Kygo & Dean Lewis: “Lost Without You” (First Reactions)

For this week’s New Music Friday spotlight pick, we have the brand new collaborative single by renowned DJ/music producer Kygo and rising Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis. It explores the ups and downs of a relationship. Here below are my first reactions to the song and music video!

Released 07.08.22 via RCA Records

“Lost Without You” by Kygo & Dean Lewis


0:17 🏫🎒 – A “Young Kygo” gets dropped off to go to school. It must be his first day judging by how nervous he looks. He doesn’t know anyone yet.

0:28 💕 – A young girl instantly cheers him up and starts to form a friendship! Awww! I thought the thump to the forehead moment was cute!

0:50 🚎 – They leave the school to go on a trolley. I find it funny that they can do this without parental supervision. A bit unrealistic but okay! #younglove

0:55 💞- The trolley driver is pleased about this relationship. He can sense the love is strong between these two.

0:58 ⏩ – Fast forward to teenage Kygo and teenage Kygo’s girlfriend. The love is still whole at this point.

1:15 😯 🚬 – They sneak into a garage of some sort to smoke! Wow! #rebelliousteenphase Hopefully, those cigs were props!

1:35 👩‍❤️‍👨 – Fast forward once more and we see the adult versions of the lovely couple. It appears they have moved into a place together. Love the usage of bright natural light to indicate the relationship is still prospering! S/O to model Meredith Mickelson for playing the role of Kygo’s gf in this music video!

1:42 🤍 – Lovey-dovey vibes and a white heart got imprinted on the back of Kygo’s shirt after they painted that room.

2:05 😔 – Uh oh, there’s a pivot going on. She’s not happy anymore and looks distraught as we see a teapot boiling unattended.

2:25 🥀 – There seems to be something wrong. They’re no longer caressing each other. The lighting is quite dim in these shots to indicate there’s trouble in paradise.

2:29 😡 – She’s clearly mad about Kygo about something. He’s not even paying attention anymore to her as he looks away from her.

2:35 ☎️ – Kygo tries to repair the relationship by calling her via a pay phone outside. Seems like he got kicked out or he just stepped out to create some space apart. She doesn’t bother picking up the phone. I find it funny that both phones used in these scenes are old-fashioned phones. I guess the relationship is over!

2:38 😊 – Flashback moments of the good times!

3:22 💔 – Sad that it had to end that way! His ex is heartbroken!!

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed the vocal efforts of Dean Lewis. He masterfully illustrated both love and heartbreak alongside those epic beats by Kygo! They’re truly a winning combo!

Did You Know? They both worked together on another song called “Never Really Loved Me” (released last week) which you can listen to right here.

I hope they collaborate some more in the near future!! How about you? Share your thoughts in the comments box below!

You can expect this single to be included in Kygo’s next album which is currently untitled and in the works.

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Thanks for reading this week’s New Music Friday post! See you all again next week!

Stay safe and happy listening! ❤️