friday: October 16

Happy Friday!! We’ve made it through another week! I’ve selected five new candidates for your playlists this weekend! Hope you enjoy them. We’ve got the latest from Grammy-nominated artist, Demi Lovato fresh off her world premiere performance at the BBMAs earlier this week, pop singers-songwriters Lauv & Conan Gray with a catchy new anthem, EDM group Louis The Child and their collaboration with alternative rock group COIN, & last but not least DJ/singer/entrepreneur Paris Hilton with her amazing new collab with DJ Lodato.

“Commander In Chief” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato follows her strong and emotional post breakup single, “Still Have Me” two weeks ago with another equally strong and emotional song called “Commander In Chief.” She co-wrote this track with none other than FINNEAS, brother to Grammy-winning artist, Billie Eilish and fellow pop singer herself, Julia Michaels.

This time she’s taking a stand against the current administration and POTUS himself. She enlisted several individuals of varying ages, races, and ethnicities to lip sync her evocative message to the President so the whole world can hear. We see everyone from a young Black girl to an older white male with a hat that reads “Make America United Again” to an adult female in a wheelchair mouthing the words: “Commander in Chief, honestly/If I did the things you do/I couldn’t sleep, seriously/Do you even know the truth?/We’re in a state of crisis, people are dyin’/While you line your pockets deep/Commander in Chief, how does it feel to still/Be able to breathe?” Powerful imagery to watch!

The strong chorus references the racial injustices seen earlier this summer and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has tragically killed over 210,000 Americans to this date. Lovato asks how can the President behave like this, so ignorant and heartless, hiding from the protesters, lining his pockets from these tragic events and she wonders, does he really know the truth?!?

She hopes this song will elicit a response from this administration while also enabling a public discussion. With less than three weeks left until Election Day, she’s using this song as a platform to stress the importance of voting.

ICYMI: Demi performed this song for the first time at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards two nights ago. Check it out here:

“Fake” by Lauv & Conan Gray

Singer-songwriter Lauv follows his five-track EP, Without You with a new collaborative effort with fellow pop singer Conan Gray. Gray, in case you didn’t know, is best known for his hit song “Heather” which currently has over 22 million views on YouTube and “Maniac” which has been certified Gold by the RIAA. This is the first time the two artists have worked together on a song.

The two twenty-somethings explore the world of fakeness in this fun new song. Know someone who acts one way to others but totally different towards you? If you have a fake friend or relationship either currently or in the past, then you should definitely check their single out!

They sing in the rather catchy and anthemic chorus, “Man, you’re so f—ing fake (ahh ah)/You don’t mean a single thing you say (ahh ah)/If we’ve got a problem, say it to my face (ahh ah)/And you’re just like all the people that you hate/You’re so fake/When the real you’s back, I’ll pick up my phone.” Through a series of different mini sets they travel from one to another with set production extras providing the props and necessary components for some cool effects alongside including a confetti blaster! It’s such a COVID style music video yet it’s simplicities make for quite an enjoyable video to watch unfold. So kudos to everyone on their respective teams who worked on this production safely during this ongoing pandemic.

“SCAR” by Ashton Irwin

5SOS member, Ashton Irwin is back with another tasting/preview off his upcoming solo album, Superbloom. In “Scar,” Irwin wears his emotions on his sleeves as he sings about mental health in this song. He’s advocating to us that life is filled with so much joy, so many possibilities and just because life hands you lemons, you simply mustn’t give up. The scars we get in life provide lessons for the future not a helpless pit of doom and gloom.

I love the arrangement of this rock song. Love the inclusion of the harps which made the song so unique. The guitar chords have a soothing tone and the drums provided the punch for that maximum effect. The chorus and post-chorus leaves an indelible mark! The bridge leading to the outro was out of this world good! Please turn it up! It’s truly an aural experience.

In a recent tweet the 26-year-old singer-songwriter calls it his “favorite song” off the record. He also describes it as “powerful and raw” adding that it’s “a message to my family, a message for anyone that listens, about perseverance though periods of intense struggle.” His emotional openness is truly commendable!

Like I said the last time I mentioned Ashton Irwin for my picks, I’m excited to hear the rest of his album and him sharing his story/journey for listeners all around the world!

“Self Care” by Louis The Child & COIN

EDM group Louis The Child has teamed up with alternative rock group COIN for the first time. In this upbeat dance track, the two groups are preaching the importance of self care.

