New Music Friday: November 20

Hey guys! It’s Friday, November 20, 2020 which means another edition of New Music Friday is here! This week I’m highlighting the following five picks. We’ve got all new music from country artists Chris Young & Kane Brown, a new remix track from Sasha Sloan featuring Charlie Puth. a new collaboration between pop stars Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa, a cool new single from The All-American Rejects, and finally a sweet ballad from rising singer-songwriter Anson Seabra.

“Famous Friends” by Chris Young & Kane Brown

Grammy-nominated country artist, Chris Young has a new jam out now that will leave you in high spirits. He collaborated with one of his best friends for life and fellow country musician himself, Kane Brown! 35-year-old Young and 27-year-old ACM-nominated Brown are little known famous friends. The two have previously worked together on Brown’s song “Setting The Night On Fire” which appeared on his self-titled debut album’s deluxe edition.

In this single, they give a nod to their respective hometowns of Rutherford County, TN and Hamilton County, GA as well as their other shared so-called unofficial hometown, Davidson County, TN. The communities are tight-knit and the friendly residents over there welcome them both with open arms. They’re the ones that the two artists admire. The ordinary, average citizens are those they call their “famous friends” in this case.

The lyric video seen above manifests their names on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next to other famous names like actor Matthew McConaughey and director Ron Howard. Someday, I do believe these two will receive their stars and due respect on the famous Hollywood, California streets.

But for now, please enjoy this feel-good song. It will be played a lot on country radio, for sure!

“Is It Just Me?” by Sasha Sloan featuring Charlie Puth

28-year-old pop singer-songwriter Charlie Puth joins forces on Sasha Sloan’s song, “Is It Just Me?” for a soft soothing anthem. Puth revealed in an Instagram story recently, “I only sing on songs I didn’t write when I wish I wrote them. And this is a song I really wish I wrote. Excited about this one.”

The song discusses various topics that will cause one to say, “is it just me? or am I the only one” who thinks that way. For example, “politicians are annoying,” “I don’t think love lasts forever,” & “the Internet’s obnoxious.”

Sure, some will disagree with some of the lyrics like “the show Friends was overrated,” but plenty will think the same way for other verses and for those reasons, this song will connect to a wide audience. I believe listeners around the world will resonate and enjoy this collaboration effort. Sonically, it’s just pleasing to the ears. Nothing that will drive your anxiety up, nor make you super hyper.

So if you need a new easy listening track for your playlists this weekend, then feel free to add this one!

“Prisoner” by Miley Cyrus feat. Dua Lipa

Pop star Miley Cyrus just released a new single called “Prisoner” with English singer-songwriter, Dua Lipa. This track talks about being stuck in an abusive relationship where you literally cannot leave or else you’ll face some serious backlash from your controlling “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.” You feel trapped like a prisoner, sadly.

Even though the subject matter is quite heavy, the song overall in sound is pretty catchy and the chorus is sung in the style of the 1981 song “Physical” by Olivia Newton John. This continues the theme of 80s influences on Cyrus’ upcoming seventh studio album, Plastic Hearts out November 27th!

If you like dance pop mixed in with some pop-rock elements, then I highly recommend this song for you!

“Me Vs. The World” by The All-American Rejects

AAR is back with all new music in 2020! The rock group with hits like “Gives You Hell,” “Dirty Little Secret” & “Move Along” are paying it forward with this latest single. Proceeds from this song will be going to MusiCares which is helping touring crews across the country impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with necessary relief aid for them and their families.

This song was originally conceived years before the current pandemic that’s raging around the globe as we speak. The original intentions of the song was coming from the perspectives of lead singer, Tyson Ritter, keyboardist/producer Scott Chesak and guitarist Nick Wheeler while working separately for a brief moment in time prior to their most recent EP release last year, Send Her To Heaven. Fast forward to 2020 and the band has finally polished the track off for a very appropriate time.

Now the meaning of the song delves into people who feel like it’s just them vs. the world. The challenges of living in a global pandemic is tough. You feel like day-to-day life is weighing you down like a “monkey on your back.” However despite all that, this song will perk you up and give you that slice of serotonin you need for the day!

It’s very uplifting to hear this rock song from a band that shot to mainstream success in the early 2000s. It has a very nostalgic AAR sound in my opinion and I feel that this is very comforting for those hardcore fans. I also expect this song to usher in new fans to their fanbase moving forward.

“Walked Through Hell” by Anson Seabra

Written and produced by Anson Seabra himself, this song really hits deep. The 26-year-old singer-songwriter wrote a beautiful ballad if I do say so myself. It follows the fan favorite single, “Hurricane” released earlier in July.

In this new song, Seabra talks about a tough breakup that makes you feel like you could’ve put more effort into the relationship to make things work again. Unfortunately, you’re left in the dark again as depicted by this black-and-white music video of Seabra looking down holding onto his shirt with one hand inside clutching onto this chest feeling the emotional pain of said breakup.

If you’ve recently broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or significant other of many years, then you’ll feel the feels after listening to a song like this one. Even if you didn’t experience a breakup ever, then you can still hear this track. Perhaps, you know a friend or two who recently had a rough breakup, then feel free to send them this song to help get them through this difficult moment in their life. Heartbreak deserves some relief!

Seabra deserves a lot of praise and credit for crafting this track and I encourage you all to go check this one out if you’re into soft pop/alt-pop songs! After that, take a listen to his debut EP album, Songs I Wrote In My Bedroom. It’s only a matter of time for his name to reach mainstream radio levels. Maybe this one will be the catalyst.

