New Music Friday: September 18

Happy Friday folks! This week’s I’m highlighting the latest songs from Grammy-winning artist, Sam Smith, EDM hitmaker Kygo with his remix of one of Donna Summer’s timeless songs, pop singer MAX featuring SUGA of mega hit sensational K-pop group, BTS, alternative band LANY and last but not least, indie pop artist Rachel Platten.

“Diamonds” by Sam Smith

4x Grammy-winner, Sam Smith returns with their latest single off their upcoming third studio album, Love Goes which drops October 30th!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, Smith had to delay the release of SS3 which was originally titled, To Die For from May 1st, to June 5th and ultimately til this fall at the end of next month. Overall, this album cycle took up two years of his life to make. So in that span of time, a lot of events and personal life moments definitely were captured in this album’s essence. They call “each song a separate story” and that the process of making the new record was “magical, therapeutic, and FUN.”

See the full letter he posted to his fans here:

This single follows the release of “My Oasis” back in July which featured Nigerian singer-songwriter, Burna Boy. Smith also teamed up with Demi Lovato in the charted single, “I’m Ready” earlier this year. Both songs will appear in the new album’s tracklist.

In “Diamonds,” Smith doesn’t hold onto material love anymore. They dance solo in this upbeat electropop track showing confidence and poise while illustrating the navigation of this new chapter in life without this lover who took them for granted.

Are you looking forward to hearing the rest of Smith’s third album soon? What do you think about this new song? Share your comments below.

“Hot Stuff” by Kygo & Donna Summer

Kygo returns with another remix of another legendary artist! This time he’s taking on The Queen Of Disco a.k.a. the late Donna Summer’s dance classic, “Hot Stuff.” It follows his previous remixes of Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do,” and the late Whitney Houston’s “Higher Love.”

In the music video for “Hot Stuff,” we see Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes, two of the stars of Netflix’s hit drama, “Outer Banks” as the two lovers seen having a blast together. They definitely have that lovey-dovey couple vibe to them and shown great chemistry in this video. It must’ve been a really enjoyable time producing this on set in Carolina Beach, North Carolina.

Like the original version from 1979, this iteration will also put you in high spirits after listening to it. Put this on your feel good playlists today and dance to your heart’s content!

I wonder what Kygo will do next!?! He’s been picking so many iconic songs from equally iconic artists lately for his remixes. Which artist would you like to see him reimagine next? Let me know in the comments box down below.

“Blueberry Eyes” by MAX feat. SUGA of BTS

This is the summer of fruit based songs! Harry Styles can claim the watermelon but pop singer MAX has rightfully done justice for the blueberry!

MAX has made a tender love song for all those couples out there who are living on cloud 9 with each other. His real life wife, Emily stars alongside him in the music video and they are expecting their first child later this December. I enjoy all the blue aesthetics/wardrobe they wore in making this video. I thought it was a cute and sweet video from start to finish.

BTS member Suga lends his vocals for a verse. The two are very good friends and this is the second time they have worked together. See: “Burn It” for the first instance in which MAX was the featured artist and Suga was the leading vocal under his other stage name Agust D.

In a short message attached to the video, MAX cites:
“Bringing this music video to life has been such a special experience. I wanted it to feel as if Disney magically made a baby with Wes Anderson in the world of Colour Vision with every bit of our souls intertwined. Emily is my actual wife and she is really pregnant right now with our first child, so art imitates life in a fun way with this video. We studied and memorized all of the Korean lyrics to Suga’s incredible and romantic verse and all of the blueberries in the bathtub ended up being reused to create limited edition blueberry dyed blueberry eyes shirts. This video is a piece of our hearts and I hope it sparks the same magic in you viewing it as it did for us creating it. Thank you to Suga for being so brilliant on this song and more importantly for being a wonderful friend. Much love.”

For what’s been a crazy 2020 thus far, it’s comforting to hear songs like this one, so you should definitely add this to your playlists this week.