“I do it for myself/I’m dancin’ for no one else/I do it for myself, baby/Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah, ah.” The chorus really strikes a chord because if you’re feeling like you’re energies have been exhausted as of late or been absorbed by others and not yourself, then you need to listen to these lines and the song as a whole. It will definitely give you a wake up call to say, ‘hey, listen, I’m important too. I deserve the rest. I deserve a break. I deserve to be happy too. I deserve to be appreciated for the things I do in life!’ The list goes on!!

See the accompanying music video above for some feel good vibes as the two groups and some interpretive dancers just let loose and have fun in a desert!

“I Blame You” by Paris Hilton

Credit: @ParisHilton

Call it a comeback single, but really, has Paris Hilton really left? Hilton dropped this surprise new dance track and it’s all about love despite the song title, “I Blame You.”

“I feel good, I feel good. I blame you, I blame you.” Those simple lines get repeated in such a way that you can’t help but say, ‘wow, this really makes me feel happy and positive in life.’

So if you’re feeling like you met your better half or just have a really close friend and or family member, then this song is for you! They bring the joy and sunshine to your life and you can credit them for changing your perspective on life especially if you’ve had a troubled past, or a rough patch in a previous relationship, or even something as trivial as receiving a bad grade in school. It doesn’t define you forever.

DJ Lodato really sets the mood for this track and I want to say he mixed it excellently with the entertainer/entrepreneur’s dreamy vocals.

Paris shared in a recent Instagram post that proceeds from this song will go to Breaking Code Silence, a “movement organized by a network of survivors and advocates to raise awareness of the abuses in the troubled teen industry.”

Hilton recently released her eye-opening YouTube documentary which dives deeper into her life story from her childhood to present day. In this doc, she details for the first time publicly, the verbal, psychological and physical abuse she endured when she was sent to Provo Canyon School when she was a teenager. Watch her YouTube Original documentary, This Is Paris, here. You can’t help after watching this, to support Paris Hilton. Virtual hugs all around!

Now she’s standing up and raising awareness for the survivors in support of closing down that institution. Feel free to sign her petition.

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New Music Friday: October 2

Happy October everyone! We’ve made it through 3/4 of the year! Let’s make the best of the final 1/4 of 2020 and embrace that fall feeling! In this week’s selections, we have all new music from Grammy-nominated pop singer Demi Lovato, chart topping K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK, pop band Why Don’t We, 5SOS drummer Ashton Irwin & alternative pop singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs.

“Still Have Me” by Demi Lovato

Singer-songwriter Demi Lovato recently called off her engagement to actor Max Ehrich last week and the Lovatics have been expressing their support for the 28-year-old artist through this very tough time. With great sadness comes impeccable art. Lovato has put out another heartfelt piano ballad in “Still Have Me,” which addresses the split and also focuses on being grateful for the things she still has, namely, her life and her faith.

Lovato repeatedly belts out in the chorus, “I don’t have much but at least I still have me (I still have me)/And that’s all I need.” Hearing this song will give you chills, you can really feel her emotions throughout this entire song. The background singers enhanced her sentiments too.

Even though she’s no longer planning a wedding and is now single, hopefully she takes the time to reflect on this moment and continues to show her confidence both personally and professionally in her next album moving forward. Sending virtual hugs to her and her family.

Be sure to tune in to the 2020 Billboard Music Awards to see Demi perform all new music (presumably this track) live! It airs October 14th at 8pm EST on NBC.

“Lovesick Girls” by BLACKPINK

Successful K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK finally dropped their first Korean album aptly titled, The Album today! One of those new songs is “Lovesick Girls.” It will serve as their third official single from the new record.

The quartet have choreographed another top-notch dance routine for what will presumably be their next big commercial hit! Props to their stylists too as each member wore a unique look.

Ok, let’s face it. Love is really complicated for the girls and the mixed emotions felt towards the idea of being in love is evident in this song.

They sing: “We are the lovesick girls/But we were born to be alone/Yeah, we were born to be alone/Yeah, we were born to be alone/But why we still looking for love?”

The theme of being lovesick is something many will probably agree they have experienced in life. We crave love and happiness but sometimes it just doesn’t come all together. We then embrace our own independence but of course, you still wonder if your one true love is out there. A very delicate balance for sure.

Musically speaking, it’s a catchy track to listen to if I do say so myself. If you loved any of their previous hits like “Ice Cream” with Selena Gomez or “How You Like That,” you’ll likely add this one too to the top of your playlists this week!

The Album contains 8 tracks in total, including an all English collaboration with rapper Cardi B in “Bet You Wanna” which was co-written by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder among others. Let me know which is your favorite track. Drop your response down below.

