New Music Friday: January 1

Happy New Year!! 2021 is finally here! Kicking off the new month and year are these five picks. We’ve got the latest from pop singers Lauv, Aly & AJ, dance pop phenoms Kylie Minogue and Dua Lipa, Grammy-winning English artist Jacob Collier & alternative artist Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness. All that and more in this week’s New Music Friday post for January 1, 2021.

“2021” by Lauv

Pop singer-songwriter Lauv gave one more song for the fans on New Year’s Eve to help end 2020 on a higher note. This song is an ode to a fresh start in 2021. One where you’re going to do your best to elevate your love life, to be more attentive to their needs, wants, wishes, etc. This is for all the guys and girls out there who want to continue dating their love of their life and nobody else.

Sonically, I feel it fits the current vibes of mainstream radio and I feel like this could be the next hit song for the 26-year-old artist. If not on radio, I predict this will be a heavily used song on TikTok with fans lip-syncing or dancing to the track. It’s definitely a different sound from him compared with his first album, ~how i’m feeling~. “2021” is like hip-hop meets pop meets EDM.

I expect a corresponding music video to be released soon but if not I’m still looking forward to hearing more tunes from him as the months go on. How about you? Maybe a new EP or even a second studio album is in the works! Drop your predictions in the comments below.

Check out Lauv’s official merch store, right here. His touring dates for later this fall are available here. He will be making stops in New Zealand, Australia & Jakarta. Singer-songwriter Jeremy Zucker will be joining him as his opening act. Hopefully more dates will be added after the pandemic in other parts of the world including North America.

In the meantime…

“Potential Breakup Song” by Aly & AJ

Due to the rise in popularity of their 2007 Platinum-selling single, “Potential Breakup Song” on TikTok, the ladies of music duo Aly & AJ have re-recorded it for a new generation of listeners. This also serves as a nostalgic trip for those who discovered them and adored them over a decade ago.

This is not for the children as they’ve added expletives in the song. Sonically, this track has definitely gotten a whole new edge and a fresh new sound. I feel it’s sassier than the original and fitting for those who are currently experiencing or had experienced a one-sided relationship or multiple. Thoughts?

Play this song if you want to warn your boyfriend or girlfriend to step up or else the days of you dating them are being numbered.

If you want to hear the clean version, click here. If you want to hear the original version from 14 years ago, then click here. Watch the performance above for a “Slow Dancing”/ “PBS” jam session! It aired on New Year’s Eve online for you guessed it, TikTok! Enjoy!

Prior to that epic performance, they proposed to their fans on Twitter, the idea of re-imagining their other hit song, “Like Whoa.” Commenters seemed to be onboard with that suggestion with some requesting the whole Insomniatic album to get the explicit treatment. Click on the tweet below to see all of their positive reactions.

Would you like to see this come to fruition? Let me know in the comments box below.

“Real Groove – Studio 2054 Remix” by Kylie Minogue & Dua Lipa

Get up on your dancing shoes for this remix of Kylie Minogue’s hit song “Real Groove.” 2x Grammy-winning artist, Dua Lipa joins her dance pop track for an epic collaboration that fans will be buzzing about. With the rise in stardom for Lipa in 2020 in her Gold-certified Future Nostalgia album release, this remix makes perfect sense to be dropped for the world to hear.

This track is for all those dance lovers, Minogue and Dua Lipa lovers, 80’s disco-lovers and everyone else in between! A perfect distraction from the stresses of the day.

Check out my original post featuring “Real Groove” by clicking here. The song is featured on her latest album, Disco which ranked in the top 10 on Billboard’s Best Dance Albums of 2020 as well as the top 10 on Variety’s Best Albums of 2020.

“The Sun Is In Your Eyes” by Jacob Collier

Grammy-winning artist Jacob Collier kickstarts 2021 with a short and sweet stripped down style single, “The Sun Is In Your Eyes.” The 26-year-old explained in the description in the video seen above, “Here’s a song I wrote last year! I recorded it on my phone for safe-keeping. [Now] it’s yours to keep.”

A nice gift for fans of his for the new year! I enjoy the laid-back vibes on this love song which talks about the beauty of your significant other. Their eyes are like sunshine to you, their smile is refreshing like a glass of cold water, and their lips are like golden treasure. Very poetic if I do say so myself. Thoughts?

