Galantis & JVKE feat. Enisa: “Fool 4 U” (First Reactions)

Happy NMF on this Cinco De Mayo weekend! Hope you’re doing well and ready for another spotlight music recommendation! This week we have EDM star Galantis teaming up with rising pop star JVKE for the second time in their respective careers with a featured artist named Enisa. She’s an Albanian-American singer-songwriter looking to make a name for herself in the music industry. Their new collaboration will surely put her on the music map this year!

New Music Friday 05.05.23 | Released via Atlantic Records

“Fool 4 U” by Galantis & JVKE feat. Enisa


🤥 Rising artist, Enisa kicks off the track with a brief intro before JVKE starts the first verse. In it, he sings about seeing through his lover’s lies however he still wants to play with the fire and hope things change for the better.

🌉 The pre-chorus really emphasizes that he should know better and just leave the relationship. It’s simply not an easy thing to do!! Do you burn that bridge now or later or not at all and face the consequences?!?

🎶 Enisa’s infectious chorus build-up leads to an epic beat drop by Galantis! Love it! It will get you off your feet and motivated to tackle your day!!

🗣 The “Just A Kiss (Muah)” songstress takes over in the second verse and reiterates the feelings JVKE sang about earlier, this time from the female perspective. Mistakes were made yet leaving the relationship is still off the table.

💿 I love when Galantis mixed in both of their vocals for the final pre-chorus into the remaining forty seconds of the track. It all gets wrapped up in a nice bow!

🙏 Should you feel the same way about your relationship, I wish you and your lover well and hope things smooth out the longer you stay committed to one another.

🥰 Anyways, I’m interested in hearing more from Enisa moving forward, how about you? Will you be checking out her previous works too? Comment below!

🌼 Feel free to check out more about the first time Galantis worked with JVKE in “Dandelion,” here.

What The Artist Said:

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