“cowboy in LA” by LANY

Continuing the warm loving sentiments is this latest tasting from LA based alternative band, LANY’s upcoming third album, Mama’s Boy. In “cowboy in LA,” lead singer Paul Jason Klein brings up his Oklahoma roots and how it’s made him a unique, caring and respectful man he is today. He wants to take things nice and slow with his date and thinks beautiful things and places like the sunset, swaying palm trees and Malibu respectfully are all pale in comparison to his lover. Instead of going to the club or going to a crowded place, he would rather do something more romantic 1 to 1 in order to establish a deeper connection with each other.

It’s such a nice mellow track to listen to and overall, the lyrics were beautifully written. This song follows the release of “Good Guys,” “If This Is The Last Time,” & “You!” earlier this summer. 10 more unreleased tracks are going to be a part of the next album so expect all the feels coming October 2nd!

“Soldiers” by Rachel Platten


Singer-songwriter Rachel Platten is back everyone! Now as an independent artist, she penned another powerful anthem for you all to hear. On her socials, she revealed why she wanted to release this song:

“Its my answer to all the division and confusion around us. I really believe that we NEED art and beauty of all kinds right now to help remind us who we are and that we all have the same beating hearts. So this is my little call to creators of all kinds – we need YOU.”

She goes on to say that “we need your brave voices and your truth. Keep sharing your beauty. We might fall but we won’t break!”

Personally, I admire her career thus far, and I love that she’s not doing it all for just the fame, and the glitz and glamour. If you loved “Fight Song,” this is like the continuation of that song. You can definitely feel the loving connection in this ballad as evident by the reassuring chorus, “No matter how the light may fade/We’ll carry on, it’s how we’re raised/Yeah, we might fall/But we won’t break/Yeah, we won’t break.”

Overall, it’s such a heartfelt song that deserves your attention this week and I hope you add this one to your playlists as well! May this song give you strength in what’s been a challenging year thus far!

I’m excited to hear what’s next for Platten and what her next album will sound like. How about you? Share your feelings in the comments box below. 🙂

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New Music Friday: July 24

Happy New Music Friday everyone! We’ve got a wide variety of artists this week showcasing their latest works! Taylor Swift surprised us all with an all new album and leading single, “cardigan,” Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani teamed up once again for another country love song, Ashe dropped an emotional banger, Neon Trees released their latest song off their new album that will have you evaluating your past and last but not least, Kylie Minogue is spreading her love in an out of this world dance anthem. All that and more in this week’s edition of Philip’s Music Corner for Friday, July 24, 2020!

“cardigan” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is back! 2020 hasn’t been the year all artists had envisioned. Touring is something most artists would be doing in the summer months but with the coronavirus pandemic still in the forefront, a lot of artists are taking this downtime to create art. Swift no less is one of those examples. She surprisingly announced an eighth studio album effort on Thursday morning titled folklore. This album follows the chart-topping album Lover which was released just eleven months ago. It will contain 16 new tracks, 17 if you buy the physical deluxe version. The bonus song on that iteration is called “the lakes.” She notably collaborated with 2x Grammy-winner, Bon Iver on a song called “exile” and worked with award-winning producer and artist himself, Jack Antonoff once again, as well as The National member Aaron Dessner and songwriter William Bowery (pseudonym for someone perhaps??) whom she calls her musical heroes. See her official announcement tweet below:

With her leading single “cardigan” out today, Swift revealed that she directed the accompanying music video and took the necessary precautions (e.g. doing her own HMU, everyone on set wore masks and kept their distance) to remain safe producing this during quarantine.

She explained in her online Q+A before the music video was premiered that the song “is about a lost romance and why young love is often fixed so permanently within our memories. Why it leaves such an indelible mark.”

Overall, the new sound is very chill. It’s definitely a departure from her singles from the Lover era. It’s perfect for those casual listening sessions when you want to de-stress from a long day of work or school. It has that “great with a cup of your favorite beverage while you read a book” kind of vibe. The Swifties will be very warm and content with TS8! I wonder what other surprises she has in store for this new era?