No matter where life takes you, the love you have for him/her/them is unconditional. I love how it’s capped off in the ending of the song, when he sings, “I see you clearly now/I hold you dearly now/The sun is in my eyes.” It went from their eyes to now his eyes, so that I feel encapsulates the overall and genuine affectionate feelings he has for his lover.

2021 will hopefully be a brighter year for many, and I’m eager to hear more from Collier later this year. Check out Jacob’s merch store, right here. Stay updated with his official website, here. It includes a list of 91 cities he’s promising to tour in once the pandemic is over and concerts can run safely for the fans.

“New Year Song” by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

My last pick of the week is from none other than Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. He expressed how difficult 2020 was for him saying, “I’ve been on this earth a fair amount of years, most of them I’d count myself lucky while a handful have been quite challenging. If I’ve learned anything, they sneak up on you, the hard years, and this one was no exception.”

As December 2020 came to a close he found inspiration to create this hopeful new song just in time for 2021! He shared that the song was born on a piano at 4th Street in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. A snippet from the above video’s description reads as follows:

“Wherever this song finds you in life, whether you feel inclined to skip it or listen on repeat, I send it on with the sincere hope that whatever hardships and beauty you’ve encountered this year. you find half the hardship and twice as much beauty in the next.”

Aurally speaking, this is such a feel good song filled with optimism and warm wishes moving forward as we begin 2021. I thought the piano melody was beautifully composed. By 2:10, you will likely get goosebumps! Credits to Suzy Shinn for helping him produce this amazing track.

So here’s to a new year that we can all picture together that should be and hopefully will be brighter, one with brand new opportunities, pathways, and memories being made.

That does it for this week’s post! Thank you all for reading another edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. If you liked what you read, kindly click on the follow button down below. Also if you like, please support my work by donating to my Paypal. I truly appreciate it!

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings about any of these picks in the comments box down below! You can also give the songs featured this week a thumbs up or a thumbs down using the buttons under each pick. As always, stay safe and happy listening!

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New Music Friday: October 16

Happy Friday!! We’ve made it through another week! I’ve selected five new candidates for your playlists this weekend! Hope you enjoy them. We’ve got the latest from Grammy-nominated artist, Demi Lovato fresh off her world premiere performance at the BBMAs earlier this week, pop singers-songwriters Lauv & Conan Gray with a catchy new anthem, EDM group Louis The Child and their collaboration with alternative rock group COIN, & last but not least DJ/singer/entrepreneur Paris Hilton with her amazing new collab with DJ Lodato.

“Commander In Chief” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato follows her strong and emotional post breakup single, “Still Have Me” two weeks ago with another equally strong and emotional song called “Commander In Chief.” She co-wrote this track with none other than FINNEAS, brother to Grammy-winning artist, Billie Eilish and fellow pop singer herself, Julia Michaels.

This time she’s taking a stand against the current administration and POTUS himself. She enlisted several individuals of varying ages, races, and ethnicities to lip sync her evocative message to the President so the whole world can hear. We see everyone from a young Black girl to an older white male with a hat that reads “Make America United Again” to an adult female in a wheelchair mouthing the words: “Commander in Chief, honestly/If I did the things you do/I couldn’t sleep, seriously/Do you even know the truth?/We’re in a state of crisis, people are dyin’/While you line your pockets deep/Commander in Chief, how does it feel to still/Be able to breathe?” Powerful imagery to watch!

The strong chorus references the racial injustices seen earlier this summer and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has tragically killed over 210,000 Americans to this date. Lovato asks how can the President behave like this, so ignorant and heartless, hiding from the protesters, lining his pockets from these tragic events and she wonders, does he really know the truth?!?

She hopes this song will elicit a response from this administration while also enabling a public discussion. With less than three weeks left until Election Day, she’s using this song as a platform to stress the importance of voting.

ICYMI: Demi performed this song for the first time at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards two nights ago. Check it out here:

“Fake” by Lauv & Conan Gray

Singer-songwriter Lauv follows his five-track EP, Without You with a new collaborative effort with fellow pop singer Conan Gray. Gray, in case you didn’t know, is best known for his hit song “Heather” which currently has over 22 million views on YouTube and “Maniac” which has been certified Gold by the RIAA. This is the first time the two artists have worked together on a song.

The two twenty-somethings explore the world of fakeness in this fun new song. Know someone who acts one way to others but totally different towards you? If you have a fake friend or relationship either currently or in the past, then you should definitely check their single out!