“Fallin'” by Why Don’t We

L.A. based boy band group, Why Don’t We ended their months long hiatus this week (which coincidentally enough was their four-year anniversary) with a brand new song called “Fallin’.”

The guys have changed their image this time around. They’ve matured in sound, picked up the instruments (e.g. see Daniel Seavey drumming), showcasing more production skills and taking control of the writing process.

This pop song is about the lead up to telling someone you love them. The adrenaline and rush you get just thinking about them will lead you to falling deeper in love with that someone once you’ve expressed your feelings. You will feel nervous but optimistic at the same time. Teens and 20-somethings will resonate the most with the lyrics and that feeling of young love for sure.

Cool Observation: I love how they made a nod to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” when they posed just like the legendary rockers. See that moment at 2:41 in the above video.

Another interesting nugget, the guys got to sample Kanye West’s drumline from his 2013 song, “Black Skinhead.”

Overall, I enjoyed this song from the quintet and I will definitely check out more of their upcoming music down the line. I’m sure all of you WDW fans will be eagerly awaiting at what’s to come as they evolve their sound in their upcoming second studio album. The future looks bright for this group. Share your thoughts in the comments below. Do you like their new look and vibe?

“Have U Found What Ur Looking For?” by Ashton Irwin

5 Seconds of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin released his second teaser song from his upcoming solo album, Superbloom. It’s called “Have U Found What Ur Looking For?” and I got to say, I really dig this alternative rock sound he’s channeling. It’s a big departure from the 5SOS sound.

Irwin shared on his recent Instagram post that “this song is about overcoming mental resistance and facing every fear you’ve ever had.”

I applaud Irwin for delving into his psyche and sharing how he feels in life with his fans. Hopefully this song can inspire listeners to take more chances in life and chase their wildest dreams. Nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible as the saying goes!

I look forward to hearing the rest of his solo album, which drops October 23rd!

“HIGHER” by Bishop Briggs

British-American singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs released a track for all those listeners out there who just went through a tough breakup but are now feeling grateful for it’s life lessons which ultimately helps you move on.

I love how Briggs turned something that’s a low point in one’s life into a renewed positive high. “HIGHER” will boost your mood and confidence, so definitely go check that out if you’re feeling down about losing your ex.

Briggs is an exceptional artist and her deep, solid and mature vocals are top-notch to listen to. You can absorb the message of the song as she sings the chorus. “Higher, your love has set me free/Now nothing’s out of reach/Higher, higher, ooh/Higher, your love has set me free (Has set me free)/Now nothing’s out of reach/Higher, higher/Higher, I’m stronger now I’m free/I’m who I wanna be/Higher, higher, ooh.” Those “ooh’s” are simply infectious!

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Best Moments From The 2020 MTV VMA’s

The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards was short and succinct clocking in under the usual three hours. Keke Palmer hosted this year’s festivities and she did a great job given the circumstances of the pandemic and NYC restrictions. She announced that the awards show was dedicated to the late great actor, Chadwick Boseman, whom tragically passed away a few nights prior to the broadcast due to stage IV colon cancer.

As far as wild moments, there wasn’t anything too controversial last night as compared to years past since there was no physical audience, no celebs in attendance that were in the same room as the performers, and a lot was reliant on a virtual audience for applause plus lots of green screen technology was used for the speeches and performances. The performances had to be pre-taped and strict social distancing had to take place.

With that said, here are some of the highlights from last night’s televised event in no particular rank.

Grammy-nominated artist, Lewis Capaldi performed his hit single, “Before You Go” during the pre-show. I thought his vocals were great! Nothing fancy in the background, just pure talent! Someday, he should perform during the main show.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching The Weeknd in his “Blinding Lights” music video attire in this performance. He performed way up in the sky from the Edge at Hudson Yards, NYC for the show opener. A true visual spectacle with a helicopter hovering nearby and amazing drone shots and later on a series of fireworks shooting up in the air to which confused residents three days prior. If we weren’t in a pandemic right now, I would’ve love to visit this place. Maybe in 2021. Meanwhile, The Weeknd nabbed a few awards for Video of the Year & Best R&B for “Blinding Lights” and he stayed humble but also raised awareness in calling for justice for Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor during his acceptance speech.

Pop singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus came back to the VMA’s and she did not disappoint. She kept it classy this time singing her new 80s sounding song, “Midnight Sky.” Similar to Capaldi’s performance, she started off with the red lighting but then her set gradually shifted towards blue then normal lighting w/ shadows as she ascended a staircase and hopped onto a swinging disco ball which gave me “Wrecking Ball” era vibes. If this song is any indication of the new sound she’s working towards, then I’m sold. Looking forward to her next album for sure.

