Coldplay: “Coloratura” (First Reactions)

Earlier this week, Grammy award-winning rock band, Coldplay officially announced the title of their upcoming 9th studio album called Music of the Spheres due to be released on October 15th. They’ve also just dropped their second single titled “Coloratura.” It serves as the new record’s closing track. The song clocks in at a massive 10 minutes and 18 seconds and it follows the band’s previously released single, “Higher Power.” That one has charted all around the world this summer and reached a peak position of #4 on the Billboard U.S. Rock Airplay charts.

Here below are my first reactions to this amazing new song produced by award winning producer, Max Martin!

Coldplay: "Coloratura" (First Reactions) Blog Post -- July 22, 2021

First Reactions:

0:10 Love the outer space theme continuing into this track. I feel like its the beginning of a beautiful orchestral piece and everyone is seated with beaming smiles and ready to watch what will unfold. The anticipation is really high!

0:30 Seeing the background of the lyric video move like that gives me a reality check at how huge our universe truly is. We’re just tiny specks compared to the seemingly infinite field of planets, stars, galaxies out there!

0:45 Lovely piano melody to kickstart the song.

1:30 Just 90 seconds in and all the instrumentals have already sold me. I love the beautiful strings playing!

2:10 Chris Martin singing the first verse felt so comforting to the ears.

2:33 After hearing the second verse, don’t you agree that this is such a unifying song already?!

3:05 Raise your hands if you went and Googled what Oumuamua was! Thank you Coldplay for the outer space terminology.

3:36 Ooo, I love how the song changes at this point.

3:52 It’s true, it’s all about the kind of love we share and project onto others.

4:38 The second chorus has such a “hands swaying to the beat of the song” kind of feeling. It makes you forget about the troubles and stressors of the day! It’s like we’re being suspended in air and we can just float around carefree.

4:52 An elegant instrumental section begins here. Nothing but good vibes!

5:41 Oh look at that bright shining star!

5:54 More shining stars colored this time mingling around that first bright star!

6:05 This next part of the song feels like the second act of the show. The momentum is still strong!!

6:40 Literal goosebumps!!

7:17 According to Google Translate: “Pluribus unum, unus mundus” is Latin for “One more, one of the world.” #themoreyouknow

7:35 There’s the signature stadium/arena catharsis moment right here with the “Sing it out…Oh-oh-oh’s”

8:33 “In this crazy world, it’s true…I just want you.” Awww! This is such a feel good line.

9:08-10:18 What a cosmic/sonic journey that was!

Final Reactions:

-A phenomenal Coldplay track that you simply must hear with your headphones on! It’s going to sound EPIC live in concert. I can guarantee that!

-Shout out to art director, Pilar Zeta and animator, Victor Scorrano for producing the lyrics video seen above.

-I don’t know if this will get added to mainstream radio stations due to the length of the track, but it should!

-I’d like to see a music video for “Coloratura.” Agree?

-I’m stoked to hear the rest of the album on October 15th! Can’t wait to buy the physical CD, how about you?

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