Luke Hemmings: “Motion” (First Reactions)

Hello readers! Here’s a brief first reactions post filled with my commentary about the latest track from 5 Seconds Of Summer front man, Luke Hemmings. “Motion” follows the release of “Starting Line,” his kickoff song to his upcoming solo album, When Facing The Things We Turn Away From.


First Reactions:

0:10 Okay so far, I like this midtempo vibe with his vocals having that echoed effect.

0:17 Here are the guitars/drums! The beat is starting to pick up! I like the start so far with the “ahh ahhs.”

0:20 I get some Tame Impala-esque sounds here. Well mixed!

0:57 After hearing the first verse, I feel like this is catering to those who exhibit imposter syndrome or those who find themselves disappointed with the direction their life is taking them like professionally career-wise for example or the lack of direction they have in general. You don’t know who you are at the moment. A very confusing time if you see yourselves in this box.

1:29 After hearing the chorus, I feel like it’s Luke asking who will steer him in the right direction in life. Life moves fast and until you stop and slow down to figure out what’s your next path/career move/etc., you will remain puzzled. Hopefully you can lean on someone for some advice. I hope you have someone to listen to you speak your mind or encourage you to open your mind for that matter.

2:24 After hearing the second verse, I really enjoyed the chords between 2:12 and 2:24. In this section of the song, my lyrics interpretation goes as follows: You know that clarity in your life is out there somewhere, you just have to keep searching for it! Perhaps a walk around your neighborhood can influence changes or inspire your future outlook, but maybe perhaps not, and that’s okay. As the saying goes, “patience is a virtue.”

2:57-3:30 This instrumental outro section rocks! It definitely wraps up the song up quite nicely. I really enjoyed hearing this latest single from Mr. Hemmings. I look forward to more promotional singles as we get closer to the release date of his debut solo album.

Final Thoughts:

-I look forward to seeing a music video get released for this track. In the meantime check out his YouTube mini doc which gives you a taste at what went down in the production of the album.

-Add this track if you’re a “deep in your thoughts” kind of person. Add this track to your playlists if you want to have it playing while you’re out for a jog or run and feeling introspective. If you liked “Starting Line,” you’ll likely find “Motion” to be your favorite too.

-ICYMI: Feel free to read my “Starting Line” spotlight, here.

-Do you have a favorite so far or do you love both equally? Are you planning on purchasing the full album soon?

-Comment below!

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