Cyrus won for Best Editing and Best Art Direction for her other song, “Mother’s Daughter.”

BTS debuted their latest single, “Dynamite.” They used green screen technology to showcase famous spots in NYC like Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the city skyline in the background in this dance-heavy, feel-good performance. The K-Pop group won 4 VMAs — Best Pop, Best K-Pop, Best Group & Best Choreography.

In this commercially sponsored performance, Julia Michaels and JP Saxe sang their song, “If The World Was Ending.” I thought it was a lovely duet with a SOHO-like atmosphere sans the traffic and surrounding pedestrians.

Lady Gaga gave us a taste of Chromatica in this medley performance. MTV crowned her their first ever Tricon! This was an award for being a triple threat in the entertainment world as well as being an outstanding human being overall from a humanitarian perspective. Gaga had numerous wardrobe changes throughout the night, all while wearing a unique mask each time. Responsibly talented!!

She stressed the importance of masks during her acceptance speech and urged us all to stay true to ourselves, be kind, and stand up for what’s right. She also predicted a cultural renaissance will take place with all these artists including herself making new music for the world to enjoy during this pandemic and beyond.

Gaga also won Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Collaboration & Best Cinematography with Ariana Grande for “Rain On Me.” Well deserved honors!

What were your favorite moment(s) of the show? Share your comments down below.

New Music Friday: August 21

Happy Friday once again! It’s time to list the five tracks you need to hear this weekend! This week’s lineup includes new songs from K-Pop global superstar group, BTS, Grammy-nominated pop star, Katy Perry, 2x BRIT Awards-nominated indie band, London Grammar, alternative rock band, American Authors, and last but not least, rising singer-songwriter, Greyson Chance. All that and more in this week’s edition of New Music Friday for August 21, 2020 here at Philip’s Music Corner!

“Dynamite” by BTS

K-pop superstar group BTS have dropped their latest song called “Dynamite.” This is just the second all English single they’ve released following the 2017 Steve Aoki/Desiigner collaborative track, “MIC Drop (Remix).”

This song will lift your quarantine spirits up and boost your mood. It’s a very danceable track that channels that 1980s vibe and the disco days. The seven-member boy band is slated to perform this fun new song for the first time on national TV on August 30th at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards in New York City. So look forward to that BTS ARMY!!!

The music video features a colorful array of choreographed numbers in various scenes including a bedroom featuring a poster of the late great David Bowie, a record vinyl store, a small doughnut shop, a basketball court, a building appropriately named “DISCO” in all caps, and lastly on a ground level stage on a field with the sun shining down upon them. The bright hues and the visual effects made this an appealing video to watch.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty catchy tune especially the bridge section of the song. If you’re feeling sad or stressed, definitely check this song out and repeat it as many times as you like. I predict this song will catapult them to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Charts next week, if they do, it will be their first #1 song.

“What Makes A Woman” by Katy Perry

Pop singer-songwriter, Katy Perry dropped another promotional single before her new album, SMILE drops next Friday. In “What Makes A Woman,” which she dedicates to her unborn daughter, she acknowledges that it’s hard to measure the worth of a woman. Women can do so many amazing things in life, they cannot be boxed or shaped as one thing and one thing only. They adapt and change as the years goes by, and the seasons of life progress.

The acoustic performance seen above was very peaceful and relaxing to hear. Great use of the SMILE face masks on her band mates in the background by the way! Katy is going to be a great mom and I know down the line when her daughter hears this song for the first time, she too will smile and be appreciative of how her mom made a name for herself in life and is so strong through the ups and downs as a singer in the spotlight.

I commend the career Perry has established so far and I’m looking forward to the new era of songs she has in store with SMILE. You can still pre-order the album now!

In other news this week, you can expect Perry back at the judges table next season on American Idol alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan with returning host Ryan Seacrest.

“Baby It’s You” by London Grammar

English indie pop band, London Grammar is back with their first new single since their 2017 album, Truth Is A Beautiful Thing. “Baby It’s You” is a soothing song about love. This single is perfect for those who found their match in life and want to dedicate it to their lover. No matter what the world is like, you at least have this special person in your life. Of course if you’re single, you can perhaps feel the same towards your family, a friend or even your pet(s).

I like the visualizer seen above because even though the skies look dark, the proverbial fire (that special someone) in the water will be the only thing that warms your heart and soul. For a strange year we’ve been having in real life, I found comfort in listening to this song and I hope the feeling is mutual for all of you out there.

I’m excited to hear what’s next for them, whether it will be more singles down the line, an EP, or even a third studio album which the LG fans most certainly would love to have.