They sing in the rather catchy and anthemic chorus, “Man, you’re so f—ing fake (ahh ah)/You don’t mean a single thing you say (ahh ah)/If we’ve got a problem, say it to my face (ahh ah)/And you’re just like all the people that you hate/You’re so fake/When the real you’s back, I’ll pick up my phone.” Through a series of different mini sets they travel from one to another with set production extras providing the props and necessary components for some cool effects alongside including a confetti blaster! It’s such a COVID style music video yet it’s simplicities make for quite an enjoyable video to watch unfold. So kudos to everyone on their respective teams who worked on this production safely during this ongoing pandemic.

“SCAR” by Ashton Irwin

5SOS member, Ashton Irwin is back with another tasting/preview off his upcoming solo album, Superbloom. In “Scar,” Irwin wears his emotions on his sleeves as he sings about mental health in this song. He’s advocating to us that life is filled with so much joy, so many possibilities and just because life hands you lemons, you simply mustn’t give up. The scars we get in life provide lessons for the future not a helpless pit of doom and gloom.

I love the arrangement of this rock song. Love the inclusion of the harps which made the song so unique. The guitar chords have a soothing tone and the drums provided the punch for that maximum effect. The chorus and post-chorus leaves an indelible mark! The bridge leading to the outro was out of this world good! Please turn it up! It’s truly an aural experience.

In a recent tweet the 26-year-old singer-songwriter calls it his “favorite song” off the record. He also describes it as “powerful and raw” adding that it’s “a message to my family, a message for anyone that listens, about perseverance though periods of intense struggle.” His emotional openness is truly commendable!

Like I said the last time I mentioned Ashton Irwin for my picks, I’m excited to hear the rest of his album and him sharing his story/journey for listeners all around the world!

“Self Care” by Louis The Child & COIN

EDM group Louis The Child has teamed up with alternative rock group COIN for the first time. In this upbeat dance track, the two groups are preaching the importance of self care.

“I do it for myself/I’m dancin’ for no one else/I do it for myself, baby/Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah, ah.” The chorus really strikes a chord because if you’re feeling like you’re energies have been exhausted as of late or been absorbed by others and not yourself, then you need to listen to these lines and the song as a whole. It will definitely give you a wake up call to say, ‘hey, listen, I’m important too. I deserve the rest. I deserve a break. I deserve to be happy too. I deserve to be appreciated for the things I do in life!’ The list goes on!!

See the accompanying music video above for some feel good vibes as the two groups and some interpretive dancers just let loose and have fun in a desert!

“I Blame You” by Paris Hilton

Credit: @ParisHilton

Call it a comeback single, but really, has Paris Hilton really left? Hilton dropped this surprise new dance track and it’s all about love despite the song title, “I Blame You.”

“I feel good, I feel good. I blame you, I blame you.” Those simple lines get repeated in such a way that you can’t help but say, ‘wow, this really makes me feel happy and positive in life.’

So if you’re feeling like you met your better half or just have a really close friend and or family member, then this song is for you! They bring the joy and sunshine to your life and you can credit them for changing your perspective on life especially if you’ve had a troubled past, or a rough patch in a previous relationship, or even something as trivial as receiving a bad grade in school. It doesn’t define you forever.

DJ Lodato really sets the mood for this track and I want to say he mixed it excellently with the entertainer/entrepreneur’s dreamy vocals.

Paris shared in a recent Instagram post that proceeds from this song will go to Breaking Code Silence, a “movement organized by a network of survivors and advocates to raise awareness of the abuses in the troubled teen industry.”

Hilton recently released her eye-opening YouTube documentary which dives deeper into her life story from her childhood to present day. In this doc, she details for the first time publicly, the verbal, psychological and physical abuse she endured when she was sent to Provo Canyon School when she was a teenager. Watch her YouTube Original documentary, This Is Paris, here. You can’t help after watching this, to support Paris Hilton. Virtual hugs all around!

Now she’s standing up and raising awareness for the survivors in support of closing down that institution. Feel free to sign her petition.

That wraps up this week’s post! Thank you all for reading another edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. If you liked what you read, kindly click on the follow button down below. Also if you like, please support my work by donating to my Paypal. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings about any of these picks in the comments box down below! You can also give the songs featured this week a thumbs up or a thumbs down using the buttons under each pick. As always, stay safe and happy listening!