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New Music Friday: November 6

Feeling stressed this week?!? Take a small break from the election coverage and check out these fantastic music picks this weekend! We’ve got the latest from the legendary Neil Diamond, singer-songwriter BENEE, disco queen Kylie Minogue, Dutch DJ Oliver Heldens & EDM group Party Pupils featuring MAX & pop icons Miley Cyrus & Stevie Nicks. All that and more in this week’s edition of New Music Friday for November 6, 2020…

“Sweet Caroline (Classic Diamonds Version)” by Neil Diamond

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame singer-songwriter, Neil Diamond released a fresh new spin to his 1969 classic tune, “Sweet Caroline.” In this version, the London Symphony Orchestra joins him for a harmonious and serendipitous time. It’s very soothing to hear the strings, woodwinds and percussions play the melody all throughout. You still get that cathartic feeling when it gets to the “bum, bum, bum” parts.

In a pandemic consumed year that is 2020, hearing the pre-chorus of “Hands, touchin’ hands/Reachin’ out, touchin’ me, touchin’ you” is a bit triggering to be honest. Human connection has taken a strange road this year.

ICYMI: Check out Diamond’s alternate lyrics for the song which is catered for our COVID world. You’ll get a kick out it for sure.

The 79-year-old legend will be releasing this track among other updated classics such as “Hello Again,” “Song Sung Blue,” and “America” for his upcoming album Classic Diamonds out on November 20th. Check out the teaser trailer, here.

“Happen To Me” by BENEE

New Zealand singer-songwriter, BENEE has a track for all those who have had or are having an existential crisis or just simply tend to overthink things in life. File this track under the “it’s okay to not feel okay” list. You’re not the only one who thinks the way BENEE thinks in her lyrics which talks about mortality and fears. Your feelings of despair are valid so speak them out and let someone you know and love hear you out.

Contemplating the what if’s in life through song arranged in a positive way melodically speaking is comforting to the ears. I commend her for putting this song out for listeners to hear at what’s been an unprecedented and challenging year thus far. I truly think it will resonate with a lot of people.

I give props to the creativity of this imaginative and slightly trippy lyric video seen above. The illustrations and animation are on point. You can check out the work from the respective two artists who made it, here and here.

For those who haven’t heard BENEE before, feel free to see her breakthrough single, “Supalonely.” If you need a cool comparison to convince you to check this track out, I feel like this song is a combination of Billie Eilish’s vibes and Paramore’s essence.

Let me know how you like this song in the comments box below.

“Real Groove” by Kylie Minogue

Dance pop icon Kylie Minogue just dropped her milestone fifteenth studio album, Disco today! One of those songs off said album is called “Real Groove.”

Sonically speaking, this song will have you bumping and dancing and having a good time. Cleanse your soul and rinse away the stresses of the week with this song. You won’t regret it!

Lyrically speaking, the song talks about regretting a breakup. You see your ex dancing with somebody else who appears to be better looking than you and it kind of stings and makes you realize what a major mistake you made.

She sings in the pre-chorus, “Gave my heart a ride, bump in the night/No one can take me higher/Know it’s been a while, baby, a while/Do you still feel the fire?” That question is a call to her ex if he still feels the same way about her despite him moving on. Results may vary in real life if you’re in this situation.

Minogue will be hosting and performing a global livestream concert event to celebrate the release of her latest album. Tickets are available here. Make sure you click on the right region where you live in order to watch. The event will take place tomorrow, Saturday, November 7, 2020!

“Set Me Free” by Oliver Heldens & Party Pupils feat. MAX

The feel good music continues with this fourth pick of the week in “Set Me Free” by house musician Oliver Heldens and Party Pupils featuring pop singer MAX.

The energy of this song is consistently high with a lot of emphasis on the words “set me free.” It’s emotionally freeing to hear those words in an upbeat song like this one in a challenging 2020. MAX’s vocals on this track was the right match for the beats. Towards the 3/4 mark of the song, you’ll hear his signature falsetto which will leave quite the impact on your ears. Good vibes all around!

Put this on your next workout playlist, your next motivational playlist or your dancing in the living room playlist.

So if you need an escape from reality and want to feel like the birds on the single’s artwork, then look no further to this dance pop track today!

“Edge Of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix)” by Miley Cyrus feat. Stevie Nicks

This is the collaboration I never knew I needed this week! Pop superstar Miley Cyrus joined forces with the equally iconic singer-songwriter and Fleetwood Mac member, Stevie Nicks!

Cyrus sampled and remixed “Edge of Seventeen” by Nicks which appeared on her debut solo album, Bella Donna in 1981, with her recent hit single, “Midnight Sky.” Both on their own charted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and now I feel the duo can take this song onto the charts as well!

The verses from both songs mesh really well together in my opinion and will have both fanbases really happy with the overall production of this track. I think this will open more Gen Z listeners to check out 1980s rock music and the older generation to be more open-minded when it comes to pop artists of today like Cyrus’ body of work. A win-win indeed!

I can tell Cyrus looks up to the legendary Nicks and having her do this collaboration must’ve been a dream come true. I predict some day Cyrus will join Nicks and be inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame too!

I’m looking forward to hearing more rocker vibes in Cyrus’ forthcoming album, Plastic Hearts which will feature this track and the previously released lead single, “Midnight Sky.” How about you?

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New Music Friday: October 23

Happy Friday folks! It’s October 23, 2020 and another round of picks are coming your way this weekend. We got the latest from EDM hitmaker Zedd & English singer-songwriter Griff, pop singer-songwriter Bea Miller, Aussie recording artist Ashton Irwin, indie pop artist FITZ & alternative pop band COIN! All that and more in this week’s post…

“Inside Out” by Zedd & Griff

DJ and record producer Zedd joins forces with British singer-songwriter Griff to make another EDM banger for us to enjoy! “Inside Out” follows the 31-year-old musician’s previous single release, “Funny” with Jasmine Thompson back in July. In this love song, it’s all about someone you met and deep down you know you’ve found the one, your better half. You can’t wait to spend quality time with each other, like staying up and sharing all the unique details, qualities, etc. you like about each other and being an open book about your own life to them. It will likely extend to a more deeper connection as time goes on with the likelihood of an everlasting marriage.