“Brick By Brick” by American Authors

For my fourth pick this week, it’s alternative rock band, American Authors with their new single, “Brick By Brick.” After listening to the song, you can’t help but feel inspired and motivated to conquer the things in life that you originally thought was impossible. If there’s something in life you want to achieve, you have to keep going one step at a time because if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything! Erase your doubts, keep laying down the proverbial bricks and soon enough you’ll go from laying down the foundation to having the whole building complete for the whole world to see! Dream big!

The band will be releasing a new EP called Counting Down with five new tracks including this one on September 18th. Pre-save on Spotify is available now.

“Bad To Myself” by Greyson Chance

23-year-old singer-songwriter Greyson Chance is done being bad to himself as he enters a new, brighter chapter in his life! This is such a heartfelt, vulnerable song about him reaching a low point in his personal life (struggling with anorexia, alcohol drinking and experiencing a breakup) and ultimately looking at himself in the mirror thinking, no, he’s got to turn over a new leaf and be gentler to himself. Self care is important and that’s evident with the positive mindset he’s showcasing lately through his social media channels.

“Bad To Myself” follows the releases of “Honeysuckle,” and “Dancing Next To Me” earlier this year. It’s expected that more songs will be dropped later this fall and early next year, so look forward to that as Chance continues to hone his craft.

I appreciate Chance opening up and expressing himself through his songs, and this one in particular is a sign of many more amazing accomplishments to come.

Hope you enjoyed reading this week’s edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. If you liked my content, feel free to follow my blog by clicking on ‘Follow” in the lower right hand corner. Leave a comment letting me know which song(s) you’re listening to this weekend! As always, please continue to stay safe, wash your hands, be kind, and happy listening!

New Music Friday: July 31

Happy New Music Friday on this 31st day of July! It’s hard to believe that July is almost done but we’ve got one more round of picks this month before we dive right into the dog days of summer in August soon! Multi-Platinum selling artist and Grammy winner, Billie Eilish dropped her latest single, alt-pop band Glass Animals released another new track from their upcoming Dreamland album, rising pop star Ava Max shares her new revenge song, Brit-pop band The Vamps are shining in this new joyful music comeback and finally we end with a new song from alternative rock band, The Neighbourhood that beckons some deep thought and hopefully something bright to add to your playlists this week. Scroll on down to read all the deets!

“my future” by Billie Eilish

5x Grammy-winning artist, Billie Eilish follows her epic James Bond theme song, “No Time To Die” with a brand new single called “my future.” This song will presumably be a part of her sophomore album effort slated to be released sometime in 2021. Eilish begins the song in her usual melancholic style reflecting upon her past but by the mid portion of the song, it starts to turn brighter and optimistic towards the future.

Kudos to the animators who made this beautiful music video. They really captured the essence of Eilish excellently all throughout. It kind of gives off this Japanese anime vibe or even a Hiyao Miyazaki vibe in my opinion (see: My Neighbor Totoro (1988)). Thoughts?

By the latter part of the video, the animators showcase new life and sunshine wrapping around the landscape and cartoon version of Eilish as beanstalk vines carry her up high in the sky. Symbolically, it represents all the creative things artists like Eilish are doing right now in quarantine. Tough times and darkness leads to growth, renewal, hope and resilience. Brighter days are certainly in our futures!

Eilish and her big brother/writer/producer, Finneas created this contemplative song in the early stages of quarantine life back in spring. It was conceived in a pretty rapid fashion as this was made when the two were in Finneas’ apartment on an actual rainy day as she revealed in an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music.

Finneas, whom turned 23-years-old this week, posted on his Instagram about the new song citing, “the first thing we made during quarantine was “my future”. I will forever cherish the rainy days I spent making this song with my sister.”

He added, “it’s been a scary year for so many reasons but I choose to be optimistic and so many of you make me feel so inspired about the future.”

Hopefully this song does the same for you just as much as it did for him. Feel free to add it to your quarantine playlists this week.

“It’s All So Incredibly Loud” by Glass Animals

Glass Animals follows the release of their song “Heat Waves” which has charted as high as #12 on the Billboard Hot Alternative Songs chart with another song off their upcoming album, Dreamland called “It’s All So Incredibly Loud.”

The alternative band is set to drop Dreamland next week on August 7th. With “It’s All So Incredibly Loud,” the song slowly builds up (a full minute) to this chilling and cathartic anthem about a couple in a relationship that winds up in an heated argument. Fiery words get traded in the heat of the moment and whether you like it or not, it’s officially out there. An inevitable breakup or temporary time apart from one another likely ensues.