“Happy Anywhere” by Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani

This is the second time Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have worked together on a song following their hit single, “Nobody But You.” It makes sense to work together again since they’re both dating each other in quarantine in the same house. “Happy Anywhere” is a jovial anthem that fans will love and adore.

Put this on your quarantine playlists for feel good vibes and if you relate to having someone in your life you truly admire no matter where you are on Earth!

The music video was made by Gwen’s brother, Todd whom is also living in quarantine with the couple. It was shot in Oklahoma at Shelton’s ranch on a really hot, triple digit degree day. It also showcases and highlights some of the couple’s precious memories they experienced together over the past months.

“Save Myself” by Ashe

Rising singer-songwriter Ashe has followed up her hit single “Moral Of The Story” featuring Niall Horan with this emotional and cathartic song called “Save Myself.”

This song is about regretting and being angry about the wasted time and money one has put into a past relationship. Sonically speaking, it’s not even sung in a rage-like manner which is commendable. In fact, it’s a soothing vocal that will make you empathize with her. The lyrics speak for themselves and that’s the beauty of Ashe’s songwriting abilities. She’s saving herself now via this song so that she can laugh about it in the future and not make the same mistakes.

The color aesthetics in the video shifting from this golden yellow sparkly tone to black and white to normal colors should not go unnoticed too. I appreciated that artistic choice. It really makes you think about your own life as if you were floating on water like Ashe did, deep in thought.

Personally, I feel this song and “Moral Of The Story” goes hand in hand. What do you think?

“Nights” by Neon Trees

Multi-Platinum alternative rock band, Neon Trees have dropped their latest single off their fourth studio album, out today! It’s called “Nights” and according to their recent IG post, they made this song to signify the “rush of complicated emotions.” Listeners can relate if you find yourselves staying up late at night, deep in thought and contemplating about what was once was (i.e. a relationship you had that just broke off or perhaps a lost of someone or something), and hopefully using this song to find clarity on what lies ahead.

“Nights” has that classic Neon Trees charm to it. I enjoy the overall melody for this uptempo song and this kick starts the new era for the band in my eyes. It will likely be a mainstay song for their future set lists. What are your thoughts? Share your comments below.

“Say Something” by Kylie Minogue

If you’re looking for an optimistic dance pop track then look no further to Kylie Minogue’s latest single, “Say Something.” The cosmic track from the 52-year-old Australian-British singer is back to her dance pop roots after experimenting with a country sound in her last album, Golden (2018). This song will be a part of her upcoming milestone fifteenth studio album effort, Disco which will be releasing in the fall, November 6th.

This song was co-written and produced by long time creative collaborator Richard “Biff” Stannard whom worked with her on numerous songs in the past like “Love At First Sight,” “In My Arms,” and “In Your Eyes” just to name a few.

I really felt the lyrics for it’s desire and hope for a loving future. Yes, we’re proverbially a million miles apart from some of the people we love and we miss them oh so much but that doesn’t mean the love isn’t there. Minogue repeatedly asks and sings in the bridge and outro portions of the song, “‘Cause love is love, it never ends…Can we all be as one again?” Those lines are so resonant and so meaningful in crazy times such as the one we’re living in now in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. Why can’t we all just get along and respect one another and learn to spread kindness and love rather than anger and hate.

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New Music Friday: May 29

Happy Friday! Back again with another edition of New Music Friday for May 29th, 2020. This week we have all new tunes from the talented Lady Gaga who joins K-Pop sensational girl group BLACKPINK and the legendary Sir Elton John in two dance-centric songs, the soulful Andra Day and the amazing Dolly Parton with their respective inspirational songs, and finally the EDM wizard himself, Kygo with rising artist Kim Petras in a collaborative effort that beckons your ears this week.

“Sour Candy” by Lady Gaga & BLACKPINK

Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album, Chromatica is finally here! This is the third and final promotional single to drop prior to today’s album’s release. She teams up with K-Pop girl group, BLACKPINK for a cool uptempo house song that warns one’s significant other that they may be sweet on the inside but if you double cross them or don’t agree with their flaws and force them to change, then the “sour candy” unleashes, a.k.a. their bad side will come out and you can kiss goodbye to the relationship!