I love the artwork for this single. From my interpretation, it’s multiple staircases leading to a world full of light and wonderful memories. This is a metaphor for the infinite possibilities a relationship can take and explore. Even though the song title shares the same name as the 2015 PIXAR movie, the lyric video will have you feeling like you’re in the world of 2001 PIXAR’s Monster’s Inc with all the portal like doors opened like that. Very immersive experience indeed!

Whether you’re young and in love or young at heart with the one you hold close to every night, then you’ll enjoy this collaborative effort/song. I’ll admit, I didn’t know Griff before this collaboration came to the spotlight this week. Props to Zedd for working with her and now I will be checking out more of her body of work. Her vocals on this track are brilliant to hear and I hope more people will be discovering her discography moving forward.

Lastly, Zedd’s crafty mixing skills prove once again why he’s one of the best in the business for the EDM world. I love how the beats matched the lyrics Griff sang (“I’m gonna love you, love you inside out/I’m gonna love you, love you inside out/Nothing you say is gonna scare me now/Still gonna love you, love you inside out”). It’s very bouncy and upbeat and overall puts me in a good mood. I wonder what the rest of his next album will sound like. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below.

“making bad decisions” by Bea Miller

21-year-old singer-songwriter/The X Factor alum, Bea Miller just dropped her latest single called “making bad decisions.” This soft song packs a punch! The beginning channels a little bit of a Billie Eilish vibe in my opinion. I wonder if she’s a big fan of hers?!?

Anyways, the song talks about all the impulsive moments of one’s life. One thing leads to another and in certain cases, they don’t end up the way you expected or had hoped for.

If you’re feeling indecisive or have already made a bad choice or decision in life, the lyrics of Miller’s song will touch you to the core. Don’t worry, because it’s okay to not be okay. If you’re not feeling your usual self, relax and take a breather.

Hopefully this song will inspire you to make the changes in your life that will undo whatever that’s been bothering you. If not, talk it out with a loved one or write down your feelings in a journal and then take baby steps towards your next personal life move, goal or career choice, etc.

The lyric video seen above was created by artist, G I Z E L L A. It has a VHS aesthetic to it. Feel free to check out her work here.

“Drive” by Ashton Irwin

Well, it’s finally here… Superbloom, the solo debut album project from 5SOS drummer Ashton Irwin. I picked this deep cut song because it really deserves the attention right now.

I love all the layers that Irwin put into this song and the guitar chords are just epic in sound! From my understanding, the lyrics are about attempting to reconcile a relationship via a long drive into the night. It can also be interpreted as a song about someone trying to console someone after they had broke up with somebody else. You’re there to help provide them clarity, an open mind and hope for the future.

Sonically and lyrically combined, it felt like a Coldplay and The Killers song marinated into one in my opinion.

Hearing the bridge was an eye opener. I didn’t expect it to go the way it did. It’s so good! You can really feel all the raw emotions put into the lyrics, “I’m here for you when the world is falling down/I’ll be with you when the world is falling down/Down, down, down.” A lot of emphasis on the “down’s.”

Superbloom as a whole is a must hear album! There’s simply no bad tracks. You won’t skip any of them. If you’ve a casual or hardcore 5SOS fan, you need to hear this album. If you’re into alternative rock music, you need to hear this album. Please put this on your on the road playlists this week! You won’t regret it! If you’re looking for a new contemporary rock artist to add to your physical music collection or listening library, then look no further to Ashton Irwin’s introspective solo debut record!

“Head Up High” by FITZ

FITZ, better known as the lead vocalist of Fitz And The Tantrums, the indie pop band with hits like “Handclap” and “Out Of My League,” has released his debut solo effort.

If you’re in a need of some positivity and motivation right now, then you’re in luck. “Head Up High” by FITZ is a feel good song that will do just that!

2020 has been a roller coaster year thus far. It seemed like there were a lot of lows than highs in life for many. But even when we’re knocked down proverbially, physically, mentally/or emotionally, we have to do our best to shrug it off and move forward to brighter and better days ahead.

The music video for the song is very creative, witty and imaginative. You’ll see FITZ in all sorts of outfits like an astronaut or a deep sea diver. You’ll see him in a Grand Theft Auto-esque video game driving along the coastline. You’ll even see an animated version of him with his face superimposed on the moon! Overall, this video will leave you smiling.

I also wanted to point out that the trumpet added a cool touch to the song. Love the rhythm and the flow of this single and can’t wait to hear more from FITZ in the coming weeks. He revealed on his Spotify page that he “locked [himself] in the studio for 4 months and did the only thing [he knew] how to do to keep sane: make music, make music, make music.” If this is any indication as to what his own solo songs will sound like, then I’m already sold! How about you? Chime in down below and tell me your thoughts about FITZ’s solo efforts.

“Make It Stop” by COIN

Alternative pop band COIN just dropped their first EP in a series of what they’re calling the Rainbow Mixtapes. This first wave is called the Indigo Violet EP. I picked the third track from this emotionally charged track list. It’s called “Make It Stop.”

Upon listening to this song, you will question your own life to this point. It really hits deep when you get to the lyric, “Who do I become when my youth fades away?” in the second pre-chorus section of the song.

You might feel an existential crisis coming on but don’t worry, we’re all human after all. Life moves fast and sometimes we just need to chill, reevaluate life, then get back up in pursuit of our dreams/goals. The band really put out a beautiful EP out. It’s well crafted and their efforts need to be heard by as many listeners around the world.

The band recently shared a tweet about the EP calling it, “this is the most important music we’ve ever written. This is the most fun we’ve ever had. This is about being human. This is about seeing what’s right before what’s wrong. Lemons in the lemonade.”

If you need to soak up some serotonin right now or let out a good cry then definitely go check out COIN’s Indigo Violet. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the colors in their series. How about you?