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New Music Friday: July 3

We’ve got the latest tunes from Grammy-nominated singer Ellie Goulding feat. Lauv plus alternative artists LANY, Glass Animals, lovelytheband & HONNE in this week’s edition of New Music Friday for July 3, 2020.

“Slow Grenade” by Ellie Goulding & Lauv

English singer-songwriter, Ellie Goulding with previous hits like “Love Me Like You Do” and “Burn” has teamed up with rising pop star Lauv for the first time in this song titled, “Slow Grenade.”

It’s a song about a relationship that’s really complicated. One minute this couple is at odds with another, the next, they can’t bear with the fact of being alone and losing one another.

Overall, I really like how the two artists’ voices respectively mesh together in this song. Expect this song to be added to radio stations across the country.

Download/stream the new collab effort, right here. The song will be part of the B-sides on Goulding’s upcoming fourth album, Brightest Blue which drops July 17th! You can get special Ellie Goulding bundle packs right here in her online shop.

“If This Is The Last Time” by LANY

OK…this song will really hit you in the feels. LANY, the L.A. indie pop band has released a new song that’s all about cherishing life and the precious moments you have on Earth with your family. If you haven’t talked, or visited your parents in a long time, chances are they miss you and you should definitely seize the opportunity to speak to them while time is your side and while you have them in your life. Life is short, and with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on the country as we speak, the band wanted to finish and produce this heartfelt tune so that listeners can have something to lean on.

Lead vocalist Paul Jason Klein posted on his IG story recently discussing further about the track:

Klein revealed the track was first conceived on a flight to Beijing, China last summer and that it’s all about wondering what if the next time you saw someone you love, it was the last time you saw that someone.

Overall, this track is a must hear! It’s a feel good, sentimental track that will have you swaying those hands, and moving your phone’s flashlight from side to side. Please savor life’s moments while you can because life can really accelerate before you know it! Download LANY’s new single today!

“Heat Waves” by Glass Animals

English indie pop-electronic band, Glass Animals dropped their latest single called “Heat Waves.” This follows the whimsical single, “Dreamland” the leading track of their upcoming album of the same name.

This song according to lead singer Dave Bayley is all about being okay with being vulnerable. He posted in a recent tweet that “it’s all about realizing that you can’t make everyone happy” as well as “realizing it’s ok to be defeated by something.”

While it’s easy to hide yourself when called out by others in other forms like in video games or TV shows, the band wants you to realize that “being vulnerable should be a positive thing” not negative!

The music video has Bayley walking around the neighborhood with old fashioned TVs in order to get to this auditorium where he performs the song while his band mates are playing on the screens from their respective residences. Quarantine life really has made the production process super creative for artists nowadays and this applies to them too! Props all around on the concept of this vid! It’s rare to see empty streets and a band making a music video outside your window! 😉

The new release date for their upcoming album, Dreamland will be August 7th! In the meantime, download “Heat Waves,” right here.

“idwgtyp” by lovelytheband

lovelytheband announced that their next album (their second) titled conversations with myself about you will be releasing August 28th. This latest single is about a broken relationship. The frustrations in having person A in the relationship make considerable efforts to get person B to change their ways without success in an effort to continue their life together is high.

Sonically the track itself is an uptempo, catchy, shout out from your lungs type of song especially the chorus section. Lyrically speaking, it makes you empathize with this person who’s stuck in a loveless relationship.

Download/stream “idwgtyp” right here. Visit their official site here for the latest updates and to sign up for their mailing list.

“la la la that’s how it goes” by HONNE

Electronic duo HONNE has released a cute animated video for this single titled, “la la la that’s how it goes.” The song itself is all about sticking up with one’s other half. Through thick and thin, the two subjects are united. This is a nice contrast with the Ellie Goulding song seen earlier above and is why I wanted to end on a positive note this week with this song.

I don’t know about you but personally, I get Adventure Time vibes with the animation in this lyric video. So if you need a serotonin boost this week, then look no further and download this track off their new mixtape, no song without you, right here.

If you like to check out animator, Holly Warburton’s work, click here. And lastly stay connected to the official HONNE website here.

