Paramore: This Is Why (First Reactions)

Happy NMF to all you Paramore fans! It’s been five and a half years since the last album dropped! It’s great to finally hear new tunes! Below are my first reactions to each track on their sixth studio album. Enjoy!

Philip's Music Corner Presents: Paramore This Is Why (Album) First Reactions | February 10, 2023
Released 02.10.23 via Atlantic Records

“This Is Why” by Paramore


🌟 Since I’ve previously covered this track, you can click here to see my initial first reactions.

“The News” by Paramore


📰 See my initial first reactions, here.

“Running Out Of Time” by Paramore


🧽 The beginning few seconds felt like a Spongebob scene in my opinion. This track is catered to those who procrastinate or are forgetful of things in life. If you say you’re going to do it but are full of excuses, then you will relate to this track a lot!

🎁 The song was inspired by Hayley Williams’ visit to Taylor Swift’s house and how she noticed Swift had a closet of gifts to send out as a handy reminder which made her realize how forgetful she was in sending that gift or greeting card to someone near and dear to her heart.

📻 Overall, this one is my new favorite single of theirs! It has the potential to blow up big on the radio/streaming!

“C’est Comme Ça” by Paramore


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“Big Man, Little Dignity” by Paramore


🙌 “This “BMLD” has a really nice vibe to it! Nice mid-tempo song with a beautiful melody expressing frustrations over guys who have big egos. If you know someone who’s really arrogant, rude, or stuck up towards others or you, then this song is for you!

❌ The person you’re disappointed in simply doesn’t learn from their repeated mistakes and or behavioral problems. There’s no accountability whatsoever and that’s quite annoying!

🎬 This too can be a song that receives an official music video and mass radio airplay! Here’s hoping it does!!

“You First” by Paramore


🎸 This song has quite unique guitar chords in it. In my opinion, the track points at yourself for flaws you might have. Nobody is perfect! Perception of you is ever changing and you can be someone’s idol even though you don’t feel like you deserve it.

😎 The bridge section is cool!

“Figure 8” by Paramore


😵 “Figure 8” is designed for those in a confused state in life or a confusing period of time in life. If you’ve lost your way in life, whether it be creatively, professionally, or personally, then this song will speak volumes to you!

👍 Once again, another epic bridge section!

“Liar” by Paramore


🤥🙏 I believe this is the softest song on the whole album. This is like a confession to your significant other that you lied to them either in the past or most recently. This was quite the remorseful song to hear.

“Crave” by Paramore


💞💔 “Crave” feels like a song for those holding onto the blissful moment of a relationship even though you believe the relationship will be shortlived or likely end one day. It’s rather heartbreaking to hear. Perhaps even married couples will feel touched by this track too knowing one day when time is up, the inevitable end of their physical relationship will occur.

“Thick Skull” by Paramore


😔😮 This is quite the mellow track! It eventually picks up later with cool clashing guitars! It’s another song which deals with self-blame for mistakes in life. While depressing a touch, at least you’re owning up to your mistakes, flaws, and or problems. Hopefully this cathartic release brings you a fresh start moving forward. We can all learn and grow after dark times. Brighter days ahead!

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Final Thoughts:

The new album by the rock band Paramore is filled with new sounds and styles. It’s definitely a departure from their previous albums. You will likely enjoy the refreshing direction they’re taking, but if not, I still invite you to voice your opinions and critiques about their new songs in the comments below!

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‘Til next time, stay safe, and happy listening!