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New Music Friday: October 9

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time in reading this week’s New Music Friday post here at Philip’s Music Corner! For this week’s picks, we have all new music from alt-rock artist YUNGBLUD, legendary rock band AC/DC, English girl group Little Mix, EDM group Cash Cash with featured artist, Georgia Ku & American Idol finalist Francisco Martin. Let me know what you think of these picks in the comments below. I’ve added a new thumbs up and thumbs down feature under each song so you can vote how you feel.

“cotton candy” by YUNGBLUD

23-year-old alternative rock singer-songwriter YUNGBLUD (real name: Dominic Richard Harrison) released his latest single titled “cotton candy.” This song is about him hooking up with multiple people but also about his infatuation with this one person whom he compares to cotton candy. He just wants to get stuck and be in love with this girl just how cotton candy were to get stuck in between your teeth.

I enjoy the vibes in this track. It’s a feel good track, for sure! If you’re looking for a new love song to add to your playlists this week then look no further to this one. The lyrics from the chorus which goes, “I’m losing myself in you/in you, in you, in you, I know.” will literally be stuck in your head after hearing it. This song will definitely be playing on loop this weekend! Give it a listen!

“Shot In The Dark” by AC/DC

After the sudden passing of rock legend Eddie Van Halen this week, we could all use a pick-me-up more than ever right now! Fellow Australian rockers, and journeymen in the music industry for nearly five decades, AC/DC are back and ready to rock!

Rock fans or anyone who just want to tune out the depressing news cycle will be craving this song. The first line in the song goes, “I need a pick me up,” and don’t we all!?! With the ongoing pandemic and all the other crazy events that have happened so far in 2020, sign me up for a good ‘ol time!

I love the fact that this song dropped in 2020. Even though it could have literally been released in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, what have you, it will still have that classic rock feel to it! Having growing up listening to a lot of classic rock like the aforementioned Van Halen, Journey, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, The Who and U2 on the radio, I appreciate the rock genre.

Finally in 2020, we get a pure standout rock song that makes for a timeless track for years to come! There’s no modern twist, no genre-blending, no random trap beats, no featured artists. Instead, we have good old fashioned guitars and drums, and Brian Johnson’s iconic lead vocals on this track. This jam needs to go on your playlists this week! 😎

“Not A Pop Song” by Little Mix

Hey Mixers! The hit British girl group, Little Mix, just dropped their third single from their upcoming sixth studio album, Confetti and it’s quite the banger. It appears they are sticking it to the man, in this case their former boss, Simon Cowell. They left his label, Syco Music in 2018 after they had wrapped up their fifth album, LM5. Leigh-Anne Pinnock sings in the pre-chorus, “I don’t do what Simon says/Get the message ’cause it’s read/That’s just life it never plays fair/Said to follow any dream/Be a puppet on a string/Works for you but that isn’t me.”

Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson & Jade Thirlwall join Pinnock in the anthemic chorus, declaring that this song is not going to be the cliché typical pop song about love, heartbreak, or party song about drinks and drugs. They are breaking away from pop music norms and doing it their own way now with their new label RCA U.K. Hopefully they got to have more creative freedom with the new record which will be releasing next month. I’m excited to hear the rest of their new album which will undoubtedly showcase their powerhouse vocals and amazing songwriting abilities. Share your thoughts about their new song and album in the comments box below.

“Love You Now” by Cash Cash feat. Georgia Ku

New Jerseyan EDM group, Cash Cash has a new collaborative effort out now with English singer-songwriter Georgia Ku. It’s called “Love You Now” and it’s about a breakup that still has lingering feelings. You start wondering who will love your ex. Who will hold their hands? Who will be the new person in their life who will hug them?

A tough subject for many for sure and if you’re feeling conflicted with your relationship status or love life in general, then this song is for you! I thought Ku’s vocals really captured the essence of Cash Cash’s production in this single.

Watch the lyric video seen above for some cool hands animation set against the night sky. Props to whoever designed and executed that. It really fits the theme of the song. The hands never touch. Close but never in full grasp. It’s a perfect illustration of lost love. The shooting stars going at different directions and the glowing auras/energies from the hands fluctuating different colors, so you can tell the emotional and physical differences in a relationship that took place.

“Swollen” by Francisco Martin

American Idol alum, Francisco Martin who finished in the top 5 in this year’s competition, just dropped his debut single with his new record label, 19 Recordings today! It’s called “Swollen” and according to the demo version of this song, it’s about a girl he met last year that he no longer talks to anymore, however he still wishes she is doing well these days.

Shot in a tranquil and wide open field, this beautiful music video has some gorgeous drone shots. Martin is seen walking along a trail as the drone drifts further and further away high above all the trees. What a perfect metaphor illustrating the separation from someone you thought could be your significant other (or best friend.)

Overall, this is a lovely acoustic song that makes you want to hug someone after hearing it, it may even make you a little teary-eyed. The chords to this song are soothing and sweet to the ears. I thought Martin chose a perfect song to kickoff his major label debut. I’m intrigued as to why him and his team put “Part 1” in the above video’s title. Could there be more versions of the song down the line? Or perhaps a continuation of the theme of this song in another song soon? We’ll just have to wait and see!

UPDATE 10/16/20: Part 2 is the Official Music Video!

But for now…

That wraps up this week’s post! Thank you all for reading another edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. If you liked what you read, kindly click on the follow button down below. Also if you like, please support my work by donating to my Paypal. As always, stay safe and happy listening!

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New Music Friday: October 2

Happy October everyone! We’ve made it through 3/4 of the year! Let’s make the best of the final 1/4 of 2020 and embrace that fall feeling! In this week’s selections, we have all new music from Grammy-nominated pop singer Demi Lovato, chart topping K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK, pop band Why Don’t We, 5SOS drummer Ashton Irwin & alternative pop singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs.