That’s all for this week’s edition of New Music Friday! Hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend! Comment below which songs are your faves this week. As always, please continue to support the BLM movement by checking out this comprehensive list of resources of ways to help:

New Music Friday: June 26

Grammy-winning artist, Usher, multi-platinum recording artist Charlie Puth, fan-favorite rising indie-pop artist Lauv, teen sensation Kenzie, and politically outspoken country band The Chicks are bringing their latest releases respectively for this edition of New Music Friday, June 26, 2020!

“I Cry” by Usher

8x Grammy-winner, Usher released a heartfelt new tune called “I Cry” this week that’s sadly relevant to our current times. With the unjust killings of Black Americans via unethical and aggressive tactics by the police force across the country, the R&B hitmaker wanted to contribute a piece of art for the world to hear.

With melancholic lyrics like, “I can’t keep it together. I usually don’t show my emotions. But it ain’t getting better. ‘Cause you can’t be blind with eyes wide open” in the first verse and the pre-chorus and chorus respectively with “And I see struggle, I see pain. I see only the mess we made. I see things that I can’t change. And it hurts my heart to say–”

“I cry — for the sons without fathers. And the pain that their mothers hold deep inside. And I’ll fight for the future we’re making. We can change if we face it. ‘Cause these tears won’t dry. So I cry,” you can’t help but feel the raw emotions he as an artist has felt and witnessed just like we all did over the past month especially after the unjust murder of George Floyd in Minnesota. An integral person of their family, gone too soon. The unfathomable pain and sorrow that they had to go through is just too much. These lyrics really make you think and empathize with the family members of the victims as well as inspire action for change.

Usher really made a beautiful song that doesn’t need a lot of embellishments, or fancy bells and whistles. It’s a clear cut, cathartic song that’s topical to moments of instability such as the one we’re living in right now. Remember, it’s okay to feel the feels after hearing the song especially if you’re a guy. No one will blame you if you cry after hearing his song. In fact, Usher wanted his own sons to be okay with showing their emotions.

Check out his latest tweet which sums up what he has felt during this pandemic on top of the effects of police brutality which was the catalyst in making and completing this single:

Proceeds of the song will be going to which supports the Global Goal “Unite For Our Future” campaign. Click here to donate to this cause. Download/stream the song, right here.

“Girlfriend” by Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth, the 4x Grammy-nominated artist with smash hits like “See You Again,” “One Call Away,” and “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” is back with his first single of 2020 in “Girlfriend.” This track is all about Puth professing his desires to take the next step in securing a girlfriend and being a loving and open-eared gentleman in the relationship.

This song is easy on the ears and if you loved any of his previous catchy singles, you’ll love this new song too! Add this to the list of potential song of the summer candidates for 2020!

In a recent tweet, Puth stated this song was made while out on tour whether it be on the plane or on the bus. He used an SM7 microphone for those who want to learn some technical behind-the-scenes details and co-wrote it with Kash a.k.a. Jacob Kasher who is responsible for writing “Attention” and “How Long” just to name a few.

Hopefully, this is the real beginning of his third album cycle since he previously scrapped a CP3 effort earlier this spring.

Hear the new song, right here. As a bonus, check out Charlie in the new Subway ads which promote the return of the $5 footlong!

“Love Somebody” by Lauv

25-year-old singer-songwriter Lauv has followed his debut album, ~how i’m feeling~ released earlier this year with a brand new EP containing four new tracks, one of which is this song, “Love Somebody.”

This song is about the regrets Lauv has made in his choices in life most notably in past relationships. “Started off as a good thing, a sure thing. What the hell did I do?” he questions in the first verse. In the chorus, he passionately sings:

Every time I think I love somebody
Always find a way to throw it all away
I don’t ever wanna hurt nobody
I don’t wanna be the one to say
That we gotta have a conversation
I don’t wanna watch the tears roll down your face
No, I hurt you and I, I’m sorry
All I wanted was to love somebody.

After hearing this song in its entirety, it really makes you feel for him. This track overall will be resonant to many listeners out there who are fighting their inner thoughts and feelings constantly when navigating a relationship.

Download/stream Lauv’s new EP, Without You now! These songs were made during this quarantine and it includes a demo version of “Miss Me” which originally was released on his SoundCloud page back in April.

