New Music Friday: October 16

Happy Friday!! We’ve made it through another week! I’ve selected five new candidates for your playlists this weekend! Hope you enjoy them. We’ve got the latest from Grammy-nominated artist, Demi Lovato fresh off her world premiere performance at the BBMAs earlier this week, pop singers-songwriters Lauv & Conan Gray with a catchy new anthem, EDM group Louis The Child and their collaboration with alternative rock group COIN, & last but not least DJ/singer/entrepreneur Paris Hilton with her amazing new collab with DJ Lodato.

“Commander In Chief” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato follows her strong and emotional post breakup single, “Still Have Me” two weeks ago with another equally strong and emotional song called “Commander In Chief.” She co-wrote this track with none other than FINNEAS, brother to Grammy-winning artist, Billie Eilish and fellow pop singer herself, Julia Michaels.

This time she’s taking a stand against the current administration and POTUS himself. She enlisted several individuals of varying ages, races, and ethnicities to lip sync her evocative message to the President so the whole world can hear. We see everyone from a young Black girl to an older white male with a hat that reads “Make America United Again” to an adult female in a wheelchair mouthing the words: “Commander in Chief, honestly/If I did the things you do/I couldn’t sleep, seriously/Do you even know the truth?/We’re in a state of crisis, people are dyin’/While you line your pockets deep/Commander in Chief, how does it feel to still/Be able to breathe?” Powerful imagery to watch!

The strong chorus references the racial injustices seen earlier this summer and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has tragically killed over 210,000 Americans to this date. Lovato asks how can the President behave like this, so ignorant and heartless, hiding from the protesters, lining his pockets from these tragic events and she wonders, does he really know the truth?!?

She hopes this song will elicit a response from this administration while also enabling a public discussion. With less than three weeks left until Election Day, she’s using this song as a platform to stress the importance of voting.

ICYMI: Demi performed this song for the first time at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards two nights ago. Check it out here:

“Fake” by Lauv & Conan Gray

Singer-songwriter Lauv follows his five-track EP, Without You with a new collaborative effort with fellow pop singer Conan Gray. Gray, in case you didn’t know, is best known for his hit song “Heather” which currently has over 22 million views on YouTube and “Maniac” which has been certified Gold by the RIAA. This is the first time the two artists have worked together on a song.

The two twenty-somethings explore the world of fakeness in this fun new song. Know someone who acts one way to others but totally different towards you? If you have a fake friend or relationship either currently or in the past, then you should definitely check their single out!

They sing in the rather catchy and anthemic chorus, “Man, you’re so f—ing fake (ahh ah)/You don’t mean a single thing you say (ahh ah)/If we’ve got a problem, say it to my face (ahh ah)/And you’re just like all the people that you hate/You’re so fake/When the real you’s back, I’ll pick up my phone.” Through a series of different mini sets they travel from one to another with set production extras providing the props and necessary components for some cool effects alongside including a confetti blaster! It’s such a COVID style music video yet it’s simplicities make for quite an enjoyable video to watch unfold. So kudos to everyone on their respective teams who worked on this production safely during this ongoing pandemic.

“SCAR” by Ashton Irwin

5SOS member, Ashton Irwin is back with another tasting/preview off his upcoming solo album, Superbloom. In “Scar,” Irwin wears his emotions on his sleeves as he sings about mental health in this song. He’s advocating to us that life is filled with so much joy, so many possibilities and just because life hands you lemons, you simply mustn’t give up. The scars we get in life provide lessons for the future not a helpless pit of doom and gloom.

I love the arrangement of this rock song. Love the inclusion of the harps which made the song so unique. The guitar chords have a soothing tone and the drums provided the punch for that maximum effect. The chorus and post-chorus leaves an indelible mark! The bridge leading to the outro was out of this world good! Please turn it up! It’s truly an aural experience.

In a recent tweet the 26-year-old singer-songwriter calls it his “favorite song” off the record. He also describes it as “powerful and raw” adding that it’s “a message to my family, a message for anyone that listens, about perseverance though periods of intense struggle.” His emotional openness is truly commendable!

Like I said the last time I mentioned Ashton Irwin for my picks, I’m excited to hear the rest of his album and him sharing his story/journey for listeners all around the world!