“Still Have Me” by Demi Lovato

Singer-songwriter Demi Lovato recently called off her engagement to actor Max Ehrich last week and the Lovatics have been expressing their support for the 28-year-old artist through this very tough time. With great sadness comes impeccable art. Lovato has put out another heartfelt piano ballad in “Still Have Me,” which addresses the split and also focuses on being grateful for the things she still has, namely, her life and her faith.

Lovato repeatedly belts out in the chorus, “I don’t have much but at least I still have me (I still have me)/And that’s all I need.” Hearing this song will give you chills, you can really feel her emotions throughout this entire song. The background singers enhanced her sentiments too.

Even though she’s no longer planning a wedding and is now single, hopefully she takes the time to reflect on this moment and continues to show her confidence both personally and professionally in her next album moving forward. Sending virtual hugs to her and her family.

Be sure to tune in to the 2020 Billboard Music Awards to see Demi perform all new music (presumably this track) live! It airs October 14th at 8pm EST on NBC.

“Lovesick Girls” by BLACKPINK

Successful K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK finally dropped their first Korean album aptly titled, The Album today! One of those new songs is “Lovesick Girls.” It will serve as their third official single from the new record.

The quartet have choreographed another top-notch dance routine for what will presumably be their next big commercial hit! Props to their stylists too as each member wore a unique look.

Ok, let’s face it. Love is really complicated for the girls and the mixed emotions felt towards the idea of being in love is evident in this song.

They sing: “We are the lovesick girls/But we were born to be alone/Yeah, we were born to be alone/Yeah, we were born to be alone/But why we still looking for love?”

The theme of being lovesick is something many will probably agree they have experienced in life. We crave love and happiness but sometimes it just doesn’t come all together. We then embrace our own independence but of course, you still wonder if your one true love is out there. A very delicate balance for sure.

Musically speaking, it’s a catchy track to listen to if I do say so myself. If you loved any of their previous hits like “Ice Cream” with Selena Gomez or “How You Like That,” you’ll likely add this one too to the top of your playlists this week!

The Album contains 8 tracks in total, including an all English collaboration with rapper Cardi B in “Bet You Wanna” which was co-written by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder among others. Let me know which is your favorite track. Drop your response down below.

“Fallin'” by Why Don’t We

L.A. based boy band group, Why Don’t We ended their months long hiatus this week (which coincidentally enough was their four-year anniversary) with a brand new song called “Fallin’.”

The guys have changed their image this time around. They’ve matured in sound, picked up the instruments (e.g. see Daniel Seavey drumming), showcasing more production skills and taking control of the writing process.

This pop song is about the lead up to telling someone you love them. The adrenaline and rush you get just thinking about them will lead you to falling deeper in love with that someone once you’ve expressed your feelings. You will feel nervous but optimistic at the same time. Teens and 20-somethings will resonate the most with the lyrics and that feeling of young love for sure.

Cool Observation: I love how they made a nod to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” when they posed just like the legendary rockers. See that moment at 2:41 in the above video.

Another interesting nugget, the guys got to sample Kanye West’s drumline from his 2013 song, “Black Skinhead.”

Overall, I enjoyed this song from the quintet and I will definitely check out more of their upcoming music down the line. I’m sure all of you WDW fans will be eagerly awaiting at what’s to come as they evolve their sound in their upcoming second studio album. The future looks bright for this group. Share your thoughts in the comments below. Do you like their new look and vibe?

“Have U Found What Ur Looking For?” by Ashton Irwin

5 Seconds of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin released his second teaser song from his upcoming solo album, Superbloom. It’s called “Have U Found What Ur Looking For?” and I got to say, I really dig this alternative rock sound he’s channeling. It’s a big departure from the 5SOS sound.

Irwin shared on his recent Instagram post that “this song is about overcoming mental resistance and facing every fear you’ve ever had.”

I applaud Irwin for delving into his psyche and sharing how he feels in life with his fans. Hopefully this song can inspire listeners to take more chances in life and chase their wildest dreams. Nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible as the saying goes!

I look forward to hearing the rest of his solo album, which drops October 23rd!

“HIGHER” by Bishop Briggs

British-American singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs released a track for all those listeners out there who just went through a tough breakup but are now feeling grateful for it’s life lessons which ultimately helps you move on.

I love how Briggs turned something that’s a low point in one’s life into a renewed positive high. “HIGHER” will boost your mood and confidence, so definitely go check that out if you’re feeling down about losing your ex.

Briggs is an exceptional artist and her deep, solid and mature vocals are top-notch to listen to. You can absorb the message of the song as she sings the chorus. “Higher, your love has set me free/Now nothing’s out of reach/Higher, higher, ooh/Higher, your love has set me free (Has set me free)/Now nothing’s out of reach/Higher, higher/Higher, I’m stronger now I’m free/I’m who I wanna be/Higher, higher, ooh.” Those “ooh’s” are simply infectious!

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New Music Friday: September 4

September has arrived and as the weather slowly transitions from seasonably hot into seasonably cool, the music on the other hand is still heating up! Summer 2020 has been amazing so far for the music industry and us, the fans/listeners all around the world. I’m really looking forward to what’s in store this month! This week we have all new music from indie pop band AJR, rising pop singer-songwriter Ava Max, a collaboration between British singer HRVY and DJ Matoma, Grammy-winning artist/producer, FINNEAS, and last but not least, Grammy-winning singer, Aloe Blacc.

“Bummerland” by AJR

Indie pop band AJR got a head start to New Music Friday this week by releasing their brand new song (1st during quarantine), “Bummerland” on Monday. As a hardcore AJR fan, I’m pleased to report it’s another earworm! I’ve already listened to it >10 times and it’s on my pandemic playlist as we speak. They simply cannot make a bad song! This whole entire song and it’s production values put a smile on my face. The band hopes it connects well with their fans considering how drastic life has taken this year in 2020. “You’re only going up from here!” Listen to this song if you want to be happy! Hear it for an instant pick-me-up for when you need to de-stress.