“EXHALE” by kenzie feat. Sia

16-year-old Kenzie Ziegler has teamed up with Sia once again for her new single, “EXHALE.” This uptempo song is all about not giving up. When times are tough, sometimes you just need to literally take a deep breath and exhale because stress and anxiety is not good for our mental health and well being. Keep the positive spirits up and maintain confidence in whatever you pursue in life is the message of the song as Sia sings, “Don’t stop, keep it goin’. Lights on, lights off, I’m still glowin’. Confidence I’m overflowin’. Voices tell me, “Keep your focus.” 😎

The music video, while not to professional standards a.k.a. being shot on a set, is still a well crafted and edited piece. It was filmed on an iPhone by her big sister Maddie Ziegler, who worked with Sia earlier this year in “Together.” It has a lot of fun improvised choreography that will cater to the TikTok crowd for sure. It also features some of Kenzie’s best friends: Dove Cameron, Johnny Orlando, Emily Skinner, Sage Rosen, Abbi Dicenso, Dylan Conrique, Tati McQuay, Cameron Field, Charlize Glass, Gio Pilla, Hayden Summerall and Lucas Stadvec. They too submitted their dances for this feel-good video.

If you want a good chill song to add to your playlists this week then look no further and download “EXHALE” today! Get exclusive “EXHALE” merch, right here.

“March March” by The Chicks

The Chicks formerly known as award-winning country trio The Dixie Chicks have released another track from their upcoming eighth studio album, Gaslighter. Yesterday they announced they are now going to be known as The Chicks because ‘dixie’ is a word that connotes slavery and the Confederate South. Given the current times we’re living in, they didn’t want to shed light on that dark moment in history anymore.

The music video starts off with a powerful quote, “If your voice held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence you.” It also shows some of the peaceful protests and marches both past and present fighting for various issues like racial justice, equality, gun reform, and climate change just to name a few. The names of the fellow Black men and women who died at the hands of the police like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are solemnly displayed as well.

It’s very surreal and sad how history tends to repeat itself. But one thing that hasn’t folded is the power of speaking out. Included in the description of the above video are website links to various movements and organizations like Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, Headcount, and the Innocence Project just to name a few. Check those out after you watch the video to learn more.

You can get the latest single from The Chicks, right here.

Thanks for reading another edition of New Music Friday! With the Black Lives Matter movement still in full force, I wanted to direct your attention to helping the family of Elijah McClain fight for justice. McClain was yet another innocent Black soul who lost his life at the hands of police brutality while walking home. He was only 23-years-old. Click on the tweet below to learn more.

Demand justice for McClain by signing this petition, right here. Support his mom’s GoFundMe Page right here. And if you would like to directly voice your opinions to the Colorado mayor, governor, etc. via phone, here’s a page with their appropriate phone numbers and a sample speech format you can use in your call.

With that being said, thanks again, stay safe, happy listening and have a great weekend! 💓

New Music Friday: May 8

What’s up everyone?!? It’s Friday once again and this week we have new music from Lauv. He dropped bonus tracks that didn’t make the cut from his debut album. We got the latest from Sia and Weezer, both of whom are dedicating their respective songs to essential workers. Additionally, I’ve picked the latest emotionally touching singles from lovelytheband and Chord Overstreet to round out this week’s edition of New Music Friday, May 8, 2020!

“Love Like That” by Lauv

Lauv’s debut album, ~how i’m feeling~ dropped in March. It had 21 tracks, so there was definitely going to be songs that didn’t make the final cut. Fortunately, Lauv has repackaged those into these bonus tracks into this week’s release titled, ~how i’m feeling~ (the extras). It contains a new song called “Love Like That,” as well as several stripped down versions, remixes and acoustic versions of songs like “Drugs & The Internet,” “i’m so tired” and “Modern Loneliness.”

This song really comes from the heart and will have you wrapped up feeling the love. It’s suitable for times of sorrow, for moments of confusion, or for situations where you’re feeling isolated and for casual listeners whom are fans of soft pop songs. If you’ve enjoyed listening to his debut album, these songs will certainly bring you joy during this time of uncertainty.

Proceeds from streaming and digital purchases of this song will benefit the Blue Boy Foundation which helps nonprofits de-stigmatize those seeking mental health help.

“Saved My Life” by Sia

9x Grammy-nominated artist, Sia debuted this emotionally stirring song at Americares Foundation’s “COVID Is No Joke” livestream event on May 1st. This is such a feel good single knowing that all proceeds from this song will go towards Americares and CORE Response’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

This is the second single she has released this year after “Original” dropped back in January for the film, Dolittle. Sia deserves more credit and props for her songwriting because lyrically speaking, the song’s message is raw and powerful.

