Alexander23: “The Hardest Part” (First Reactions)

This week, feel free to check out rising singer-songwriter, Alexander23’s latest single called “The Hardest Part.” It’s a beautiful tune that’s appropriate to listen to in times of grief.

New Music Friday: 05.27.22 | Released via Interscope Records

“The Hardest Part” by Alexander23


0:04 🪟 – I like how the lyric video is framed at the start with Alexander23 on the fire escape stairs.

0:16 😔 – Not everyone is fortunate to live a long life as evident by his lyrics. Someone near and dear to his heart passed at the young age of 28.

0:23 🥶 – Life will forever not be the same without this beloved person who passed away.

0:38 😯 – He never got to say goodbye to that departed person. That’s so sad!

0:57 💔 – That latter part of the chorus is so heartbreaking!!
“I guess the hardest part of getting old
Is that some people that you love don’t”

When someone you love passes away unexpectedly at a young age (or at any age for that matter), you can’t help but wonder of all the things they never got to do and experience in life.

This will sadly ring true to the families of all the 21 victims lost in this week’s deadly mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX earlier this week.

I can’t imagine the direct level of pain and sorrow of losing a family member in a tragedy such as that. I also can’t believe after all these countless mass shootings, the United States continues to normalize it without any significant action. It’s going to be the same vicious cycle over and over again until politicians wake up!

Here are some things you can do in the meantime:

Help the families of the victims, here:

Then take action here:

1:20 😭😭😭 – Verse 2 hits really deep into your soul. Processing grief takes a long time and in some cases may take your entire lifetime. Clearing one’s mind might work, but in some instances, it does not as you come to terms with the fact you’ll never have a face to face conversation again or as illustrated in the lyrics, you’ll never see those … to indicate that your beloved friend or family member was typing a message to you.

2:08 😩- After hearing the bridge section, all I can say is I sympathize with those currently in the grieving process.

3:23 🎵 – Love the arrangement in this closing final few seconds as we see Alexander silently contemplating heavily by the rocks adjacent to the bridge.

What The Artist Said:

I’m looking forward to hearing this amazing heartfelt track on his debut full-length album. I’m pleased he decided to release this song first so it gets the attention it deserves! Thoughts? Comment below!

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Stay safe, hug your loved ones often, and happy listening!