The aftermath moment is where silence is most deafening to both parties. If you’ve experienced that in life, then this song is for you!

Overall, lead singer Dave Bayley has made an impressive song here. The music video was excellently executed. It looks simple yet sophisticated in the sense that it symbolically captures the theme of the lyrics all at once. By 2:47, you’ll get goosebumps watching the slo-mo dive by Bayley!

I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the record real soon.

“Who’s Laughing Now” by Ava Max

Pop singer-songwriter Ava Max has a new song for those who want to show their strong, independent side after a breakup. “Who’s Laughing Now” takes a jab at one’s ex. The infectious whistling and the “ha ha ha ha’s” in this song makes for a spicy track. It will make you dance along to the beat of the song, for sure.

The plot of the above video showcases Ava Max getting laid off by her boss who asserted his “dominance” when in fact Max is portrayed as being the dominant one. Karma is real! Shrugging off the pink slip, she dances along in this fun choreographed routine with sheer confidence.

In the latter half of the video, Max seeks revenge on the man she once dated who was caught kissing another woman. Using a crowbar to damage his car was a cathartic moment to watch.

The other major plot point is Max being placed in confinement in a straitjacket for the actions she committed earlier as the doctor deems her “psycho and crazy.” She eventually uses her wits and powers to break free.

This song pairs well with Max’s previous smash hit single, “Sweet But Psycho.” Both of those songs along with 13 other tracks will be on her first full length album, Heaven & Hell releasing September 18th!

A lot to unravel but overall, this is a solid Ava Max song to add to your playlists this week.

“Married In Vegas” by The Vamps

Brit pop-rock band, The Vamps are making a comeback! “Married In Vegas” is the first single off their upcoming fourth studio album, Cherry Blossom. The band posted on their Twitter that this new era signifies rebirth and that it was a two-year process in the making.

They hope this song will inspire fans to propose to their girlfriend/boyfriend and having a spur of the moment wedding in the iconic city of Las Vegas. Nonetheless, this uptempo song will have you jamming along. If you need a good pick me up this week, this is a song you should listen to! Also if you’re fans of One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer for example and you have yet to hear a song from The Vamps, then you should definitely give them a listen.

I look forward to their evolved sound in their upcoming record. How about you? In the meantime, check out this fun interview they did for Hunger TV.

“Cherry Flavoured” by The Neighbourhood

Need a mellow yet moody ’80s sounding track? Then this one’s for you! It’s the latest single from alternative rock band, The Neighbourhood. This is the first single (out now) off their upcoming fourth studio album titled Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones which is slated for release on September 25th. It’s also the first new song of 2020 for the band since their 2019 Death Stranding soundtrack song, “Yellow Box.”

I thought it was neat that they had a nostalgic Nickelodeon inspired splat logo in the lower right-hand corner of the music video which was done in animation. This song is great if you’re feeling down and need a little comfort to get your spirits up.

I’m looking forward to learning more about these alter-egos for the band members, Jesse Rutherford as Chip Chrome & Jeremy Freedman, Zach Abels, Mikey Margott & Brandon Alexander Fried as The Mono-Tones. I’m also wondering how their new album will sound like. What do you guys think/predict?

That does it for this week’s edition of New Music Friday! Leave a comment below letting me know what song(s) you’re jamming to this week and why. ‘Til next time, stay safe and happy listening!

New Music Friday: July 24

Happy New Music Friday everyone! We’ve got a wide variety of artists this week showcasing their latest works! Taylor Swift surprised us all with an all new album and leading single, “cardigan,” Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani teamed up once again for another country love song, Ashe dropped an emotional banger, Neon Trees released their latest song off their new album that will have you evaluating your past and last but not least, Kylie Minogue is spreading her love in an out of this world dance anthem. All that and more in this week’s edition of Philip’s Music Corner for Friday, July 24, 2020!

“cardigan” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is back! 2020 hasn’t been the year all artists had envisioned. Touring is something most artists would be doing in the summer months but with the coronavirus pandemic still in the forefront, a lot of artists are taking this downtime to create art. Swift no less is one of those examples. She surprisingly announced an eighth studio album effort on Thursday morning titled folklore. This album follows the chart-topping album Lover which was released just eleven months ago. It will contain 16 new tracks, 17 if you buy the physical deluxe version. The bonus song on that iteration is called “the lakes.” She notably collaborated with 2x Grammy-winner, Bon Iver on a song called “exile” and worked with award-winning producer and artist himself, Jack Antonoff once again, as well as The National member Aaron Dessner and songwriter William Bowery (pseudonym for someone perhaps??) whom she calls her musical heroes. See her official announcement tweet below:

With her leading single “cardigan” out today, Swift revealed that she directed the accompanying music video and took the necessary precautions (e.g. doing her own HMU, everyone on set wore masks and kept their distance) to remain safe producing this during quarantine.

