OneRepublic: “Rescue Me”


OneRepublic is back with a new single titled, “Rescue Me.” The song according to their recent e-mail newsletter stated the single “was written very quickly, 10 minutes or less almost stream of consciousness. It was me telling Brent, our bass player and cellist, ‘I wanna write a song with a concept I had started a few years ago (called “Rescue Me”)’. He started playing this lonely sounding guitar riff and the first thing out of my mouth was the chorus as it is now.”

“The concept: In every friendship there’s a give and take, but sometimes you have to wonder if the love you give is the love you’ll get.”

Lead-singer Ryan Tedder proves once again he’s a lyrical genius and I thoroughly enjoy the new vibes of this song. The catchy fast-paced beat works well with this song. I like the “Stranger Things” vibe in the music video where the kid defends against the bullies chasing him.

Overall, this song makes you question your relationships IRL, will they have your back if you need help even after you help them back??? I’m eagerly anticipating their next full album which hopefully will be released sometime this summer. It would be their fifth career LP. I’m curious as to the concept of the three red lines and I hope more explanation gets posted about that soon.

For full lyrics, click here and enjoy! Download and stream the song now!

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