Taylor Swift: “Lavender Haze” (Music Video) (First Reactions)

Whenever you see “Meet me at midnight,” you know we’re in for a treat from the multi Grammy award-winning global pop superstar, Taylor Swift! Today, she officially dropped the “Lavender Haze” music video! It’s the third video in a series of planned music videos thus far for the Midnights era. I predict more in this era later this year tbh! Anyways, here below are my first reactions.

Released 01.27.23 via Republic Records

“Lavender Haze” by Taylor Swift

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Taylor-swift-lavender-haze-lyrics

Attention Swifties! Enjoy my first reactions to the music video! Feel free to comment and share this post after you’ve read through it!

0:05 🕛 – “Meet me at midnight!” rings true IRL as this music video premiered at midnight, January 27, 2023!

0:08 💿 – I love the vinyl record that reads “Mastermind,” because Taylor Swift is very strategic with her planning of music. She’s so smart in terms of talent, marketing, and fandom love and support!

0:15 ▶ – The record player plays this track which awakens her as an incense stick burns the lavender essence into the room!

0:19 ✍🎬 – Love seeing the “Written & Directed by: Taylor Swift” Very proud of her for envisioning the creative process from idea to the actual finished product we see here!

0:28 🎭 – Her co-star in the video is model/actor Laith Ashley De La Cruz for those who were wondering!

0:35 ☁ – We see a VFX dark cloud over her head. This is catered directly for those sleepless nights in life where you overthink a multitude of things at night.

0:43 ✨✨ – Cool visual of the constellation as Swift waves her hand over her “boyfriend’s” back. You can see two bright stars side by side here. This, I feel, represents the bond the two share as all the other stars surrounding it are just the noise, critics, and haters who watch and analyze intently.

0:51 😲 – The haze has creeped into the room!

1:00 💜 – Lavender haze vibes all around! No one to burst your mood/bubble at this point!

1:10 📺 – A sleepless night has turned into a couch session as she turns on the weather forecast and blows a haze ring with the midnight facing clock! Neat visual here! This signifies the second thinking one may go through after processing what critics have been saying to you publicly.

1:37 🌸 – The crawling through the flowers scene feels like her concentrating on herself and her relationship rather than the naysayers.

1:44 🐠🌌 – Trippy visuals as the TV opens like a curtain to reveal koi fish swimming in outer space! Love her imaginative mind here!

1:50 💜💧🌼 – More iconic moments going on here as we see the 11x Grammy-winner in a lavender hued pool of water, and lying down in a bed of flowers! Is giving early Valentine vibes as well as sensual romantic vibes!

2:11 🤗 – Party scene and Cruz/Swift are seen together talking and giving each other their undivided attention. Lovey dovey vibes!

2:40 🎉🥳💜☁🌫 – The lavender haze has creeped up on all of the loving couples in the party room! Embrace it, experience it because you don’t want it to stop! This must’ve been really fun to shoot on set!

3:11 🏠☄🐠 – Taylor is back in that living room as she pushes the proverbial walls down a.k.a. she’s shutting up the noise! Great ending with the kois in space imagery as the haze consumes and covers Swift up one last time!

The whole song as a whole is comforting and reassuring, that at the end of the day, you should concentrate on the people and things that make you happy in life. #dowhatisbestforyourself

What The Artist Said:

Which music video from the Midnights era is your favorite? “Anti-Hero,” “Bejeweled,” or “Lavender Haze”? Comment below!

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