This is the first time Lady Gaga has worked with the sensational girls of BLACKPINK. Coincidentally, they are label mates so it’s neat to see a collab come to fruition that you may not have matched together due to them being in different genres and boasting different styles.

Another interesting factoid is the use of the sample of “What They Say” by Maya Jane Coles. For those who don’t know, that was also used as a sample in Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj’s “Swish Swish” in 2017.

Overall, Lady Gaga’s vocals mesh really well with Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa’s. Expect this to be played in the clubs and parties around the world once the lockdown restrictions lift.

You can download the new track, right here.

“Sine From Above” by Lady Gaga & Elton John

Continuing the Chromatica love this week is Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Sir Elton John. This song was also co-written by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder by the way and produced by Bloodpop. It’s the third featured artist on LG6. The song, while also upbeat in sound like the aforementioned “Sour Candy,” is a departure from each other in theme.

This song feels like one of those tracks you play to feel spiritual as if you were attending a church service. It’s definitely one of those songs that will have you feeling all kinds of emotions after listening to it.

Personally, I hope this song gets selected as one of her upcoming singles down the line in this new era. It’s excellently crafted both lyrically and melodically. I like the creative usage of the word ‘sine,’ denoting a sound wave instead of ‘sign’ in the song’s title. While these words have different meanings, the wordplay fits perfectly here. The sound waves from above have healed her heart and soul through the process of making this album.

According to her recent interview for Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s “Beats 1,” she said “the symbol for Chromatica has a sine wave in it, which is the mathematical symbol for sound and it’s from what all sound is made from, and for me, sound is what healed me in my life, period. And it healed me again making this record, and that is really what Chromatica is all about.”

Lady Gaga thanked her mentor Elton John for being such an amazing supportive friend in her life and career and it really paid dividends with this cool collab. Hearing Elton John sing on an electronic dance song is an aural treat. Please listen to the song all the way through as the back end of the song really takes off surprisingly in a direction you wouldn’t think of! Crank that volume up!

Chromatica is out now wherever music is sold and streamed.

“Make Your Troubles Go Away” by Andra Day

Grammy-nominated R&B/soul singer-songwriter Andra Day has got another power ballad for us! She’s best known for her widely acclaimed hit single, “Rise Up” which has seen an uptick in streaming as of late due to the ongoing pandemic and being featured on the recent Robin Hood telethon event, “Rise Up New York.”

But now, with our world upside down and the racial injustices and obscene landscape of our country taking the unfortunate forefront, Day is here to provide some comfort and peace during these unprecedented times.

I love her vocal delivery of this song as she plays the soothing melody on the piano. If you need to feel chills to the core, please give this song a listen.

Download/stream Andra’s new song, right here. Proceeds from this song will go to GiveDirectly, whom will be providing relief to low-income families that have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more about that, right here.

“When Life Is Good Again” by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton simply cannot write a bad song! This song will bring you motivation and joy. It’s such an uplifting song from the 9x Grammy-winning country artist. Of course, like most artists nowadays, she wrote this song in quarantine. She hopes that everyone will come out of this isolation life to be a better human being for themselves and towards others.

Collectively, we need to re-evaluate and re-examine our livelihoods during this down time. There are definitely brighter days ahead of us. We just need to open our hearts, show more compassion to others, respect to others, and stop the senseless hate, violence, and cruelty to each other.

Listen to Parton’s inspirational new song, right here.

“Broken Glass” by Kygo & Kim Petras

EDM hitmaker Kygo just dropped his third album, Golden Hour today and it contains an hour long track list of a variety of collaborative efforts from OneRepublic, (“Lose Somebody”) Valerie Broussard (“The Truth”) & Oh Wonder (“How Would I Know”) just to name a few.

There’s one particular track he did with up-and-coming singer-songwriter Kim Petras that you should go and check out. This is a song for those who can relate to having a bad relationship. Like really bad! So destructive, that all you can do is laugh about it and celebrate and just dance on the proverbial broken glass. Hopefully it inspires you to move on in life and not let the past weigh you down anymore!!

