New Music Friday: July 30, 2021

Hello readers!! Welcome to the July 30th edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. This week we have new songs from Grammy winning pop artist Billie Eilish, R&B duo Silk Sonic, pop rock group All Time Low feat. indie rock band Pale Waves, English singer-songwriter BANNERS & record producer DallasK feat. pop singer Lauv! Scroll on down to read all about them!

“Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish


-This is the penultimate song off her new album. It’s produced by her big brother, FINNEAS. It’s his 24th birthday today btw!!
-Released today via Darkroom/Interscope Records.
-Duration: 4:58

-WHOA! Billie Eilish’s latest track off her brand new album of the same name is definitely an aural journey!
-After hearing this song, I just have to say, “LEAVE BILLIE ALONE!!!!!!”
-She turned heartbreak into an amazing work of art! I love how she wasn’t afraid to let her emotions spill out! Can’t wait to see her perform this live on a future awards telecast.
-I really love how it starts soft with a beautiful ukulele melody then amps up to an 11 in the second half as separated by an instrumental break. I love this rock side of Billie!
-The swearing in the second half of the song plus the programmed distortions at the end really amplified the song’s message.
-The music video as directed by Eilish herself is equally impressive too. You can see the major contrasts from the first part of the song (the warm colors of the living room) to the second part of the song (the darkness, rushing water from outside and cathartic pouring rain.)

Song Meaning:
-Eilish is happy knowing she broke up with her ex. Even though he’s out of her life, there’s still lingering pain and suffering from that chapter of her life. But addressing it in song and with more passing time, hopefully those bad memories will slowly diminish.

Skate” by Silk Sonic

-This is Silk Sonic’s second official single, which follows their #1 debut hit song, “Leave The Door Open,” released four months ago.
-Released today via Aftermath Entertainment and Atlantic Records.
-Duration: 3:23

-For a 2021 mainstream pop song, this is a nice refreshing single that has old school vibes. That’s something not many artists can say.
-Shoutout to the amazing skaters in the music video!
-Their management team should submit this song for next year’s Grammy’s!
-I predict this song will reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts.
-This song is perfect for this midsummer time of the year. Blast this song on a hot humid day!
Anderson and Bruno have strong and smooth vocals once again! They’ve proven they’re an impeccable duo in the music industry. Can’t wait to hear more from them later this year!

Song Meaning:
-You want to get to know someone you’re crushing on. Your infatuation for them is through the roof and you hope they feel the same way towards you too.

“PMA” by All Time Low feat. Pale Waves


-This is the first time the two bands have collaborated with one another.
-PMA = “postmodern anxiety”
-Released via Fueled By Ramen.
-Duration: 3:11

-I thought Alex Gaskarth and Heather Baron-Gracie’s vocals meshed really well together. They sang their individual verses well too! ❤️❤️
-Love the psychedelic colors in the lyrics video seen above.
-This feels like a song that many could relate to given this crazy pandemic world we’re still living in since earlier last year. Hopefully it boosts your spirits and soothes your ears!
-Instrumentally speaking, I love the guitars and drums. Strong beat, not too heavy, but still packs a punch. Great jam overall!

Song Meaning:
-This pandemic has caused you to mentally spiral with all this time either wasted or spent in ways you didn’t saw coming. Cabin fever plus boredom can also be a contributing factor to your current state of mind.
-You try to numb the pain by watching TV shows and taking melatonin but the benefits are marginal.
-You feel that you’re not the only one who feels this funk or this dark cloud hanging over your shoulders.
-You are aware that you haven’t been your best lately. It’s okay to not be okay.

“It’s Gonna Be Ok” by BANNERS


-This song appears on the brand new five-track EP of the same name.
-This song as well as the other songs on the EP were all recorded in his apartment.
-Released today via Island Records.
-Duration: 3:14

-This is an emotional and vulnerable track from BANNERS that’s catered towards the long-distance couples, or couples who have professions that keeps them busy and apart for large chunks of time.
-Play this song to help ease some of that separation anxiety.
-I look forward to seeing an official music video get made for this song.

Song Meaning:
-Distance has kept you and your lover apart! You have to reassure yourself that it’s going to be okay. You will one day reunite, hug each other and hold hands once again.

“Try Again” by DallasK feat. Lauv


-Record producer/writer/DJ DallasK has previously worked with pop singer, Lauv on his songs such as “Dishes,” “Love Somebody,” “Who,” & “Breathe.”
-Released today via If Only/Amigo Records.
-Duration: 3:09

-This is an enjoyable collaboration!
-Lauv’s vocals including falsettos work well with the layered beats by DallasK.
-I hope they make a music video for this song! I also hope Lauv lends his vocals on many more DallasK tracks in the future! It’s a winning combination.

Song Meaning:
-When a relationship wasn’t right back then is proposed once again in the present. Perhaps you can make it work this second time around.

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