Recently, the trio of brothers filmed the song’s music video with their childhood friend, Edoardo Ranaboldo in Long Island at various farm locales like Lavender By The Bay, Browder’s Birds, and Shorecrest Bed & Breakfast. These places look lovely and feel refreshingly calm to roam in judging by the video’s visuals. I want to ride on an inflatable flamingo strapped on top of an SUV, stand within a huge lavender field and bang on over-sized drums in the middle of a tall field free from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

When I watched the video on the day it premiered, I was caught off guard (in a good way) by the bald caps they wore in relation to the lyrics in the first verse, “This month I got seven haircuts/And now my hair is all gone/It’s sad but I’ve been alone for too long/So I keep getting haircuts.” They “suffered” for their craft and I loved that!

I appreciate the song’s unique construction, the uptempo beats and soaring energy. Overall, my favorite part was the bridge (as illustrated by the single artwork) where it transitions from Ryan’s “daa, da, da’s” to the instrumental versions (ex: trumpet, keyboard) in rapid succession. Like what other contemporary artist does that!?! Simply genius!

I can’t wait to hear this live in person in concert when they launch their next major tour in support of their upcoming fourth album next year. I’m genuinely stoked to hear what a post-Neotheater album will sound like. How about you? 🙂

“OMG What’s Happening” by Ava Max

American singer-songwriter, Ava Max is counting down the days until her debut album, Heaven & Hell drops on September 18th! She just released another promotional single from said album called “OMG What’s Happening.” This track is for those who just dumped their boyfriend or girlfriend and subsequently having second thoughts and regrets. You are then in a state of confusion. Love is truly complicated for folks so what better way to channel that energy into song!

This track will appear on her album’s Side A: Heaven section. She provided another catchy upbeat song for her fans and I wanted to point out the cleverly written bridge section which goes, “Ugh, what have you done to me?/ Somethin’ about your face, I don’t know whether to kiss it, or punch it/ If you don’t get away from me right now/ I swear to God, I swear, uh!” I felt that scream by the way. I thought that was a nice added section to the song! Also, the magnet notion in the chorus perfectly illustrates this push and pull of a complicated relationship.

I enjoyed this song from Miss Max and if you’re a fan of her previously released songs like “Sweet But Psycho,” “Salt,” and or “Kings & Queens,” then you’ll likely love this new one as well. You can expect all of these songs plus more giving us a grand total of 15 songs off her first full-length album. What are your thoughts about this new song/lyrics? Voice them in the comments box down below.

“Good Vibes” by HRVY & Matoma

21-year-old British singer-songwriter, HRVY has teamed up with Norwegian DJ/record producer, Matoma for a feel good song called “Good Vibes.” I picked this song because the message is clear and simple, just have good vibes! Play this song when you want to rid of the negativity in your life. Dance along with your friends and family to this song and all of your worries and troubles will melt away!

Say no to the haters, the doubters and the critics. The power of positive thinking will inspire you to lead a healthier lifestyle with less stress and higher self-esteem. By staying cheerful, it will rub off on others when they see you, so feel free to share this jubilant song around!

Fun Fact: Fellow Brit singer, MNEK co-wrote and provided background vocals for this track.

Other chill songs like this that released earlier this year that will complement well with this track and vice versa include Surfaces’ “Sunday Best” and KENZIE’s “EXHALE” feat. Sia. Give those a listen too if you haven’t done so yet and let the happy playlists expand! 🙂

“What They’ll Say About Us” by FINNEAS

FINNEAS, the Grammy-winning artist and big brother to Billie Eilish (also a multi Grammy Award winner) just dropped a sweet and tender song called “What They’ll Say About Us.” The lyrics to this emotionally moving song were inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement which emerged to the forefront in the news/media earlier this summer after the unjust murder of George Floyd. So much unrest, and worries on top of the scary bad news cycle of the pandemic that filled 2020 thus far!

In an ET Canada interview, he told them that he wrote it on a day of a BLM protest. He had just gone out to voice his support of the cause alongside his girlfriend and felt optimistic of the future that particular day. “I think being surrounded by people who also see the flaws in the system is a really positive experience ’cause you go, ‘Oh, my God, I’m not the only one.’”

Another part of the song was also inspired by the late Broadway actor, Nick Cordero, whom tragically succumbed to the deadly COVID-19 virus back in July, his wife, Amanda Kloots and 1-year-old son, Elvis. He never met them but he was so intrigued by the family that he stayed updated through Kloots’ Instagram posts/stories.

He definitely crafted such a special song about them. Kloots shared on her Instagram Story recently that it was a touching and beautiful ballad to hear. The last line of the song will really hit you in the feels which goes: “I wish you could see him/ He looks just like you.” 💔😭

FINNEAS also revealed in that same interview: “I kind of wrote this song as if you were singing to your loved one who was in a hospital bed while the world was protesting outside. I did make a point to keep the song fairly ambiguous because I know everybody’s sort of going through different circumstances of the same things right now.”

Hopefully, this song will provide some comfort for listeners out there who feel the pain of a lost loved one or anything in life that has taken a drastic turn this year that makes you feel lost, confused, hopeless, angry, upset, etc.