Overall, Petras’ vocals flow seamlessly along the beats that Kygo lays down on this track. You can listen to this and the other 17 amazing songs the famous DJ superstar has to offer in his latest album, Golden Hour which is out now!

Well there you have it, these are my five picks this week that you should go check out! Let me know which song(s) catch your vibe. Leave a comment down below and share what you think. I’ll be back next Friday with another list of reccs for New Music Friday. Happy listening and stay safe!

New Music Friday: May 15

Can you believe it’s the middle of May already!?! Happy May 15th edition of New Music Friday. This week we have all new music from pop artists Katy Perry, OneRepublic, and the Jonas Brothers w/ Karol G, rising musician Lennon Stella featuring Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Charlie Puth, and lastly but certainly not the least, singer-songwriter Stephen Puth with his latest single.

“Daisies” by Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s first official single off KP5 (releasing August 14th) is here! This is another one of those power anthems that will boost your confidence. This is a delicate, beautiful reminder that we’re really are one in 7 billion. We’re unique beings who shouldn’t follow a strict set of rules or pathway that others tell us to do and follow. If you have a crazy dream, and feel like it isn’t going to happen after people tell you so, then don’t listen to them. There IS no crazy dream in life. So go out there and chase it!

On her social accounts, Perry revealed that she made this song a few months ago “as a call to remain true to the course you’ve set for yourself, regardless of what others may think.” She also added that due to the world changing and evolving due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the song has taken on additional personal meaning for her. What that really means, remains unknown. But I have a hunch it could mean she wants to branch out and take more risks trying to cross out something off her bucket list in the coming months and years. Now that she’s expecting to give birth to her first child, a girl this summer, perhaps a children’s book may be authored by Perry in the near future or a podcast for expecting moms could get made, or maybe even an infant/toddler clothing line will be in the works?!? The world eagerly awaits!

In the meantime, you can download and stream “Daisies,” right here. Tune in to the season finale of American Idol this Sunday, 8/7c for Perry’s television debut performance of this new single.

“Lose Somebody” by Kygo & OneRepublic

Renowned DJ/record producer Kygo teams up with Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and producer, Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic for their second collaboration. “Lose Somebody” focuses on the pain someone has to feel in order to find clarity in a previous relationship.

Sonically, this is another amazing track from Kygo. It’s upbeat and runs parallel to the sad verses of the song. Vocally, Tedder channels the emotions of a confused and hurt person who just wants to figure out what went wrong.

If you loved their previous collaborative effort, “Stranger Things” off Kygo’s 2017 album, Kids In Love, you will likely find this song to be just as great, if not better.

This is the fourth single off Kygo’s upcoming third studio album, Golden Hour due to release May 29th. You can pre-order that, right here.

Also as a bonus, go check out OneRepublic’s live quarantine performance of “Better Days” which recently got added to streaming platforms this week.

“X” and “Five More Minutes” by Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are back with new music. These are the next two new singles to drop as part of their upcoming sixth studio album following January’s release of “What A Man Gotta Do.”

This first one is produced by veteran hitmakers Ryan Tedder and Swedish songwriter/producer, Shellback. The Jonas Brothers sing about a single person who meets somebody for the first time and they passionately click with one another, causing them to not feeling so lonely anymore.

This is a song for those who find instant love or connection, a “love at first sight” kind of song if you will. Colombian singer-songwriter Karol G offers her vocals on this spicy track and to be honest she complements the track really well. I predict this will be a song of the summer candidate this year.

The second single, “Five More Minutes” is the more subdued of the two. Nick and Joe offer a tender vocal effort in this song about somebody seeking more patience from a relationship. This relationship may appear to be one-sided but the person who still seeks another person’s love and affection is willing to woo him or her back.

This is suitable for those listeners in a relationship who feel that they deserve a second chance at love. With a new approach at love, and a whole lot of convincing and proper two-way communication, things might turn out better in the long run for couples around the world. Good luck if you use this song in your efforts to do so! 😁

Download both “X” and “Five More Minutes” by the Jonas Brothers today!