When she belts out the chorus, “Yeah I’ve been waiting for you. Well someone must have sent you here to save my life. Someone must have sent you to save me tonight. I know that in darkness I have found my light. I know that in darkness I’ve been given sight,” I felt that and is why this is a recommended track to listen to this week. If you loved any of her past works like “Chandelier,” “Elastic Heart”, or “Fire Meet Gasoline,” you’ll definitely connect to this one as well.

Fun Fact: Chart-topping pop artist, Dua Lipa co-wrote the song with Sia along with Grammy-winning producer/songwriter Greg Kurstin who also produced this amazing track.

Download and stream “Saved My Life” right here.

“Hero” by Weezer

This week’s rock pick of the week goes to Weezer. This latest single from the Grammy-winning band pays tribute to the essential workers out there risking their own lives to helping saving lives and or making the wheels turn in society while the rest of us are under lockdown.

This track will be a part of their upcoming 14th studio album, Van Weezer (release date: TBA). This song is like a prelude at what’s to come for the band as they are shifting to a heavier rock sound as compared to past albums in recent years which were more on the electropop and pop rock sides. (See: Pacific Daydream and Teal Album)

Watch the above video for a cool chain reaction of leading vocalist, Rivers Cuomo’s heartfelt letter to those frontline workers. Crowdsourcing at it’s finest!

Download “Hero” today! Also be sure to check them out rocking to The Simpsons theme song in this Sunday’s new episode.

“i should be happy” by lovelytheband

Quarantine life has it’s ups and downs and when you’re feeling down, hopefully you can seek a small pick me up with this song from Billboard Music Awards nominated indie pop band, lovelytheband. Let’s face the facts, anxiety has hit an all-time high for folks during this pandemic who suffer from it on a daily basis, so it’s nice to have a band that addresses that in song. I hope you feel those feels and feel seen by this track. Vulnerability is not something to be ashamed of. Remember that! And once you start being happy again, confiding with loved ones is one way to maintain your good self-esteem as well as listening to soothing tracks such as this one.

The song is available to download and stream right now. Hear it for yourself, and be sure to visit the band’s official site for news updates.

“What You Need” by Chord Overstreet

This new song from actor/Platinum-selling recording artist, Chord Overstreet is really soothing to listen to! If you like Niall Horan’s music, you’ll like this too because this has that Horan vibe to it in my opinion. An acoustic slow jam that is perfect to listen to when you want to decompress, de-stress, and chill. Play this track whenever you want to clear your mind.

The song is about a toxic relationship that has gone south even though you still have feelings for the other person. It delves into the notion of somebody who still wants to take the high road and express love and forgiveness despite it not always being the case of course.

“What You Need” is available now! For all the latest updates, visit his official website, here.

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of New Music Friday! Which songs will you be listening to? Come back again next week for another round of recommendations. Happy listening!

New Music Friday: February 21

Welcome to another edition of New Music Friday on this Friday, February 21, 2020! This week’s offerings that I recommend are Selena Gomez’s unforgettable new song, an introspective track from 5 Seconds of Summer, an emotional new tune from rising singer-songwriter Lauv among others too…

“Feel Me” by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez just dropped a hot track that will make fans wonder is this a jab towards her ex, Justin Bieber?!? This song has been cut and recorded officially finally due to her dedicated fans. The origins date back to her 2016 Revival era where she performed the song on tour.

Gomez savagely calls out someone for sure in this single, which is also available on the vinyl version of “Rare,” her latest album. She doesn’t want to be forgotten despite the ex moving on in life. Figuratively, she wishes that person still feels her every time he kisses or dances with his new lover and to remember the times they use to spend with each other.

“Feel Me” is available now to download and or stream.


“Old Me” by 5 Seconds Of Summer

Lead vocalist, Luke Hemmings sings about the past versions of himself and how it’s shaped him to the current version of himself today. It’s pretty much an ode to one’s past mistakes. Each moment of the past is a lesson for the present.

Every sacrifice or compromise or action you take shapes your overall perspective in life. This is a song that will definitely have you look deep within yourself. Contemplate away as you enjoy this track which will be included in their upcoming album, CALM.

Fun fact: The artwork for this single contains photos of their younger selves in a cool collage age progression. The lyric video has a treasure trove of childhood photos/memories that the 5SOS fandom will enjoy!

Pre-order 5SOS’ CALM to get the single now. The new album drops March 27th!