“Self Care” by Louis The Child & COIN

EDM group Louis The Child has teamed up with alternative rock group COIN for the first time. In this upbeat dance track, the two groups are preaching the importance of self care.

“I do it for myself/I’m dancin’ for no one else/I do it for myself, baby/Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah, ah.” The chorus really strikes a chord because if you’re feeling like you’re energies have been exhausted as of late or been absorbed by others and not yourself, then you need to listen to these lines and the song as a whole. It will definitely give you a wake up call to say, ‘hey, listen, I’m important too. I deserve the rest. I deserve a break. I deserve to be happy too. I deserve to be appreciated for the things I do in life!’ The list goes on!!

See the accompanying music video above for some feel good vibes as the two groups and some interpretive dancers just let loose and have fun in a desert!

“I Blame You” by Paris Hilton

Credit: @ParisHilton

Call it a comeback single, but really, has Paris Hilton really left? Hilton dropped this surprise new dance track and it’s all about love despite the song title, “I Blame You.”

“I feel good, I feel good. I blame you, I blame you.” Those simple lines get repeated in such a way that you can’t help but say, ‘wow, this really makes me feel happy and positive in life.’

So if you’re feeling like you met your better half or just have a really close friend and or family member, then this song is for you! They bring the joy and sunshine to your life and you can credit them for changing your perspective on life especially if you’ve had a troubled past, or a rough patch in a previous relationship, or even something as trivial as receiving a bad grade in school. It doesn’t define you forever.

DJ Lodato really sets the mood for this track and I want to say he mixed it excellently with the entertainer/entrepreneur’s dreamy vocals.

Paris shared in a recent Instagram post that proceeds from this song will go to Breaking Code Silence, a “movement organized by a network of survivors and advocates to raise awareness of the abuses in the troubled teen industry.”

Hilton recently released her eye-opening YouTube documentary which dives deeper into her life story from her childhood to present day. In this doc, she details for the first time publicly, the verbal, psychological and physical abuse she endured when she was sent to Provo Canyon School when she was a teenager. Watch her YouTube Original documentary, This Is Paris, here. You can’t help after watching this, to support Paris Hilton. Virtual hugs all around!

Now she’s standing up and raising awareness for the survivors in support of closing down that institution. Feel free to sign her petition.

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New Music Friday: October 2

Happy October everyone! We’ve made it through 3/4 of the year! Let’s make the best of the final 1/4 of 2020 and embrace that fall feeling! In this week’s selections, we have all new music from Grammy-nominated pop singer Demi Lovato, chart topping K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK, pop band Why Don’t We, 5SOS drummer Ashton Irwin & alternative pop singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs.

“Still Have Me” by Demi Lovato

Singer-songwriter Demi Lovato recently called off her engagement to actor Max Ehrich last week and the Lovatics have been expressing their support for the 28-year-old artist through this very tough time. With great sadness comes impeccable art. Lovato has put out another heartfelt piano ballad in “Still Have Me,” which addresses the split and also focuses on being grateful for the things she still has, namely, her life and her faith.

Lovato repeatedly belts out in the chorus, “I don’t have much but at least I still have me (I still have me)/And that’s all I need.” Hearing this song will give you chills, you can really feel her emotions throughout this entire song. The background singers enhanced her sentiments too.

Even though she’s no longer planning a wedding and is now single, hopefully she takes the time to reflect on this moment and continues to show her confidence both personally and professionally in her next album moving forward. Sending virtual hugs to her and her family.

Be sure to tune in to the 2020 Billboard Music Awards to see Demi perform all new music (presumably this track) live! It airs October 14th at 8pm EST on NBC.

“Lovesick Girls” by BLACKPINK

Successful K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK finally dropped their first Korean album aptly titled, The Album today! One of those new songs is “Lovesick Girls.” It will serve as their third official single from the new record.

The quartet have choreographed another top-notch dance routine for what will presumably be their next big commercial hit! Props to their stylists too as each member wore a unique look.

Ok, let’s face it. Love is really complicated for the girls and the mixed emotions felt towards the idea of being in love is evident in this song.

