New Music Friday: March 24, 2023 | ILLENIUM w/ JVKE, Hailee Steinfeld, Fall Out Boy, Demi Lovato & Ellie Goulding

Happy Friday everyone! This week we have five amazing new songs you should all listen to! Read on to see who made this week’s cut. Feel free to comment and share this post with your friends and family! Let me know which ones are your faves!

Philip's Music Corner Presents: New Music Friday, March 24, 2023 | Featured Artists of the Week: ILLENIUM with JVKE, Hailee Steinfeld, Fall Out Boy, Demi Lovato & Ellie Goulding

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New Music Friday 03.24.23

“With All My Heart” by ILLENIUM w/ JVKE


😎 EDM hitmaker, ILLENIUM & rising pop artist, JVKE have teamed up once again (see JVKE’s “golden hour” for the 1st instance they worked together) for an epic collaboration!

🙏 Here’s a song that will resonate with listeners begging for forgiveness from their significant other, ex-relationship(s), family member, etc.

😓 Hopefully, the wrongs you’ve made in the past can be forgiven! You want to focus on the future and pave the way for a better relationship with this potential second chance moment! Best of luck to those who get that second chance!!

📆 This track will be a part of ILLENIUM’s forthcoming eponymous album. Will you be seeing them both on tour this year? Are you planning on buying the new record?

“SunKissing” by Hailee Steinfeld


🌞 Actress and singer-songwriter, Hailee Steinfeld dropped her radiant new single, “SunKissing” for the masses this week and it’s a pure aural delight!

💞😘 Those in love and who can feel that synchronous electric spark between each other will want to have this song on their playlists. Play it on the beach, or on your long drives down the highway with the windows wide open!!

😁 Sonically, it’s a lovely song to play any time of the day. Love that violin arrangement! I’m eager to hear more from her planned debut album! What about you? Comment below! Meantime, check out her previous sunny single, “Coast” ft. Anderson .Paak. I’m going to guess she’s aiming for those summer beach vibes as the theme for her album.

“Hold Me Like A Grudge” by Fall Out Boy


🤘 You can’t go wrong with FOB on your playlists this week as the acclaimed journeymen rockers are back with their eighth studio album effort, So Much (for) Stardust.

🗣 The energy they bring to this track is quite palpable to the senses. They have a knack for turning real-life situations into cohesive rock anthems! Love the bassline rhythm performed by Pete Wentz. Patrick’s vocal delivery is still in tip-top shape! And Andy Hurley’s drumming is unmatched to this day still! The hiatus didn’t hurt the band’s sound at all!!

😬 This song in my opinion deals with flawed relationships and the ups and downs that life brings to both of your worlds.

📺 See their debut TV performance of this track on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, right here.

“Heart Attack (Rock Version)” by Demi Lovato


😎 2x Grammy-nominated artist, Demi Lovato re-recorded her hit song, “Heart Attack” from 2013 into this rock masterpiece!

🤩 Love the new arrangement! It really enhances the emotions, both high and low, of dating someone and the prospects of falling in love with this heavier sound. Would you like to see more rock versions of her past hits in the future?? Which one would you pick?

🥳 What an amazing way to celebrate the song’s 10th anniversary! Comment below if you agree!

“By The End Of The Night” by Ellie Goulding


🥰 Another smash hit in the making for the Grammy-nominated musician! This one deals with being in love and declaring that your lover makes you feel special and you want to be with them forever! Hopefully, they agree too!

🎶 Love the 80s-style arrangement with the calming synthesizers. Great for easy listening playlists to soothe your ears with bliss! Ellie’s vocals are superb once more!

💿 You can expect this amazing track to appear on her forthcoming fifth album, Higher Than Heaven – releasing on April 7th!

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