New Music Friday: August 5, 2022 | Glass Animals, OneRepublic, The Killers, The 1975 & Lauv

Happy Friday everyone! This week’s post features the many talents of Glass Animals, OneRepublic, The Killers, The 1975 & Lauv!

Scroll on down to see what they have in store for us listeners this week!

Philip's Music Corner Presents New Music Friday: August 5, 2022 | Glass Animals, OneRepublic, The Killers, The 1975 & Lauv
New Music Friday 08.05.22

“Heat Waves (Logic1000 Remix) by Glass Animals


It’s been two years since the original Dreamland (2020) was released. Since then, the guys of Glass Animals have toured all around the world! They’ve played at many iconic music festivals this summer including Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, and Glastonbury just to name a few!

Today, they’ve rereleased their iconic third studio album in what’s referred to as the Real Life Edition. It includes all of the original Dreamland tracks plus a bevy of new remixes! One of those remixes, I’m highlighting is the Logic1000 Remix of their Billboard Hot 100 smash hit, “Heat Waves.”

It starts all instrumental, which gets you in the mood right off the bat! I love the accompanying new beats on this iteration! Definitely add this to your next workout playlist or casual listening playlist!

“I Ain’t Worried (Acoustic)” by OneRepublic


OneRepublic’s latest charted single, “I Ain’t Worried,” from the Top Gun: Maverick movie soundtrack gets the acoustic treatment this week!

Definitely play this pleasing, softer version if you want to soothe yourself to sleep, if you want to get cozy with a loved one by the campfire or bed, or if you just want to hear it while studying for an exam, reading a good book, or sipping some cup of joe!

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“boy” by The Killers


The latest single from the acclaimed rock group, The Killers is one you need to hear! It’s destined to be part of their forthcoming eighth studio album!

In “boy,” the band takes us through a teenage boy’s journey in life with all of the highs and lows life brings.

I’m looking forward to hearing more of these 80s fusions in their upcoming record. I’m also looking forward to seeing the official music video for this track. In the meantime, check out this live debut performance of “boy” from last month at the Madcool Festival in Spain.

“Happiness” by The 1975


The 1975’s latest single is a euphoric ride for your ears! It features lead vocalist, Matty Healy dancing in various colored suit jackets while singing about finding his one true love! There’s an epic sax solo at the midway point of the song which reminded me of the band, Bleachers fronted by Jack Antonoff, who coincidentally enough co-produced this track!

This song is part of their upcoming new album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language due to be released on October 14th! So look forward to that if you’re a big fan of the band!

“Stranger” by Lauv


Pop singer, Lauv’s second studio album, All 4 Nothing is finally released today! One of the new tracks is called “Stranger” which was co-written by fellow artist/past collaborator (see “Try Again”), DallasK.

The “Kids Are Born Stars” singer delves into the troubles of a crumbling relationship. You’ve experienced a lot of mistakes in the past but you still want to make your current relationship work. At least you’re owning up to it by showing your vulnerable side and hopefully in the near future, you can amend your relationship and move on to brighter days!

For those couples experiencing this right now, I wish you all well!

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