Quinn XCII feat. AJR: “Too Late” (First Reactions)

The second spotlight this week shines on alternative artist Quinn XCII and his collaboration with the feel-good pop band, AJR! Check out my first reactions to their track, “Too Late,” and share your comments as always with me on social or in the replies down below!

Philip's Music Corner Presents: Quinn XCII feat. AJR "Too Late" (First Reactions) January 27, 2023
Released 01.27.23 via Republic Records

“Too Late” by Quinn XCII feat. AJR

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Quinn-xcii-and-ajr-too-late-lyrics

0:05 🎤- Jack from AJR starts the song off and already this feels like what AJR would make on their own album. Even if you’re impacted by something negatively, you are forgiving your relationship for not reacting or helping you quickly. However, you are still worried he/she/they are planning on dumping you.

0:18 😓- Aww, you have a terrible hunch that it’s too late (hence the song’s title) to remedy the relationship.

0:25 🎺- Fresh instrumentals right here. If you’re an AJR fan, you know their produced sounds are meticulously crafted and it’s not stopping them from doing the same magic here! Great head-bopping vibes!

0:35 😀- Quinn XCII’s vocals begin here. He discusses the dreaded overthinking moments in life. The sheer hesitation and befuddlement of whether or not you’re doing the right things in a relationship (or professionally in your career).

1:08 💯- The transition was pretty seamless right here as it tosses back to Jack singing. Background vocals/layers here are on point!

1:40 🙏- The next Quinn verse speaks the truth out. You want to plead with your relationship that he/she/they need to listen to you when you need to be vocal about anything between the two of you from your POV. *cross your fingers that they do understand*

2:00 💔- The changes you’ve made in your life may or may not work well b/w you two and if unfortunately, you need to separate, at least you’re upfront about it instead of breaking their heart later down the line. Example: You need to focus more on your career, your behaviors, habit curbing, etc. instead of being a couple.

2:55 🙌🙌- Overall, I loved this collaboration! I hope in their respective tour cycles this year, they’re able to perform this song together on stage in front of their adoring fans! Hope to see a music video get made for the song soon!

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