New Music Friday: April 1, 2022 | Thomas Rhett & Katy Perry, Gryffin w/ OneRepublic, Lights ft. Kiesza, Keith Urban & Jewel

No tricks for you on this April Fool’s Day 2022! Check out the latest singles from Thomas Rhett & Katy Perry, Gryffin with OneRepublic, Lights featuring Kiesza, Keith Urban & last but not least Jewel!!!

New Music Friday 04.01.22

“Where We Started” by Thomas Rhett & Katy Perry


☀️ A bright and positive collaborative effort between country star Thomas Rhett and pop star Katy Perry. Their voices complement one another effortlessly!

😉 This song will reassure those who are feeling off their game and need that motivation to continue towards their next goal in life.

💞 For couples listening! This might be the boost you need if you let’s say are running a small business together and want to remind yourselves of the good times you shared back then. Don’t give up! You can still make amazing memories moving forward as you adapt to whatever it is that’s new being thrown your way. Example: Having to downsize the business temporarily if you need to recoup some losses.

“You Were Loved” by Gryffin w/ OneRepublic


💔 This song will hit deep for those couples out there who broke up in the past or freshly split up. One thing is for sure, you want to make known to the other person that they were still loved even though things couldn’t truly work out.

😎 Sonically speaking, the track was well produced and nothing can compare to Ryan Tedder’s vocals. He always has a knack of turning sad verses into upbeat, feel good tracks. I’m happy that Gryffin picked OneRepublic to collaborate with!

🤔 You also think perhaps you could reunite one day after some time away. So…there’s still hope on rekindling that romance!

“Money In The Bag” by Lights ft. Kiesza


🏦 Please don’t rob a bank but do enjoy this collab between Canadian artists, Lights & Kiesza! They’re forces to reckoned with! I enjoyed their confident vocals on this track.

🤑 The unique sonic arrangement of the song will provide your ears with a rich and refined listening experience. #SoRefreshing

🥁 Love that drum beat accompanied with the melody.

“Nightfalls” by Keith Urban


🤗 Add this new single from award-winning country artist, Keith Urban to your playlists if you want those wholesome feel good vibes! #StopStressing #EnjoyLife

💌 Feel free to share the song with the people you love! Having a strong support system will definitely ease any worries you might have over things you can’t control.

🎼 I love that the lyric video incorporated some amazing footage/memories of Urban on tour. You can tell those were really special moments that brought joy to him as well as his fans!

“Living With Your Memory” by Jewel

Lyrics :

💭 This uptempo song by Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Jewel will induce past memories both good and bad! But hopefully just the good.

🎹🎷🥁🎺 🗣️ Love the full band accompaniment!

😊 Raise your spirits and play this song on repeat! #GoodMood #GoodVibes

📅 Mark your calendars as April 15th is the day Jewel will be releasing her next new album, Freewheelin’ Woman!

Which tracks did you enjoy? Let me know in the comments section down below!

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Stay safe, and happy listening!