‘AGT’ Season 14 Finale Recap (RESULTS)

Season 14 has come to a close and we've finally found out who won the million dollars and a headlining Vegas show coming this fall! But first each of the top 10 acts were paired up with a star-studded guest. Tonight's finale was electric, fun and intense! Here's a brief recap of each moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydYo2UuKebQContinue reading ‘AGT’ Season 14 Finale Recap (RESULTS)

‘AGT’ Season 14 Finale (PERFORMANCES)

Well, the season 14 finale performance round has just concluded and my oh my the talent upped their games tonight! The final 10 acts performed one after another, each delivering a good case to America for why they should win the ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!! It's really tough to say who will win but here below … Continue reading ‘AGT’ Season 14 Finale (PERFORMANCES)

‘AGT’ Season 14: Semifinals #2 (RECAP)

The second and final semifinals round of AGT aired last night and it proved to be another spectacular episode. The next 11 acts took to the stage in the hopes of getting one of the final 5 remaining spots in the grand finale airing next week! The one and only Queen Latifah joined the judges' … Continue reading ‘AGT’ Season 14: Semifinals #2 (RECAP)

‘AGT’ Season 14: Semifinals #1 Results (RECAP)

So based on my initial predictions last night, I only missed on two of them. I originally thought Ndlovu Youth Choir was going to be eliminated but they got the judges' save after the Dunkin' Save went to Light Balance Kids. I also thought the Messoudi Bros. would advance but sadly they didn't. Along with … Continue reading ‘AGT’ Season 14: Semifinals #1 Results (RECAP)

‘AGT’ Season 14: Semifinals #1 (RECAP)

11 acts who qualified for the semifinals took to the stage tonight to showcase their talents once again in the hopes of a finale spot. Actor Sean Hayes was tonight's celebrity guest judge. Here are my thoughts and initial projected result for each act: NDLOVU YOUTH CHOIR https://twitter.com/AGT/status/1169043359664459776 I thought they brought their A-game into … Continue reading ‘AGT’ Season 14: Semifinals #1 (RECAP)

‘AGT’ Season 14: Judge Cuts #4

The fourth and final round of judge cuts aired last night and the final batch of returnees vied for one of the final seven spots at the Dolby Theatre. Comedian, car enthusiast and former host of "The Tonight Show," Jay Leno joined the AGT judges' table with the responsibility of pushing the last Golden Buzzer … Continue reading ‘AGT’ Season 14: Judge Cuts #4

‘AGT’ Season 14: Judge Cuts #3

The third round of Judge Cuts saw Emmy-nominated actress Ellie Kemper joining the judges' table in a night filled with a lot of talent. 18 more acts took to the stage and only SEVEN would move on to the live shows at the famous Dolby Theatre. Several acts from the first round of auditions didn't … Continue reading ‘AGT’ Season 14: Judge Cuts #3

‘AGT’ Season 14: Judge Cuts #1

Country music superstar Brad Paisley joined the AGT judges' table last night as the show kicked off the "Judge Cuts" round. 18 acts performed for a chance at winning one of the 7 spots to the next round, one of which was Paisley's Golden Buzzer pick. That pick would advance to the live shows! **SPOILERS: … Continue reading ‘AGT’ Season 14: Judge Cuts #1

‘AGT’ Season 14: Week 6

Final round of AGT auditions The final round of auditions aired this week and my next five picks worth watching are the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elKy456jJOQ You want fries with that?!? Kara excelled in her audition and I was laughing at her physical comedy and her actual comedy routine. She has a great and unpredictable delivery. I … Continue reading ‘AGT’ Season 14: Week 6