They sing: “We are the lovesick girls/But we were born to be alone/Yeah, we were born to be alone/Yeah, we were born to be alone/But why we still looking for love?”

The theme of being lovesick is something many will probably agree they have experienced in life. We crave love and happiness but sometimes it just doesn’t come all together. We then embrace our own independence but of course, you still wonder if your one true love is out there. A very delicate balance for sure.

Musically speaking, it’s a catchy track to listen to if I do say so myself. If you loved any of their previous hits like “Ice Cream” with Selena Gomez or “How You Like That,” you’ll likely add this one too to the top of your playlists this week!

The Album contains 8 tracks in total, including an all English collaboration with rapper Cardi B in “Bet You Wanna” which was co-written by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder among others. Let me know which is your favorite track. Drop your response down below.

“Fallin'” by Why Don’t We

L.A. based boy band group, Why Don’t We ended their months long hiatus this week (which coincidentally enough was their four-year anniversary) with a brand new song called “Fallin’.”

The guys have changed their image this time around. They’ve matured in sound, picked up the instruments (e.g. see Daniel Seavey drumming), showcasing more production skills and taking control of the writing process.

This pop song is about the lead up to telling someone you love them. The adrenaline and rush you get just thinking about them will lead you to falling deeper in love with that someone once you’ve expressed your feelings. You will feel nervous but optimistic at the same time. Teens and 20-somethings will resonate the most with the lyrics and that feeling of young love for sure.

Cool Observation: I love how they made a nod to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” when they posed just like the legendary rockers. See that moment at 2:41 in the above video.

Another interesting nugget, the guys got to sample Kanye West’s drumline from his 2013 song, “Black Skinhead.”

Overall, I enjoyed this song from the quintet and I will definitely check out more of their upcoming music down the line. I’m sure all of you WDW fans will be eagerly awaiting at what’s to come as they evolve their sound in their upcoming second studio album. The future looks bright for this group. Share your thoughts in the comments below. Do you like their new look and vibe?

“Have U Found What Ur Looking For?” by Ashton Irwin

5 Seconds of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin released his second teaser song from his upcoming solo album, Superbloom. It’s called “Have U Found What Ur Looking For?” and I got to say, I really dig this alternative rock sound he’s channeling. It’s a big departure from the 5SOS sound.

Irwin shared on his recent Instagram post that “this song is about overcoming mental resistance and facing every fear you’ve ever had.”

I applaud Irwin for delving into his psyche and sharing how he feels in life with his fans. Hopefully this song can inspire listeners to take more chances in life and chase their wildest dreams. Nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible as the saying goes!

I look forward to hearing the rest of his solo album, which drops October 23rd!

“HIGHER” by Bishop Briggs

British-American singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs released a track for all those listeners out there who just went through a tough breakup but are now feeling grateful for it’s life lessons which ultimately helps you move on.

I love how Briggs turned something that’s a low point in one’s life into a renewed positive high. “HIGHER” will boost your mood and confidence, so definitely go check that out if you’re feeling down about losing your ex.

Briggs is an exceptional artist and her deep, solid and mature vocals are top-notch to listen to. You can absorb the message of the song as she sings the chorus. “Higher, your love has set me free/Now nothing’s out of reach/Higher, higher, ooh/Higher, your love has set me free (Has set me free)/Now nothing’s out of reach/Higher, higher/Higher, I’m stronger now I’m free/I’m who I wanna be/Higher, higher, ooh.” Those “ooh’s” are simply infectious!

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New Music Friday: September 11

On this 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I wanted to start off this week’s post by taking the time by saying “Never Forget.” Always remember the victims who tragically died that day, always remember all of the first responders whom risked their lives that day, and all the families who’ve been affected by that very dark day. It’s crazy how many years have gone by since that tragic day and it still feels like yesterday. My thoughts go out to those affected and I hope you take the time to reflect today on your loved ones as well as the loved ones of others.

With that being said, here are this week’s picks for you all to consider. Enjoy!

“OK Not To Be OK” by Marshmello & Demi Lovato

This is the first time EDM superstar, Marshmello & pop star, Demi Lovato have collaborated with each other. They made this song for September’s National Suicide Prevention Month which raises awareness that it’s ok to not be ok. It’s wise to open up to somebody you know and love and express your inner thoughts and feelings. You may feel like a measly drop in the ocean but you are unique and you matter each and every day. Having someone to lean on, or to have somebody to hear you will literally change your life for the good.