Hold On Tight” by Aloe Blacc

Capping off this week’s picks is Aloe Blacc’s new single, “Hold On Tight.” This feel good song from the Grammy-winning artist was made for those out there who could use some encouragement, compassion, and understanding when times are tough. Have a friend or family member that you really love who’s going through some pain either emotionally or physically? Then perhaps if you send them this song to listen, they can open up to you and tell you what’s wrong or why they feel sad, etc. You can be their emotional support during this time! 🤝

Sonically speaking, Blacc has produced another great jam that also contains an uplifting background choir and beating drums alongside his soulful voice. In terms of the lyrics, they speak for themselves. For example in the chorus where Blacc belts out, “When the rain come/ And the sky’s falling down/ In your darkest hour/ When there’s no one around/ It won’t be long/ Keep your head strong/ Hold on tight to me/ Hold on tight, hold on,” I felt the connection of human empathy. There will always be light at the end of the tunnel. Dark times will always lead to brighter days ahead.

As we all enter the unofficial ending of summer 2020 a.k.a. Labor Day Weekend, remember to stay safe, be kind to people, treat others how you want to be treated and happy listening! I hope you’ve enjoyed these selections this week. If you liked what you’ve read, please hit the follow button so you’ll be notified when future posts get published.

New Music Friday: August 21

Happy Friday once again! It’s time to list the five tracks you need to hear this weekend! This week’s lineup includes new songs from K-Pop global superstar group, BTS, Grammy-nominated pop star, Katy Perry, 2x BRIT Awards-nominated indie band, London Grammar, alternative rock band, American Authors, and last but not least, rising singer-songwriter, Greyson Chance. All that and more in this week’s edition of New Music Friday for August 21, 2020 here at Philip’s Music Corner!

“Dynamite” by BTS

K-pop superstar group BTS have dropped their latest song called “Dynamite.” This is just the second all English single they’ve released following the 2017 Steve Aoki/Desiigner collaborative track, “MIC Drop (Remix).”

This song will lift your quarantine spirits up and boost your mood. It’s a very danceable track that channels that 1980s vibe and the disco days. The seven-member boy band is slated to perform this fun new song for the first time on national TV on August 30th at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards in New York City. So look forward to that BTS ARMY!!!

The music video features a colorful array of choreographed numbers in various scenes including a bedroom featuring a poster of the late great David Bowie, a record vinyl store, a small doughnut shop, a basketball court, a building appropriately named “DISCO” in all caps, and lastly on a ground level stage on a field with the sun shining down upon them. The bright hues and the visual effects made this an appealing video to watch.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty catchy tune especially the bridge section of the song. If you’re feeling sad or stressed, definitely check this song out and repeat it as many times as you like. I predict this song will catapult them to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Charts next week, if they do, it will be their first #1 song.

“What Makes A Woman” by Katy Perry

Pop singer-songwriter, Katy Perry dropped another promotional single before her new album, SMILE drops next Friday. In “What Makes A Woman,” which she dedicates to her unborn daughter, she acknowledges that it’s hard to measure the worth of a woman. Women can do so many amazing things in life, they cannot be boxed or shaped as one thing and one thing only. They adapt and change as the years goes by, and the seasons of life progress.

The acoustic performance seen above was very peaceful and relaxing to hear. Great use of the SMILE face masks on her band mates in the background by the way! Katy is going to be a great mom and I know down the line when her daughter hears this song for the first time, she too will smile and be appreciative of how her mom made a name for herself in life and is so strong through the ups and downs as a singer in the spotlight.

I commend the career Perry has established so far and I’m looking forward to the new era of songs she has in store with SMILE. You can still pre-order the album now!

In other news this week, you can expect Perry back at the judges table next season on American Idol alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan with returning host Ryan Seacrest.

“Baby It’s You” by London Grammar

English indie pop band, London Grammar is back with their first new single since their 2017 album, Truth Is A Beautiful Thing. “Baby It’s You” is a soothing song about love. This single is perfect for those who found their match in life and want to dedicate it to their lover. No matter what the world is like, you at least have this special person in your life. Of course if you’re single, you can perhaps feel the same towards your family, a friend or even your pet(s).

I like the visualizer seen above because even though the skies look dark, the proverbial fire (that special someone) in the water will be the only thing that warms your heart and soul. For a strange year we’ve been having in real life, I found comfort in listening to this song and I hope the feeling is mutual for all of you out there.

I’m excited to hear what’s next for them, whether it will be more singles down the line, an EP, or even a third studio album which the LG fans most certainly would love to have.

“Brick By Brick” by American Authors

For my fourth pick this week, it’s alternative rock band, American Authors with their new single, “Brick By Brick.” After listening to the song, you can’t help but feel inspired and motivated to conquer the things in life that you originally thought was impossible. If there’s something in life you want to achieve, you have to keep going one step at a time because if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything! Erase your doubts, keep laying down the proverbial bricks and soon enough you’ll go from laying down the foundation to having the whole building complete for the whole world to see! Dream big!

The band will be releasing a new EP called Counting Down with five new tracks including this one on September 18th. Pre-save on Spotify is available now.

“Bad To Myself” by Greyson Chance

23-year-old singer-songwriter Greyson Chance is done being bad to himself as he enters a new, brighter chapter in his life! This is such a heartfelt, vulnerable song about him reaching a low point in his personal life (struggling with anorexia, alcohol drinking and experiencing a breakup) and ultimately looking at himself in the mirror thinking, no, he’s got to turn over a new leaf and be gentler to himself. Self care is important and that’s evident with the positive mindset he’s showcasing lately through his social media channels.

“Bad To Myself” follows the releases of “Honeysuckle,” and “Dancing Next To Me” earlier this year. It’s expected that more songs will be dropped later this fall and early next year, so look forward to that as Chance continues to hone his craft.

I appreciate Chance opening up and expressing himself through his songs, and this one in particular is a sign of many more amazing accomplishments to come.

Hope you enjoyed reading this week’s edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. If you liked my content, feel free to follow my blog by clicking on ‘Follow” in the lower right hand corner. Leave a comment letting me know which song(s) you’re listening to this weekend! As always, please continue to stay safe, wash your hands, be kind, and happy listening!

