‘American Idol’: A New Winner Is Crowned

Season Finale 5.19.19

Another season of “American Idol” just wrapped up and the winner is…




The night kicked off with judge Lionel Richie performing his song “Dancing On The Ceiling” with the Idol Top 10!

There were plenty of feel-good moments made tonight from special guests Kane Brown, Dan + Shay, Andra Day, Kool and the Gang & Jon Pardi just to name a few plus past Idol contestants Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert and Maddie Poppe all returned to the Idol stage too!

Judges Katy Perry and Luke Bryan also performed their hits as well. It was simply a spectacular grand finale for “Idol” season 2 (or 17 if you count all the seasons since it’s inception.)

But in terms of the three rounds tonight, here’s a brief recap:

Round 1: (Laine, Madison, Alejandro)

My initial prediction: Madison won round 1, with Laine a close 2nd and Alejandro in 3rd.

Comments: I really thought Madison did a great job in this first round. Best song choice out of the 3 for the most recognized song out of the bunch. Alejandro sang yet another original which I respect from a songwriting perspective but I wasn’t totally wow-ed by his performance. And Laine sang another song suited to his style which should help him get into the top 2 later.

Round 2: (Laine, Madison, Alejandro)

My initial prediction: Again, Madison and Laine are neck and neck with Alejandro after them.

Comments: Laine had a fun performance in round 2, was definitely a good jam to listen to. Madison channeled her inner Kelly Clarkson and I thought she killed it again! Alejandro sang another original. I think at this point he should put out all his originals from this season into his debut album. Still rooting for Madison and Laine after round 2.

Top 3 Results Prediction: Madison and Laine will be safe and Alejandro will go home.
Actual Top 3 Results: Madison is eliminated!! Still shocked she only got 3rd! She was my original pick to win week after week. After that moment, my focus on who to root for the win was Laine.

Round 3: (Laine, Alejandro)

My initial prediction: Laine wins round 3.

Comments: Laine sang Sam Cooke’s classic hit, “Bring It On Home To Me” with such fanfare. At that moment, I thought he sealed his fate as this year’s winner with that rendition! Alejandro, props to him for singing the song he auditioned with. This is the only original so far that I actually enjoy. His guitar skills are on point but alas I still think he will be the runner-up.

Actual Result: Laine WINS! He sang his coronation song “Flame” which I dig already. It’s going to be this year’s “Home.”

Put your light up for Laine Hardy!

Did America get it right in picking Laine as this year’s winner? Will you be supporting Laine’s post-Idol career?

See you all again in 2020 as we search who will be the next AMERICAN IDOL!