“Summer Feeling” by Lennon Stella feat. Charlie Puth

Rising pop artist Lennon Stella collaborated with chart topper Charlie Puth for this song off the soundtrack for Scoob!, the new animated Scooby Doo movie which is out now on digital home release.

This song is pretty exuberant for the ears. Play it if you want some sunshine on a cloudy day, for loving vibes outside while you take your solitary walk around the block, or for your feel good beach hangout playlist(s), once the beaches are opened of course.

Get the song, right here. Listen to the whole film soundtrack which contains songs from the likes of Anne-Marie, MKTO, The Chainsmokers, OneRepublic, Tiësto w/ Jonas Blue and Rita Ora, and the late Avicii just to name a few, right here.

“Watching You Walk Away” by Stephen Puth

Up and coming artist Stephen Puth, brother to Charlie, is back with a new single called “Watching You Walk Away.” It’s a song about somebody who once had a relationship, but couldn’t save it as he/she sees their love leave the relationship hence the “walking away.”

It’s a bit tragic in the sense that this person who can no longer stay in a committed relationship anymore with the other person because he/she can’t even attempt to talk things through with said person who walked away unlike in the Jonas Brothers’ new song “Five More Minutes” which boasted a second chance at love.

Overall in sound, it’s an entertaining and soothing soft pop track that you should put on your playlists this week. Looking forward to hearing more singles and hopefully a full length album (his first) from the younger Puth brother in the near future. I think he has what it takes to be as successful as his brother, Charlie.

Get the new single, right here.

That wraps up this week’s edition of New Music Friday. What’s your favorite track this week out of these picks? Comment below to let me know. Visit again next week for another batch of songs you need to put on your pandemic playlists! Happy listening!

New Music Friday: May 8

What’s up everyone?!? It’s Friday once again and this week we have new music from Lauv. He dropped bonus tracks that didn’t make the cut from his debut album. We got the latest from Sia and Weezer, both of whom are dedicating their respective songs to essential workers. Additionally, I’ve picked the latest emotionally touching singles from lovelytheband and Chord Overstreet to round out this week’s edition of New Music Friday, May 8, 2020!

“Love Like That” by Lauv

Lauv’s debut album, ~how i’m feeling~ dropped in March. It had 21 tracks, so there was definitely going to be songs that didn’t make the final cut. Fortunately, Lauv has repackaged those into these bonus tracks into this week’s release titled, ~how i’m feeling~ (the extras). It contains a new song called “Love Like That,” as well as several stripped down versions, remixes and acoustic versions of songs like “Drugs & The Internet,” “i’m so tired” and “Modern Loneliness.”

This song really comes from the heart and will have you wrapped up feeling the love. It’s suitable for times of sorrow, for moments of confusion, or for situations where you’re feeling isolated and for casual listeners whom are fans of soft pop songs. If you’ve enjoyed listening to his debut album, these songs will certainly bring you joy during this time of uncertainty.

Proceeds from streaming and digital purchases of this song will benefit the Blue Boy Foundation which helps nonprofits de-stigmatize those seeking mental health help.

“Saved My Life” by Sia

9x Grammy-nominated artist, Sia debuted this emotionally stirring song at Americares Foundation’s “COVID Is No Joke” livestream event on May 1st. This is such a feel good single knowing that all proceeds from this song will go towards Americares and CORE Response’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

This is the second single she has released this year after “Original” dropped back in January for the film, Dolittle. Sia deserves more credit and props for her songwriting because lyrically speaking, the song’s message is raw and powerful.

When she belts out the chorus, “Yeah I’ve been waiting for you. Well someone must have sent you here to save my life. Someone must have sent you to save me tonight. I know that in darkness I have found my light. I know that in darkness I’ve been given sight,” I felt that and is why this is a recommended track to listen to this week. If you loved any of her past works like “Chandelier,” “Elastic Heart”, or “Fire Meet Gasoline,” you’ll definitely connect to this one as well.

Fun Fact: Chart-topping pop artist, Dua Lipa co-wrote the song with Sia along with Grammy-winning producer/songwriter Greg Kurstin who also produced this amazing track.