“Modern Loneliness” by Lauv

Lauv raises the notion that we’re falsely believing we’re lonely despite living in a technological world where your friend(s) are a text or call away.

He hopes we can find it in ourselves that there is love and affection waiting to be found out there despite our internal isolation that we put ourselves in.

In a recent MTV News interview he cited the song as his “favorite song on the album and the most important song” he’s ever made so far in his career.

“There is a lot of loneliness out there. We all feel it. But there is also a lot of love waiting for us and I hope this song can be a catalyst for that,” he added.

You can pre-order his upcoming album ~ how i’m feeling ~ now. It will be released real soon on March 6th!


All Night” by Afrojack and Ally Brooke

Need a fun pick me up this weekend? Then this one will be the best bet for your next party, get-together, what have you!

Turn the volume up and not have any worries at all to this tune! Ally Brooke, formerly of Fifth Harmony fame provides the impeccable vocals in this collaborative effort with reputable Dutch DJ Afrojack, who makes his triumphant return to Spinnin’ starting today!

Get the new collab song here.


“Dancing Next To Me” by Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance has evolved his sound from album to album. His upcoming untitled third album which will feature this new song will definitely continue that trend.

Chance tackles the aftermath of a breakup in this dance pop single as his falsetto vocals exudes a lot of emotion. A great way to enter Pisces season this year, this song is well produced and well-written in my opinion.

Did you know? Singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger co-wrote the song and is credited with playing the guitar in this song.

If you appreciated Chance’s portraits era, you will enjoy this latest song as he matures even more into the next era/decade of his career!

Download and stream the song today! Visit his official site for news and upcoming tour dates.

Come back next week for another round of New Music Friday picks! Happy listening folks!! 😊

New Music Friday: January 3

2020 is here and so are new tracks ready for you to listen. This week’s picks include singer-songwriters Lauv and Ava Max, both of whom had multi-Platinum success in years past. What artists are you hoping to hear new music from this year? Let me know in the comments below.

“Changes” by Lauv

“Changes” is a very heartfelt song by Lauv admitting to not liking the status quo and wanting to make changes in his personal life for the better. This is a very appropriately timed release too now that we’ve flipped over to a new year and decade on the calendar and people are motivated to make and achieve their resolutions/goals.

If you’re not happy with your old self and old habits, why not break from the mold and be more proactive with your life because nothing ventured, nothing gained! This single will be a part of his upcoming debut album, ~how i’m feeling~ releasing March 6th.

Check out his recent Instagram post which explained more why he made this song for the world to hear:

“On Somebody” by Ava Max

The “Sweet But Psycho” hit maker is here with her new break up song! If you’re going through a recent and tough heartbreak, this song is perfect for you. In it, Ava delves into the emotions of getting over that someone who broke up with you and your ex already found new love. As frustrating as that may seem, this song should at least make you feel vulnerable to accept that yes, “heartbreak is a mf’er.”

“Happy” by Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder, the indie pop duo consisting of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, take heartbreak to a different direction as contrasted with Ava Max’s “On Somebody.” This song is for those who broke up with someone and that someone found new love and you’re actually happy for him/her finding a new love. It’s about accepting this new phase in their life as well as yours. Overall, this track’s arrangement is really nice and fun to listen to. Their upcoming album, No One Else Can Wear Your Crown drops February 7th.

“Wrong Direction” by Hailee Steinfeld

Continuing the heartbreak trend this week is this latest from singer-songwriter/actress Hailee Steinfeld. With this single, she’s admitting to feeling used and crushed by her ex which online sources and fans have predicted that this song is about her recent breakup with One Direction member, Niall Horan. She also places some blame onto herself for believing her ex wouldn’t cheat on her when in fact he did as she solemnly revealed in her lyrics:

Couldn’t even see you through the smoke
Lookin’ back, I probably should have known
But I just wanted to believe that you were out sleepin’ alone

“I Can Hardly Speak” by Bombay Bicycle Club

Capping my list of picks this week is the return of indie rock group Bombay Bicycle Club. This is their first single after a long three year hiatus. This track is very refreshing to hear and the band confirmed it’s “about struggling to express yourself with words and being an introvert.”

Their lyric video for this single is very imaginative and creative. Give it a view/listen!

I will definitely check out more of their discography after hearing this song. Perhaps you will too?

Their upcoming album, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong releases January 17th.