She explained in her online Q+A before the music video was premiered that the song “is about a lost romance and why young love is often fixed so permanently within our memories. Why it leaves such an indelible mark.”

Overall, the new sound is very chill. It’s definitely a departure from her singles from the Lover era. It’s perfect for those casual listening sessions when you want to de-stress from a long day of work or school. It has that “great with a cup of your favorite beverage while you read a book” kind of vibe. The Swifties will be very warm and content with TS8! I wonder what other surprises she has in store for this new era?

“Happy Anywhere” by Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani

This is the second time Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have worked together on a song following their hit single, “Nobody But You.” It makes sense to work together again since they’re both dating each other in quarantine in the same house. “Happy Anywhere” is a jovial anthem that fans will love and adore.

Put this on your quarantine playlists for feel good vibes and if you relate to having someone in your life you truly admire no matter where you are on Earth!

The music video was made by Gwen’s brother, Todd whom is also living in quarantine with the couple. It was shot in Oklahoma at Shelton’s ranch on a really hot, triple digit degree day. It also showcases and highlights some of the couple’s precious memories they experienced together over the past months.

“Save Myself” by Ashe

Rising singer-songwriter Ashe has followed up her hit single “Moral Of The Story” featuring Niall Horan with this emotional and cathartic song called “Save Myself.”

This song is about regretting and being angry about the wasted time and money one has put into a past relationship. Sonically speaking, it’s not even sung in a rage-like manner which is commendable. In fact, it’s a soothing vocal that will make you empathize with her. The lyrics speak for themselves and that’s the beauty of Ashe’s songwriting abilities. She’s saving herself now via this song so that she can laugh about it in the future and not make the same mistakes.

The color aesthetics in the video shifting from this golden yellow sparkly tone to black and white to normal colors should not go unnoticed too. I appreciated that artistic choice. It really makes you think about your own life as if you were floating on water like Ashe did, deep in thought.

Personally, I feel this song and “Moral Of The Story” goes hand in hand. What do you think?

“Nights” by Neon Trees

Multi-Platinum alternative rock band, Neon Trees have dropped their latest single off their fourth studio album, out today! It’s called “Nights” and according to their recent IG post, they made this song to signify the “rush of complicated emotions.” Listeners can relate if you find yourselves staying up late at night, deep in thought and contemplating about what was once was (i.e. a relationship you had that just broke off or perhaps a lost of someone or something), and hopefully using this song to find clarity on what lies ahead.

“Nights” has that classic Neon Trees charm to it. I enjoy the overall melody for this uptempo song and this kick starts the new era for the band in my eyes. It will likely be a mainstay song for their future set lists. What are your thoughts? Share your comments below.

“Say Something” by Kylie Minogue

If you’re looking for an optimistic dance pop track then look no further to Kylie Minogue’s latest single, “Say Something.” The cosmic track from the 52-year-old Australian-British singer is back to her dance pop roots after experimenting with a country sound in her last album, Golden (2018). This song will be a part of her upcoming milestone fifteenth studio album effort, Disco which will be releasing in the fall, November 6th.

This song was co-written and produced by long time creative collaborator Richard “Biff” Stannard whom worked with her on numerous songs in the past like “Love At First Sight,” “In My Arms,” and “In Your Eyes” just to name a few.

I really felt the lyrics for it’s desire and hope for a loving future. Yes, we’re proverbially a million miles apart from some of the people we love and we miss them oh so much but that doesn’t mean the love isn’t there. Minogue repeatedly asks and sings in the bridge and outro portions of the song, “‘Cause love is love, it never ends…Can we all be as one again?” Those lines are so resonant and so meaningful in crazy times such as the one we’re living in now in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. Why can’t we all just get along and respect one another and learn to spread kindness and love rather than anger and hate.

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. If you liked what you read, please hit the follow button in the lower right hand corner to get weekly email alerts when the next post gets published. Stay safe and happy listening!

New Music Friday: July 17

Happy New Music Friday everyone! This week we have the latest song from DJ/producer extraordinaire Zedd with his new collaborative pairing in the talented Jasmine Thompson; a very legendary and epic collaboration from Kygo and Tina Turner; an all-new Ellie Goulding song which is a part of her fourth album out today; a brand new Keith Urban song that’s sure to make listeners smile, plus a heartfelt tune from newcomer/folk singer-songwriter Anson Seabra.

