New Music Friday: August 20, 2021

Happy Friday folks! Hope your week was enjoyable thus far! In this week’s edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner, we’ve got brand new tunes coming straight to you from successful DJ’s Alesso & Marshmello feat. pop artist James Bay, 4x Grammy-winning pop artist Ed Sheeran, alt-pop band LANY, 7x Grammy-nominated electronic duo Disclosure & rising artist Cian Ducrot! All that and more so scroll on down and take a gander…

new music friday 08.20.21

“Chasing Stars” by Alesso & Marshmello feat. James Bay


-This is the first time James Bay has collaborated with the two hit DJ’s/producers.
-This song follows Alesso’s second mixtape, Progresso Vol. 2 released in June.
-This song follows Marshmello’s fourth studio album, Shockwave also released back in June.

-Alesso and Marshmello hit it out of the park with their choice in enlisting the incomparable Bay for the vocals on this track!
-Love the beautiful piano chords and guitar riffs!
-The added synths are so catchy and gives the song an uplifting feeling!
-Check out this silly IG post Alesso shared in promotion of the song!
-Also take a look at Bay’s impressive art skills with these continuous line videos of him drawing everyone’s heads from the single’s official artwork! (Vid 1, Vid 2 & Vid 3)

Song Meaning:
-While you’ve separated from your now ex, you still relish the good times you two shared together.

“Visiting Hours” by Ed Sheeran


-This is the second single off Ed’s forthcoming fifth studio album, = (pronounced “equals”) slated for release on October 29th following “Bad Habits.”
-You can see the full track list, here.
-It pays tribute to his friend/mentor/music promoter, Michael Gudinski whom passed away earlier this year.
-He composed this track by the Hawkesbury River in Australia during quarantine before Gudinski’s state funeral.
-Amongst the credited background vocalists on this track is none other than fellow pop singer, Kylie Minogue. She too was a close friend to Gudinski.

-What a beautiful ballad/ode to his late friend. Perfect setting/acoustics for this performance video — inside a church.
-Lovely harmonies by the background singers.
-Make sure you have tissues near you, you might shed a tear or two or full on sob after hearing this song!

Song Meaning:
-You’ve lost someone near and dear in your life and you want to pay tribute to him/her/them. You wish heaven had visiting hours so you can continue to update on life’s moments with the dearly departed. But you also have to reassure yourself, its not goodbye forever, it’s “see you again” someday again in the future.

“never mind, let’s break up” by LANY


-This latest track will appear on their next album, gg bb xx — out September 3rd!
-It follows the previously released tracks, “dancing in the kitchen,” “dna,” and “up to me.”

-I enjoyed the synthesizers and electronic vibes on this track.
-Those vibes flowed nicely alongside lead singer, Paul Jason Klein’s vocals. He has such a knack for making these catchy songs! Can’t wait to hear the full album soon! How about you?

Song Meaning:
-You’ve come to the conclusion that you’re best separating away from a relationship.
-No matter how many attempts to change things in a relationship, you realize things weren’t meant to be.

“In My Arms” by Disclosure


-This song is a part of Disclosure’s latest EP album, Never Enough — out now!
-There’s also an edited down version, you can check that one here.

-Need a new alarm ringtone or new exercise track to workout to, then this has to go on your phone/playlist today!
-I enjoy both the long and edited version, how about you? So uplifting!
-The pandemic has changed the notion of embracing others and hugging, so this song felt like a virtual reassurance/hug.
-I feel like this song would be suitable to play/hear at Uniqlo stores.

Song Meaning:
-Hugs are warranted right now more than ever considering the year and a half and counting of this pandemic.

“Chewing Gum” by Cian Ducrot


-Rising singer-songwriter Cian Ducrot is signed to the same label that discovered Grammy-winning pop star, Billie Eilish. (Darkroom/Interscope Records)
-This single follows his collaboration with Cate in “Know Me Again” released back in May.
-Ducrot shared some additional fun facts/credits/an early voice memo snippet of the track here on his IG page.
-See Ducrot’s mom react to his new song, here.

-I enjoyed this song for it’s uptempo vibes. I feel like Ducrot’s star power is only going to elevate as the years go on. Who knows? He might even win a Grammy or two one day! What do you guys think?
-I thought it was funny when Ducrot poured cereal on his head to illustrate the frustrations of dating someone you fight with a lot.
-I love the flow of the bridge section of the song.

Song Meaning:
-You constantly fight with whomever you’re dating that it’s quite exhausting yet you still care a about him/her/them. You can take the low road and have thought about it, but you seem to just shrug the frustrating moments off and take the high road.

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