What the two artists have made could literally save someone’s life. And after Lovato’s scary drug overdose two years ago, it’s literally been a tough journey to get to where she is today. But it’s also been a rewarding one for her and her career. She’s now found clarity, peace and happiness with her recent engagement announcement earlier this summer and a prosperous new path on life filled with endless possibilities and potential. I commend Lovato’s road to recovery and I love that she’s working hard on making new music for her fans all around the world. The Lovatics and myself want to see her succeed in this new chapter of her life.

In terms of this song, it starts off slow and calm, almost meditative like, but gradually picks up as Lovato sings through the verses. The tone of the track remains a positive one as Marshmello provides the keyboard/synths for this danceable song. I don’t know about you but I kind of see a Billie Eilish look in the music video from Miss Lovato. Thoughts? Wondering if the Grammy winner’s vibe inspired her.

At the end of the song, they mention Hope For The Day (HFTD) in an outro card. This is a non-profit movement empowering the conversation on proactive suicide prevention and mental health education. If you would like to learn more, visit:

There’s also a companion website for the song at: where you can download/stream the song, take a mood quiz, play Mindsweeper, get a cool Instagram Stories effect, and get help and resources if you’re feeling depressed, lonely or confused about life.

Feel free to voice your thoughts on the song, about life in general or whatever is bothering you in the comments below. I will gladly listen and offer some words of encouragement. 🙂

“Let’s Love” by David Guetta & Sia

I love the synth heavy, 1980’s vibe going on in this song. In my opinion, this new David Guetta/Sia track has a similar sound to Pat Benatar’s “Love Is A Battlefield.” This is the ninth time the two award winning artists have worked together. Some of their previous notable hits include 2011’s “Titanium” and 2017’s “Bang My Head.”

Sia’s vocals and Guetta’s crafty beats production make for a feel-good track that will lift your spirits! We’ve all been stuck in isolation for so long during this year and witnessed crazy events (the pandemic, racial injustice, climate change effects: strong hurricanes, massive wildfires) each month thus far! We’ve all felt days of despair, feelings of stress and sadness, but after hearing this warm track for the first time, it gives you hope that we will all come together and be a better society once this all passes. Love over hate!!!

It’s comforting to hear “This too shall pass,” “We’ll get through it all together,” and “Let’s love” from Sia’s mouth. It felt like a hug from a far and she wants us all to collectively feel the love and spread the kindness.

“Bad Habits” by Usher

Usher, the 8x Grammy Award winner has just released a new track called “Bad Habits” a week after he announced his very first headlining Las Vegas residency starting July 16, 2021.

This song is about his many short-lived romances and how easy it is to fall in love. A snippet from the first verse goes like, “Every time I think that I found the one/I turn around and then another one come/On God, I be tryin’ baby/At least you know the truth, I ain’t lyin’ baby.” He’s aware and acknowledges his past mistakes in this upbeat R&B track.

This single has that classic Usher flair to it in my opinion, his smooth dance moves and sleek infectious vocals that fans have come to love throughout his two decade career. Plus it has an 80’s sounding vibe to it which a lot of artists have been doing lately. (See: The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights”) All those elements combined make for a great track to vibe out to for future post-pandemic club gatherings and parties. For now, you’ll just have to enjoy it from the comforts of your headphones, Bluetooth speakers, etc. at home or at a socially distanced gathering with a small group of friends outdoors.

“Visitor” by Of Monsters and Men

Ever feel like you’re on the outside looking in when it comes to the people you once had a thriving connection with? Well, then this song is for you! The Icelandic indie rock band follows the release of their 2019 album, Fever Dream with this standalone single called “Visitor.”

The music video was made in their native Iceland before the COVID-19 crisis. Lead singer Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdóttir cites the band’s latest track as “a song about disconnection and being on the fringe of change, seeing everything you once knew disappear, and finding yourself in the role of the visitor.”

