New Music Friday: July 22, 2022 | Billie Eilish, The Chainsmokers, Sam Feldt feat. Monsta X & Benson Boone

Happy Friday everyone! This week we got new songs from pop star, Billie Eilish, EDM pop duo, The Chainsmokers, singer-songwriter, Sam Feldt ft. K-pop sensation group, Monsta X & last but not least rising pop musician, Benson Boone.

All that and more in this week’s New Music Friday post for Friday, July 15, 2022!

New Music Friday: 07.22.22

“TV/The 30th” by Billie Eilish


This is the first of two new songs from Billie Eilish’s Guitar Songs project and is rumored to be part of her upcoming third studio album.

☮️ – Sonically speaking, it’s a very soothing acoustic song despite the various subject matters discussed: (TV escapism, insomnia, broken relationships, celebrity trials, and politics).

🤔 – A lot of heavy thinking and conflicting emotions going on here. Billie talks about finding a new relationship but having to abandon her friends behind but that new relationship leaves her in doubt. Is this relationship toxic? Is it too good to be true? Hmmm?

😀👏 – I loved the inclusion of the audience singing and cheering in the background in the outro section of the track. This was when she debuted the song live in concert in Manchester last month.


This second new song by the 7x Grammy-winning artist is quite vulnerable.

😔💥 – This song deals with a serious accident of a loved one (example: a car crash) and said person miraculously survives.

💞 😌 – The person who’s not officially named in the song is supported wholeheartedly by Eilish through the whole ordeal. They may have forgotten every moment of it but upon waking up, she tells this person she was with them through and through. It’s really scary to experience something like this and it could’ve been a whole lot worse.

🎸 – I love the build-up and eventual cathartic release in the bridge section into the final chorus. So emotionally expressive and very deep to hear!

“Time Bomb” by The Chainsmokers


This is the final bonus track to be added to The Chainsmokers’ So Far So Good album.

🗣️ – Props and shoutout to the talented musician, Chloe George for providing vocals alongside Drew Taggart.

🙌 – I dig the chill vibes created here even though the lyrics go deep into one’s psyche.

📱😕 – Similar to Billie Eilish’s new song “TV,” there’s a conflicting set of emotions going on here. You love to go against the mainstream and do things your own way. There’s no time for fake people and phonies but you still wonder about your friends who crave that attention in life. You still get sucked into your phone scrolling mindlessly away like most people do these days. Even if you try to blend in, it doesn’t feel right.

“Late Night Feels” by Sam Feldt feat. Monsta X


😊 – This song by singer-songwriter, Sam Feldt and K-pop supergroup, Monsta X is an electric, feel-good anthem for the summer!

😍 – This song is appropriate for those moments when you find an instant attraction in someone and you want to hook up with one another. For example, at a club or a bar and you meet somebody new that takes your breath away!

🥳 – Even if you’re not in the mindset of finding new love right now, this is still an amazing party track to play! Definitely add this to your playlists for your future get-togethers.

I can envision fellow pop groups DNCE or maybe a Big Time Rush covering this song or making a remix to this track one day! How about you?

“Better Alone” by Benson Boone


😰😞 – This song by rising artist, Benson Boone, was made for those feeling regret after not shooting their shot at forming a relationship. You simply don’t have the courage to approach your crush.

💔 – You beat yourself up even more when you find out the person you had your eyes on is dating somebody else! PAIN!

💡 – Lesson: If you wait too long, you’ll lose out on a grand opportunity!

Thanks for reading this week’s New Music Friday post! I hope you’ve enjoyed these picks! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts about them below!

Stay safe and happy listening!