New Music Friday: November 6

Feeling stressed this week?!? Take a small break from the election coverage and check out these fantastic music picks this weekend! We’ve got the latest from the legendary Neil Diamond, singer-songwriter BENEE, disco queen Kylie Minogue, Dutch DJ Oliver Heldens & EDM group Party Pupils featuring MAX & pop icons Miley Cyrus & Stevie Nicks. All that and more in this week’s edition of New Music Friday for November 6, 2020…

“Sweet Caroline (Classic Diamonds Version)” by Neil Diamond

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame singer-songwriter, Neil Diamond released a fresh new spin to his 1969 classic tune, “Sweet Caroline.” In this version, the London Symphony Orchestra joins him for a harmonious and serendipitous time. It’s very soothing to hear the strings, woodwinds and percussions play the melody all throughout. You still get that cathartic feeling when it gets to the “bum, bum, bum” parts.

In a pandemic consumed year that is 2020, hearing the pre-chorus of “Hands, touchin’ hands/Reachin’ out, touchin’ me, touchin’ you” is a bit triggering to be honest. Human connection has taken a strange road this year.

ICYMI: Check out Diamond’s alternate lyrics for the song which is catered for our COVID world. You’ll get a kick out it for sure.

The 79-year-old legend will be releasing this track among other updated classics such as “Hello Again,” “Song Sung Blue,” and “America” for his upcoming album Classic Diamonds out on November 20th. Check out the teaser trailer, here.

“Happen To Me” by BENEE

New Zealand singer-songwriter, BENEE has a track for all those who have had or are having an existential crisis or just simply tend to overthink things in life. File this track under the “it’s okay to not feel okay” list. You’re not the only one who thinks the way BENEE thinks in her lyrics which talks about mortality and fears. Your feelings of despair are valid so speak them out and let someone you know and love hear you out.

Contemplating the what if’s in life through song arranged in a positive way melodically speaking is comforting to the ears. I commend her for putting this song out for listeners to hear at what’s been an unprecedented and challenging year thus far. I truly think it will resonate with a lot of people.

I give props to the creativity of this imaginative and slightly trippy lyric video seen above. The illustrations and animation are on point. You can check out the work from the respective two artists who made it, here and here.

For those who haven’t heard BENEE before, feel free to see her breakthrough single, “Supalonely.” If you need a cool comparison to convince you to check this track out, I feel like this song is a combination of Billie Eilish’s vibes and Paramore’s essence.

Let me know how you like this song in the comments box below.

“Real Groove” by Kylie Minogue

Dance pop icon Kylie Minogue just dropped her milestone fifteenth studio album, Disco today! One of those songs off said album is called “Real Groove.”

Sonically speaking, this song will have you bumping and dancing and having a good time. Cleanse your soul and rinse away the stresses of the week with this song. You won’t regret it!

Lyrically speaking, the song talks about regretting a breakup. You see your ex dancing with somebody else who appears to be better looking than you and it kind of stings and makes you realize what a major mistake you made.

She sings in the pre-chorus, “Gave my heart a ride, bump in the night/No one can take me higher/Know it’s been a while, baby, a while/Do you still feel the fire?” That question is a call to her ex if he still feels the same way about her despite him moving on. Results may vary in real life if you’re in this situation.

Minogue will be hosting and performing a global livestream concert event to celebrate the release of her latest album. Tickets are available here. Make sure you click on the right region where you live in order to watch. The event will take place tomorrow, Saturday, November 7, 2020!

“Set Me Free” by Oliver Heldens & Party Pupils feat. MAX

The feel good music continues with this fourth pick of the week in “Set Me Free” by house musician Oliver Heldens and Party Pupils featuring pop singer MAX.

The energy of this song is consistently high with a lot of emphasis on the words “set me free.” It’s emotionally freeing to hear those words in an upbeat song like this one in a challenging 2020. MAX’s vocals on this track was the right match for the beats. Towards the 3/4 mark of the song, you’ll hear his signature falsetto which will leave quite the impact on your ears. Good vibes all around!

Put this on your next workout playlist, your next motivational playlist or your dancing in the living room playlist.

So if you need an escape from reality and want to feel like the birds on the single’s artwork, then look no further to this dance pop track today!

“Edge Of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix)” by Miley Cyrus feat. Stevie Nicks

This is the collaboration I never knew I needed this week! Pop superstar Miley Cyrus joined forces with the equally iconic singer-songwriter and Fleetwood Mac member, Stevie Nicks!

Cyrus sampled and remixed “Edge of Seventeen” by Nicks which appeared on her debut solo album, Bella Donna in 1981, with her recent hit single, “Midnight Sky.” Both on their own charted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and now I feel the duo can take this song onto the charts as well!

The verses from both songs mesh really well together in my opinion and will have both fanbases really happy with the overall production of this track. I think this will open more Gen Z listeners to check out 1980s rock music and the older generation to be more open-minded when it comes to pop artists of today like Cyrus’ body of work. A win-win indeed!

I can tell Cyrus looks up to the legendary Nicks and having her do this collaboration must’ve been a dream come true. I predict some day Cyrus will join Nicks and be inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame too!

I’m looking forward to hearing more rocker vibes in Cyrus’ forthcoming album, Plastic Hearts which will feature this track and the previously released lead single, “Midnight Sky.” How about you?

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