New Music Friday: August 14

What’s up everyone!?! Hope your week was enjoyable and productive. If not, don’t fret. Here at Philip’s Music Corner, I list the five artists you need to listen to. Among this week’s releases, definitely go check out the new collaboration between 4x Grammy-nominated artist, Charlie Puth and singer-songwriter blackbear, the latest teaser song from The Killers’ upcoming sixth album, a rocking new song from the guys of Daughtry, an emotional and feel-good single from alternative band, LANY & a new original song from the very popular a capella group, Pentatonix! All that and more in this week’s edition of New Music Friday for August 14, 2020!!

“Hard On Yourself” by Charlie Puth & blackbear

Coming off the release of “Girlfriend” back in June, is this new single called “Hard On Yourself” from Grammy-nominated artist, Charlie Puth. This is the first time he collaborated with singer-songwriter, blackbear (real name: Matthew Tyler Musto).

Both of them are sharing their helpful advice with their listeners in this song. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself when it comes to dating. You don’t have to act fake in a relationship in order to please your significant other. You don’t have to attend parties you don’t want to, just to impress that someone. You need to relax and accept your own beauty. There will only be one version of yourself, so don’t sell yourself short.

I thought this was a well produced song from the two of them. I thought the message in the lyrics was well executed. This has the potential to be another radio hit for sure and perhaps some Grammy consideration next year. Puth is really proving his mastery of songwriting during this pandemic.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more songs from him later this year as we get closer to a third album release. What about you? Thoughts on this new song? Use the comment box down below to voice your opinion(s).

“Dying Breed” by The Killers

The Killers are back with another new song release from their upcoming sixth studio album, Imploding The Mirage which drops next week, August 21st.

“Dying Breed” follow the previously released songs “Caution,” “Fire In Bone” & “My Soul’s Own Warning.” Click the video above to watch the visualizer for the new track.

This song, like all of their previous songs in their discography, has that “magic touch” to it. It has that classic The Killers vibe to it. A solid, catchy song that has a soaring chorus that will sound brilliant in an arena concert when they resume their touring in a post-pandemic world.

Front man Brandon Flowers crafted a lovely track overall, as the lyrics are dedicated to his wife Tana as revealed in the band’s interview with NME. I thought the second verse was sweet when he belts out, “When everyone’s compromising/ I’ll be your die-hard/ I’ll be there when water’s rising/ I’ll be your lifeguard/ We’re cut from a stained glass mountain/ Baby, we’re a dying breed.”

I’m stoked to hear the remaining songs off the new album next Friday! It’s going to be a treat!

“World On Fire” by Daughtry

Grammy-nominated rock band, Daughtry is back with a brand new song which pretty much sums up the craziness that is 2020 so far. This is a solid rock song in my opinion. The chorus is intense with the lyrics, “Can you hear the crowd like a thousand sirens?/ In the night like thunder striking/ The sickness is rising/ The angels are crying/ That’s the sound of a world on fire.” Then in the second verse, when Chris Daughtry shouts out and sings, “Stressed out, head trauma, took a beating/ Takes more than a pill to numb the feeling/ Bang, bang, no mercy for the healing/ Oh, 20 dead without a fight, without a reason/ 20 more in a cop car, bleeding/ All tryna win a war without a meaning,” wow, I really felt that.

Everything from the growing pandemic death toll, to the management (or mismanagement if you will) of the pandemic all around the world, to the Black Lives Matter marches/protests and the unjust police violence over the past six months, you can’t help but think this song as a whole encapsulated those themes/ current events perfectly.

So far this year, the band has halted their upcoming album release and touring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, they’ve announced a virtual tour this summer in partnership with concert venues all across America with proceeds going to said venues. So if you want to buy a ticket to one of their upcoming events, check that out here. It will include VIP packages too.

“you!” by LANY

Alternative band, LANY dropped the leading track, “you!” off their upcoming third studio album, Mama’s Boy which releases later this fall on October 2nd. This song will really hit you in the feels. It’s a touching song about having someone new entering your life when times are dark. You have this special person to guide you through these tough moments in life. You then appreciate them for all their worth because they have saved you from going the wrong direction.

The music video for the song features the band performing in a deserted landscape (it matches the lyrics in the first verse by the way). Whenever they get to perform this song on tour after this pandemic is over, I predict the fans will be swaying their arms to this song. It would make a great ending for their concert set list.

Also, the addition of a children’s choir in the latter part of the song made for a “cherry on the sundae” moment in my opinion. I don’t know about you, but I got goosebumps from listening to this song. It’s soooo good!

Fun Fact: Singer-songwriter Sasha Sloan co-wrote the song for the band. She’s best known for writing for other artists too, including Charli XCX and Camila Cabello.

Overall, LANY has made another amazing song from start to finish. Looking forward to what the band has in store for their new album later this fall.

“Happy Now” by Pentatonix

It’s a breath of fresh air when we get a new single from chart-topping a cappella group Pentatonix. Following the recent release of their At Home EP, which featured cover songs like “when the party’s over” from Billie Eilish and “Break My Heart” by Dua Lipa, is this new original song titled “Happy Now.” It will be a part of a new body of work slated to be released later this year filled with even more originals.

“Happy Now” is a track for listeners who want to move on from a previous relationship. You want to close the previous chapter in your life and be happy once again but there’s still some slight hesitation. You start questioning whether or not it’s legal to be happy, whether it’s okay to have a good laugh again, or to go on a new adventure with or without someone else new. Of course, you can also interpret it from a different angle, for example, as someone who just wants to embrace single life again, post-breakup. No shame in that too!

Most humans will have that conflicted feeling when it comes to dating someone new so it’s okay to feel that way. Hopefully with this song from the quintet, you can overcome that hurdle and enter a new era of happiness.

Check out their 2021 tour dates, right here.

That wraps up another exciting edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. As always, please stay safe and happy listening! Let me know in the comments below, which song from this week’s list is your favorite and why.