“Funny” by Zedd & Jasmine Thompson

Grammy-winning artist Zedd and English singer-songwriter Jasmine Thompson have teamed up for what’s sure to be their next big hit song! This song is about someone who broke up with someone else and that someone else is trying to come back to make amends but its simply too late. Fans and listeners who’ve moved on with a new and happier relationship can relate to this song the most if they too see their ex attempting to re-enter their respective life.

The above music video contains a macOS interface with the apps Photobooth, Zoom and iMessage in the forefront. After Thompson breaks off with this proverbial relationship on iMessage, she receives a surprising text from Zedd in the prospects of collaborating thanks to fellow Grammy nominee Lewis Capaldi (“Someone You Loved”) who gave him her number. See through the creative video as Capaldi himself hilariously makes a cameo.

Overall, the song was nicely produced and Thompson’s vocals match well with the melody of the song. I presume this song along with his previously released songs like “365” with Katy Perry, “Good Thing” with Kehlani and “The Middle” with Maren Morris and Grey which went multi-Platinum two years ago will be a part of his upcoming third album which has yet to be titled.

“What’s Love Got To Do With It” by Kygo & Tina Turner

The hitmaker from Norway has done it again! This time Kygo teams up with the legendary Tina Turner to remix her classic #1 hit song from 1984.

Kygo isn’t shy from remixing previously released songs from other artists. He reimagined the late Whitney Houston’s “Higher Love” last summer which hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Club songs charts and is Gold-certified by the RIAA.

Like “Higher Love,” Kygo only enhances the original work. Because of this remix, I feel a whole new generation of listeners around the world will be discovering Turner’s discography as well as the flip side of things, older generations will be finding out about Kygo’s work after this. Win-win for them both!

The music video for this remix features actress Laura Harrier (BlacKkKlansman, Spider-Man: Homecoming) and TV actor Charles Michael Davis (NCIS New Orleans, Younger) as the main leads.

“Love I’m Given” by Ellie Goulding

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding drops her fourth album, Brightest Blue today and one of those songs I wanted to highlight this week is “Love I’m Given.” This song sees a vulnerable Goulding expressing her past mistakes in life and her desires to start a new chapter by turning over the proverbial leaf. She sees a brighter future with a new relationship in this song as well who acknowledges her for being human and that it’s okay to make mistakes in life.

Sonically, this song gives me chills and I believe it will do so for the Goulding fans/stans as well. Changes are inevitable in life and this change is proving to be fruitful for Goulding as we embark on this new era of her amazing career. A lot of positive buzz surrounds this record, so go check that out for yourself.

The new album contains 19 new tracks and features collaborations with serpentwithfeet, blackbear, Lauv, Diplo, Swae Lee & the late Juice WRLD.

“Superman” by Keith Urban

Country singer Keith Urban has been on a roll lately putting out new music during this pandemic. This single follows last month’s collaboration with DJ Dzeko in “Both Still Young.” I covered that song in the June 12th edition of New Music Friday, check that post out here if you haven’t done so yet. Today he releases “Superman,” a song about relishing on the good old days with a past relationship.

I like the creative approach for this music video which was done flipbook style, it’s part animated and part IRL with vibrant backgrounds containing creative motifs. If you’re interested in learning more of the creative process, watch this video as artist Andy Bailey (@andymation) breaks down how he drew Urban for the cool new music video. Overall, its a feel good jam that anyone can be in the mood to listen to.

This song is slated to be part of Urban’s upcoming twelfth studio album, The Speed Of Now Part 1 which is due to be released on September 18.

“Hurricane” by Anson Seabra

Rising singer-songwriter Anson Seabra’s new single “Hurricane” caps off this week’s list of picks you have to listen to! I stumbled upon this track on Spotify and to be honest I wished I discovered him sooner. This track is so good and so soothing for your ears. It will have you empathizing his lyrics because it delves into a heartbroken soul who has lost the love of his life.

Getting dumped is a terrible feeling to experience in life and Seabra excellently uses the weather phenomenon as a metaphor for the pain and sorrow one would feel after a breakup.

Props to Seabra for braving all of the “elements” during the music video production. He had to do multiple takes of getting wet and drying off just to perform the song in the video.

If you enjoy music from artists like Niall Horan, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, or The Fray, just to name a few, then you’ll like Seabra’s vocal stylings.

That concludes another edition of New Music Friday! What picks will you be listening to this week? Let me know in the comments below. Come back next Friday as I breakdown the next five songs you need to listen! Stay safe and happy listening!