‘AGT’ Season 14 Finale Recap (RESULTS)

Season 14 has come to a close and we’ve finally found out who won the million dollars and a headlining Vegas show coming this fall!

But first each of the top 10 acts were paired up with a star-studded guest. Tonight’s finale was electric, fun and intense!

Here’s a brief recap of each moment:

Soaring ever so high!

Ndlovu Youth Choir kicked off the show with Kygo, the Norwegian DJ with his hit new single & Whitney Houston cover, “Higher Love.” I loved the energy they brought to the stage which transitioned to the Detroit Youth Choir up next.

The kids of DYC brought out rapper Macklemore to the building and they sang “Can’t Hold Us” once again. The audience got cool glow sticks to wave around this performance. I feel like this song has become their official motto now that they’ve performed it for a 3rd time this season.

Up next…

Sonically on point!

AGT alum Brian King Joseph returned to perform with young violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa. They covered Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings.” I enjoyed their spin on the hit song. Hearing the instrumental version showcased their exceptional violin skills which transitioned to the Light Balance Kids dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Treasure,” another excellent upbeat song choice. Great job once again to both acts. Watch on for the crazy surprise guest!

Next up,

Graceful and extraordinary!

Emanne Beasha was joined by renowned pianist, Lang Lang! I thought their performance together was beautiful and powerful. At the 2:00 mark, you just get the chills hearing her hit the high note. The future is very bright for Emanne!!!

Party time!

Not going to lie, I thought tonight we’ve seen a different side of Benicio Bryant. It’s weird to see him NOT sing an original song. I think he came out of his shell with this upbeat performance of “Baila Baila Baila” and “Taki Taki” with Latin singer Ozuna.

Mesmerizing fun!

AGT‘s very own Julianne Hough joined V.Unbeatable to perform her single, “Transform.” It’s her first song in 10 YEARS! Julianne nailed the choreography in this performance! It flowed perfectly with V.Unbeatable’s moves.

The next segment was a recorded bit with wrestler superstar Chris Jericho and finalist, Ryan Niemiller

Hilarious! Don’t mess with the Cripple Threat!

It was a funny bit. I liked the part where Ryan had to insult a picture of Simon Cowell’s face on that dummy.

The next performance was enjoyable to watch. A timeless classic…

Disco party night takes over the stage!

It’s CHER!!!! She sang “Waterloo” to much fanfare inside the Dolby Theatre and it got everyone in the audience up off their seats with smiles, claps, and dancing! Fun! Fun! Fun!

After this performance, this season’s feel good act, Kodi Lee joined British singer-songwriter and 3x Grammy-nominated artist Leona Lewis! They sang “You Are The Reason.” This performance will give you the feels.

The last special performance of the night was Voices of Service alongside country singer Billy Ray Cyrus…

Inspiration that transcends to another world!

They did a touching acoustic performance of “Some Gave All.” Watch the clip and enjoy! 🙂

And now…the results!

The top 5 acts were revealed and I was a bit surprised at how things turned out.

Out of the competition were Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Emanne Beasha, Light Balance Kids, Ndlovu Youth Choir and Benicio Bryant. All five of them had the potential to win but in the end they didn’t get enough votes from America! 😦

I was mostly shocked that Light Balance Kids didn’t get through because out of these five acts, LBK is the most deserving for a Vegas headlining show. They could’ve expanded their brand to an even bigger venue.

The top 5 were then slowly dwindled down to the top 4, 3, and eventually 2!

In 5th place was…Voices of Service

4th place went to…V.Unbeatable

In 3rd place was comedian Ryan Niemiller.

The top 2 were revealed to be Kodi Lee and Detroit Youth Choir. I was surprised the DYC crew made it that far. I would’ve thought V.Unbeatable had a shot at the top 2 if the DYC didn’t get to the top 2. After another short commercial break and another highlight reel, host Terry Crews finally delivered the final results…


Well deserved winner in my eyes considering he was the highlight this whole season. Clips of his audition were being shown all over media outlets this summer. His journey of getting the Golden Buzzer to advancing through this competition has really captivated audiences around the world and it’s no surprise that he was the inevitable winner.

What are your thoughts on the finale? This whole season? Chime your responses down below. AGT will return next summer with the landmark 15th season and season 2 of the Champions edition will return in January!

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