Coldplay: “Higher Power” (First Reactions)

Another one of my favorite bands just released their new single today and that’s from none other than 7x Grammy-winning rock band, Coldplay in “Higher Power!” It’s their first new song of 2021 following the December 2020 bonus track release of “Flags.”

The following comments are my raw initial first reactions of this new track. Feel free to share with me your favorite parts of the song and what you hope to see in their upcoming ninth studio album. Title and release date is still TBD.


Initial First Thoughts:

-I dig the space theme for this new era!

-Cool holograms to kick things off! That’s going to be EPIC to see this technology in person when they resume touring (next year?)! Wondering if they’ll incorporate them into future singles or perhaps all of their upcoming new tracks.

-Their colorful jackets remind me of their Mylo Xyloto era and a little like their A Head Full Of Dreams era. Props to whomever designed them!

-@1:04 Now the holograms are dancing! Would be a cool sight to see them all in unison while Martin improvises his dance moves on stage.

-I get 80s vibes with the synthesizers! Very upbeat, gets you in the mood anytime of the day! Would be great to hear this on mainstream radio soon! It’s definitely a departure in sound compared to their last record, Everyday Life.

-I wonder what the symbols for this era/world means.

-I kind of wished we got to see some different scenes in this video. I wonder why they chose this specific location to shoot the video with the shipping containers in the background.

-I like this part that starts at 2:09 where “I want to know…” gets repeated in the background.

– @2:24 You can tell Chris is enjoying performing again with his bandmates even though there’s no audience for this video.

-Fun Fact: Famous pop producer, Max Martin helped co-wrote the song! He’s responsible for making hits like The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights,” “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift, and “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry just to name a few.

My take at the lyrics meaning: You can’t stand certain things in life to the point it makes you sad and down in the dumps! Then you meet someone who changes your mindset and outlook on life. You begin to feel empowered and spirited again all thanks to this newfound friendship. Their power (pun intended) is otherworldly from your POV.

Be sure to check them out this Sunday on ABC’s American Idol at 8pm est/7pm cst for their debut TV performance of this new song! Chris will be mentoring the top 7 contestants and they get to choose songs from Coldplay’s massive hits catalog! It’s going to be a fun night to watch!!

On May 11th, they will be the opening act at the 2021 BRITs. Check more info on their appearance in this linked article.

For all things Coldplay, visit their official site today!

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