Overall, I love the sound of this new track, from the percussion heavy parts to the soothing vocals from Nanna meshing with the guitar string embellishments. If you’ve been a fan of their decade long career, then you’ll likely enjoy this new single too. Looking forward to hearing their fourth album effort next year. How about you?

“Chemicals” by The Vamps

Brit-pop band, The Vamps just dropped their second single “Chemicals” off their upcoming fifth studio album, Cherry Blossom. The band has made another ear worm of a song if I do say so myself.

This love song was made for the summertime. It feels like all the elements of the song from a production standpoint are being combined in a chemistry class beaker and the reaction that forms is this explosion of greatness. Lead singer, Brad Simpson’s vocals are top-notch in this feel-good song as he sings passionately, “So give me that summertime/Sweet like caramel/The way that you get me high/Is something like, something like chemicals/Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.” It’s going to sound amazing when they perform this song on their next tour or next televised appearance next year. Can’t wait to hear what the rest of the new record sounds like! How about you? Share your thoughts/feelings in the comments down below.

That does it for this week’s edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. If you liked what you read, and want to get the latest post updates, please click the follow button below. Share your comments about this week’s picks in the comments box below!

If you can, please help the folks in California who are dealing with the massive wildfires right now. Donate what you can, here. Here’s some resources/facts to get you up to speed in case you’re living under a rock.

Stay safe, be kind to everyone and happy listening!

New Music Friday: April 17

The quarantine playlists continue to grow as these five artists are here to vie for your attention this week! We got the latest ambitious project from Grammy winning pop artist, Kelly Clarkson, a collaborative new song from Sam Smith and Demi Lovato about seeking new love, Florence + The Machine’s previously unreleased track spotlighting health care workers, and new singles from Jason Mraz and Oh Wonder that will lift your spirits up.

“I Dare You” by Kelly Clarkson

I love the message behind Grammy-winning artist, Kelly Clarkson’s new single, “I Dare You.” She challenges us all to show and spread love and kindness instead of being fearful and hateful because at the end of the day, we’re all human. A potent motto to live by during this ongoing pandemic for sure. This is the top pick of the week I recommend you all to listen to. It’s open-minded, motivational and it builds up your confidence. This song will unite us all to be better human beings.

This is Clarkson’s first major single since her 8th studio album, Meaning Of Life released back in 2017. She recently told TODAY Show‘s Hoda Kotb that she’s been working on this for over a year now and was contemplating on shelving it for a later release date but decided not to because this is a song that’s needed for tough times like the one we’re living in currently.

Did You Know? There are five other versions of the song. She called it her favorite and most challenging project to date in her recent video tweet:

Each version she collaborated with an artist, for example the French version she worked with singer Zaz and for the German version, she teamed up with musical duo Glasperlenspiel. There are versions in Hebrew, Spanish, and Arabic too with the talented Maya Buskila, Blas Cantó and Faouzia respectively.

Give them all a listen right now wherever music is streamed.

“I’m Ready” by Sam Smith & Demi Lovato

It’s a new dawn and a new day for Sam Smith if you will. Still working on his third studio album during this quarantine, they joined with pop singer Demi Lovato for a powerful collab effort promoting their brave next step, finding love!

With their turbulent past in behind, they are now ready to start dating again. I love that they made an Olympics-styled music video considering this year’s Tokyo Summer Games have been postponed to next year. So this is our only slice of something Olympics related this year, unless you play the virtual version within the video game, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, but I digress.

It’s funny and sad that this is what it’s come to this year in regards to the Summer games but it’s nice to have Smith and Lovato do something fun in light of the situation we’re living in. They both get the gold medal for this song!

Download/stream “I’m Ready” today!

“Light Of Love” by Florence + The Machine

This is a track that was supposed to be on her High As Hope album in 2018 but appropriately is now being released as this is culturally relevant to today. She calls it a token of her love for her fans and for supporting the doctors, nurses and other ancillary healthcare professionals treating patients in ICUs due to the coronavirus.

Florence Welch’s vocals are therapeutic for a time like this and overall this song was beautiful and inspiring to listen to.

All of the proceeds from this lovely song will go to the United Kingdom’s Intensive Care Society.