Download and stream “Saved My Life” right here.

“Hero” by Weezer

This week’s rock pick of the week goes to Weezer. This latest single from the Grammy-winning band pays tribute to the essential workers out there risking their own lives to helping saving lives and or making the wheels turn in society while the rest of us are under lockdown.

This track will be a part of their upcoming 14th studio album, Van Weezer (release date: TBA). This song is like a prelude at what’s to come for the band as they are shifting to a heavier rock sound as compared to past albums in recent years which were more on the electropop and pop rock sides. (See: Pacific Daydream and Teal Album)

Watch the above video for a cool chain reaction of leading vocalist, Rivers Cuomo’s heartfelt letter to those frontline workers. Crowdsourcing at it’s finest!

Download “Hero” today! Also be sure to check them out rocking to The Simpsons theme song in this Sunday’s new episode.

“i should be happy” by lovelytheband

Quarantine life has it’s ups and downs and when you’re feeling down, hopefully you can seek a small pick me up with this song from Billboard Music Awards nominated indie pop band, lovelytheband. Let’s face the facts, anxiety has hit an all-time high for folks during this pandemic who suffer from it on a daily basis, so it’s nice to have a band that addresses that in song. I hope you feel those feels and feel seen by this track. Vulnerability is not something to be ashamed of. Remember that! And once you start being happy again, confiding with loved ones is one way to maintain your good self-esteem as well as listening to soothing tracks such as this one.

The song is available to download and stream right now. Hear it for yourself, and be sure to visit the band’s official site for news updates.

“What You Need” by Chord Overstreet

This new song from actor/Platinum-selling recording artist, Chord Overstreet is really soothing to listen to! If you like Niall Horan’s music, you’ll like this too because this has that Horan vibe to it in my opinion. An acoustic slow jam that is perfect to listen to when you want to decompress, de-stress, and chill. Play this track whenever you want to clear your mind.

The song is about a toxic relationship that has gone south even though you still have feelings for the other person. It delves into the notion of somebody who still wants to take the high road and express love and forgiveness despite it not always being the case of course.

“What You Need” is available now! For all the latest updates, visit his official website, here.

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of New Music Friday! Which songs will you be listening to? Come back again next week for another round of recommendations. Happy listening!

New Music Friday: May 1

It’s officially May and the music doesn’t stop! Here are this week’s picks for you to go check out! We got the latest songs from Marshmello who collaborated with none other than Halsey, quarantine tracks that will brighten your day from artists like HAIM and NEEDTOBREATHE, plus the latest tunes from Glass Animals and Lukas Graham that will have you questioning life and relationships. All that and more in this week’s edition of New Music Friday.

“Be Kind” by Marshmello w/ Halsey

This is the first collaboration between EDM producer/DJ, Marshmello and pop singer, Halsey. It’s widely believed this song is talking about Halsey’s ex-boyfriend, G-Eazy who cheated on her. She ponders her past relationship with him, questioning why he messed things up, and the decisions he took that led him to lie to her as evident by the lyrics:

I don’t know why you hide from the one
And close your eyes to the one
Mess up and lie to the one that you love

When you know you can cry to the one
Always confide in the one
You can be kind to the one that you love

Halsey shared on her Twitter profile in response to a fan’s question that the new song is cute, optimistic, heartfelt as well as being dance-able, perfect for summer and that the vibes heard on the track are perfect to add to our ongoing isolation.

Overall, it’s a lively track that has that 80’s flavor to it. I love how artists of today are inspired by the 80’s, one of the most iconic eras of music to be honest. Expect this song to be on repeat as we march closer to the summer months. You can download/stream their new song, right here.

“I Know Alone” by HAIM

The HAIM sisters have put out a new single titled, “I Know Alone” which coincidentally is topical with the quarantine lifestyle we all find ourselves in now. Originally, it was about the notion of loneliness that Danielle Haim was experiencing for awhile but with the pandemic currently raging on, it has branched out as a song that focuses on the solitary living, of being alone indoors day-to-day establishing this new normal, and a new routine that we have come to live in that for many fans alike can relate to in their own unique ways.

