Zedd, Maren Morris & Beauz: “Make You Say” (First Reactions)

Happy Friday everyone! This week I’m highlighting the latest Zedd collaboration with award-winning country-pop star Maren Morris and DJ/producer duo Beauz as my spotlight pick of the week!

Check it out below!

Philip's Music Corner Presents: Zedd, Maren Morris & Beauz "Make You Say" (First Reactions) August 19, 2022
Released 08.19.22 via Interscope Records

“Make You Say” by Zedd, Maren Morris & Beauz

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Zedd-maren-morris-and-beauz-make-you-say-lyrics

0:20 🎼 – I love the way the lyrics are illustrated in this video! The font choices are impressive and appealing to the eyes! Thematically, this song lets your soon-to-be ex know they’re missing out on you – both physically and mentally!

0:36 🤷 👆 – You can predict one day your former lover will regret leaving you. You’re one in a million maybe even a billion as the song goes! If you want to point your finger and say “I told you so” to that person, then by all means do so because this song is it!

0:53 🎶 – Good beats/production by Zedd & Beauz at this part of the song in particular! New earworm alert!

1:38 👏👏 – Ever since Zedd collaborated with Maren for their smash hit song, “The Middle” back in 2018, I had a good hunch the two would work together again! Alas, today is that day! Glad to see the talented Morris lending her vocals to this new single. She killed it once again! It has the potential to be another chart-topping song in my opinion!

1:40 🥁 – I like the drumline build-up here which sets up for the bridge section.

2:54 🗣️ – That high note by Morris as we reach the climax of the song! EPIC!!

3:26 🔥🌊🍃 – I love the trio of elements of fire, water, and earth for the graphics/theme.

Fun Fact: Fellow popstar, Charlie Puth is one of the co-writers of this song! How cool is that?!?

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this was another catchy tune by Zedd! He really knows how to pair up with amazing artists like Morris and Beauz. This is another home run effort by the Grammy winner that I can safely say will definitely be going to my playlist this weekend and beyond! How about you?!? Drop a comment below telling me how you felt after listening to their new song!

Be sure to check out the official music video, here!

Thanks for reading this week’s post! I hope you enjoyed the pick of the week! Come back next week to find out what the next pick(s) will be!

Til then, stay safe and happy listening! ☮️