“Look For The Good” by Jason Mraz

“Look For The Good” is the first single off Mraz’s upcoming seventh studio album. Mraz’s positivity just oozes out on this reggae track as he adds his name to the growing list of artists who have released content during this pandemic. If you love any or all of his past songs, you’ll definitely love this one.

It’s true we should all be looking for the good in everything and everyone. Love always wins and hate will not be tolerated!

Hear the uplifting track now while we wait for his next album of the same name which drops June 19th!

“Keep On Dancing” by Oh Wonder

For my final recommendation this week, we have Oh Wonder’s latest track from their Home Tapes series. This recently launched series from the indie pop duo was created from their London studio while in quarantine.

This song is very soothing to listen to and it encourages us all to keep on dancing to our favorite tunes despite the challenging conditions we’re living in right now. Celebrating a birthday nowadays isn’t like in the past. Under our new norm, we cannot host or have extravagant parties outdoors.

So what should we do instead? Listen to music! Music always persists and is a welcoming distraction in life especially if your birthday is coming up. Whether you’re alone in quarantine or with a close friend or living inside a shared home with your family during this pandemic, we should all stay the course and have fun indoors by enjoying our favorite songs from our favorite artists.

Stream/download their new song, right here. Submit ideas for their music video for this song, right here.

I hope these five picks are as enjoyable for you as they are for me. Comment below which song was your favorite and why. Stay safe and happy listening!

New Music Friday: January 31

It’s hard to believe the first month of this new decade has flown by! For this final January edition of New Music Friday, we have new tracks from Demi Lovato and Dua Lipa just to name a few!

Scroll down to see the rest of this week’s picks! What will you be listening to?

“Anyone” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s triumphant comeback song was written four days before her unfortunate overdose back in summer 2018. She was deeply in a state of distress. She was literally crying for help when she wrote this song. Fast forward to today, fortunately and thankfully, she survived the traumatic dark times of that year after months of rehab and recovery and spending time away from the spotlight with her family and friends.

This week, Lovato bravely promoted her brand new powerful track that makes fans love her even more. The Lovatics will forever support her as she embarks her new era of music and her new chapter in her career.

She performed this emotionally cathartic song for the first time at this year’s Grammys and you can catch that below ICYMI:

Can’t wait to hear more from Ms. Lovato in 2020! You can catch her performing the national anthem at this year’s Super Bowl (this Sunday) and you can download/stream “Anyone,” right here.


“Physical” by Dua Lipa

This is a very Katy Perry-esque song in my opinion but with Dua’s essence mixed in with 80s era dance music. Great upbeat dance song that is sure to elevate Ms. Lipa’s clout/career this year. Expect this to be spun by DJ’s in clubs all across the globe in 2020! It’s also an amazing motivational song that will likely become part of many listeners’ gym/workout playlist.

The accompanying music video seen above is an explosion of colors. It’s vibrant and creative as well as being semi-animated! Check it out! 😁

This song will be a part of her forthcoming new album, Future Nostalgia releasing April 3rd.


“Tonight” by kesha

Kesha is back to her old roots with another infectious party song off her new equally contagiously catchy album, High Road. If you enjoyed her TiK ToK era, you’ll love her unapologetic attitude in this new era. She exudes confidence while taking no prisoners. She’s reached a new all-time high in her career and I commend this latest triumph. Keep doing you, Kesha!

Download and stream High Road today!


“loneliness for love” by lovelytheband

lovelytheband are back with their new upbeat song called “loneliness for love.” This captivating track proves the band is ready to progress their sound in 2020!

The song is for those who felt brokenhearted by past relationships and now they seek others to fill that void even though they mistake “loneliness for love” which can sadly go on indefinitely.

Despite the woeful lyrics, I really love the catchy chorus and the music video for this track. If you loved their previous hits, “broken” and “these are my friends,” then this song will likely be on your current playlist!

You can download and stream the song now.


“Hold On” by Little Dragon

Swedish band, Little Dragon has a new dance song that’s so groovy and fun to listen to. This will likely be played in intimate clubs or in an Old Navy or an H&M store. The whole song overall is quite the earworm. It will definitely raise your spirits, if you have winter blues.

This song will be a part of their next new album, New Me, Same Us which drops March 27th! Visit their website for tour dates and more info!

Check back again next Friday for another edition of “New Music Friday.”