Louis Tomlinson: “Out Of My System” (First Reactions)

Pop-rock star, Louis Tomlinson returns following the release of fan-favorite “Bigger Than Me” last month! Here below are my first reactions to the new single, “Out Of My System” which will also be appearing on his upcoming album, Faith In The Future next month.

Philip's Music Corner Presents: Louis Tomlinson "Out Of My System" (First Reactions)
New Music Friday 10.14.22 | Released Via 78 Productions Limited

“Out Of My System” by Louis Tomlinson

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Louis-tomlinson-out-of-my-system-lyrics

0:07 🎸 – Guitar chords playing setting the mood up right so far!

0:14 πŸ™Œ – You can sense the intensity already.

0:30 πŸ’ž – A sense of breaking free and being independent except for a significant other.

0:36 πŸ’Œ – You see your full potential when a lover is by your side.

0:42 πŸ—£οΈ – It’s cathartic when you release your inner thoughts and feelings.

0:50 🌟 – I like the beat here. It’s very upbeat and unique in sound.

1:10 ❎🚩 – This part deals with hiding your bad thoughts and negativity away!

1:39 πŸ”Š – If you feel like you have to air your grievances and gripes in life, this song is a good way to start that process! #goaheadandscreamaloud

2:20 πŸ’― – Overall, another solid track from Tomlinson. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks on his forthcoming album. How about you?

What The Artist Said:

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter called the new track, “one of [his] favorites on the [new] album!”

He also “can’t wait to play it live!” Soon enough Louies who live in the U.K./Europe!!

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