Check out Danielle’s recent IG post which explains more about the song:

The sisters recently performed on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, check it out here. It’s truly electric and cool to witness the production value of this at home performance:

Expect more songs from the sister trio soon as we get closer to the release of their third studio album, Women In Music Pt. III later this summer on June 26th. But for now, let this new single soak in and be inspired to dance along with the accompanying music video which I’m sure will be a hit for the HAIM fans who use the viral social media platform, TikTok. Click here to download/stream the new song.

“Dreamland” by Glass Animals

Psychedelic pop band, Glass Animals have dropped their second single/title track off their upcoming third studio album, Dreamland. This song really makes you feel like you’re on a lofty cloud riding in the sky in your proverbial dream land space. It will make you reminisce all your past friendships or relationships you’ve made over the years.

Lead singer, Dave Bayley sings and contemplates about memories he had when he first met this significant figure.

The music video for the song is pretty nifty too. Bayley had to build the set for the actual music video. The assemblage process is truly fascinating to watch considering he also directed and filmed the music video as well, all from his residence. In the end, he did an amazing job bringing the concepts of the lyrics to fruition. Quarantine life has really stretched an artist’s abilities and this video definitely proves that.

“Dreamland” is available now while the album, Dreamland drops July 10th.

“Love Songs” by Lukas Graham

Grammy-nominated Danish pop band, Lukas Graham have put out a new single that addresses the idea of love songs and how they’re interpreted by people. Some people think the love song is directly talking about a certain someone, but that may not always be the case as the band have indicated here.

The lyric video seen above contains some throwback pictures of Lukas, the iconic “Tom from Myspace,” Windows 98 inspired browser interface with the dreaded blue screen, Comic Sans font, retro graphics, instant messaging elements and that familiar screensaver where the neon pipes are moving all around your screen. Oh what simpler times the late 90s/early 2000s were!!

Overall the track is upbeat but the lyrics are deep in the sense it’s talking about a one-sided relationship he had when he was younger where that person wouldn’t take a hint that things weren’t working on both sides as evident by the first verse of the song where he belts, “I can hear you knockin’ on my front door and it’s 3 A.M. So I call you a taxi from my pillow, I wish you’d take a hint and hop on in the back seat ‘cause I got patience, but it’s wearin’ thin” and later on in the chorus where he sings, “Now I know you hear these loves songs and you think they’re all about you. So you turn your radio up and you sing along. And you tell all of your friends that I’m not getting over you. Guess I’m too good of a man to tell you the truth.”

So if you’re looking for some nostalgia while revisiting memories of your youth, turn your attention to Lukas Graham’s latest single, “Love Songs,” available now!

“Hang On/Seasons” by NEEDTOBREATHE

It’s a new era for Christian contemporary rock band, NEEDTOBREATHE! Original member, Bo Rinehart recently departed the band, so now the band is officially a trio. With this new chapter in the band’s life/career comes two brand new singles.

The first single titled “Hang On” is the more uplifting anthem of the two. This song will give you hope and confidence in whatever life challenge that gets thrown your way. It works well as a quarantine song too because we have to remain strong together to the ones we love and to ourselves as we march closer to the day we can emerge on the other side of this crisis. There will be a time where we can look back at this. There will be light at the end of the tunnel.

The second single, “Seasons” is a ballad that will hit you right in the feels. It’s about “going through these tough times with people you love and knowing you’ll be able to get through it without acting so strongly,” according to lead singer Bear Rinehart in a recent American Songwriter article.

Seasons change and so do chapters of every person’s life. This song will definitely have you evaluating moments of your life both past and present.

Download/stream NEEDTOBREATHE’s two new songs today! Out Of Body, their first body of work as a trio will be released later this year.

As we embark the third month of quarantine life, remember to take time for self care. Listen to your favorite tunes and be open minded about new songs out this week and in the weeks to come. Hope you’ll check out these five artist’s new singles and come back next week for another round of New Music Friday picks! Happy listening!