Taylor Swift: “Anti-Hero” (First Reactions)

Midnights, the highly anticipated tenth studio album from 11x Grammy winner, Taylor Swift is finally out!! The first official single is none other than “Anti-Hero.” Here below are my first reactions to the song and accompanying music video!

Philip's Music Corner Presents: Taylor Swift "Anti-Hero" (First Reactions) October 21, 2022
New Music Friday 10.21.22 | Released Via Republic Records

“Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift

Lyrics: https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/taylorswift/antihero.html

NOTE: All music video reactions are italicized. The track’s overall sonic reactions are not in italics.

0:04 🥁 – Nice refreshing drum beat to start the song off!

0:08 ✍️ 🎬 – Written and directed by Taylor Swift! You love to see it!

0:17 🥦 – 1st time to see a piece of broccoli be part of a breakfast meal with bacon and eggs! Cool effects on the cosmic yolk “eye.”

0:24 😔 – So the track seems to be dealing with one’s inner sadness and how it affects the day-to-day feelings in relation to you and your family/peers.

0:25 😨 – That moment when you see something move! You do what she did! RUN!

0:32 😮📱 – This will hit deep with many listeners. Our phones can get in the way of our happiness. The more we become attached to it, the deeper the disconnect. Of course, not everyone will see that as a fact until it’s too late.

0:33 😲📞 – Ahhh! There are two of them now! And the phone got cut!!

0:44 💤 – Dreams may end up being super vivid and lucid or lead to you waking up in a sweat or screaming briefly!

0:52 👋- “Problem” Taylor has arrived!

0:55 🍷🍷🍷 SHOTS!!

0:58 🎸 – Smash that guitar! A cathartic moment here!

1:06 ✨ 😟 – While magical in sound for the chorus, the lyrics are quite a downer. For those relating to the lyrics, at least you’re aware you’re not your best and that’s ok! At least you admit you need help and are hopefully finding said needed help ASAP! Example: Seek a therapist to talk your thoughts and feelings out.

1:12 ❌ – “Everyone will betray you.” An intrusive thought tbh. That’s not entirely true but when you’re not 100 percent you, that’s what you think is true.

1:22 🐘 – When you feel like the elephant in the room! #AWKWARD

1:28 👹🦆 – Ugly Duckling notion right here. TBH… you shouldn’t beat yourself up about how you look.

1:42 😈 – When you think you’re superior to everyone in the room and don’t see how you’re the burden!

1:48 🙏 – There’s always hope for the hopeless. Don’t be ashamed to help someone out if you see behavioral changes in a loved one!! This section of the song is so deep!

1:52 🍾 – Haha, look at the tiny wine bottle.

1:53 🗣️ – I like how she pronounces “problem” here.

2:02 🌌 –Problematic Taylor wants to have chaotic fun but IRL Taylor got sick and spewed out cosmic vomit. You know something is wrong.

2:12 ⚖️ Oh no! The weight guilt.

2:16 🐱🐱🐱 Taylor’s real-life cats on that portrait!

2:30 ☺️ – Oh hey it’s Mike Birbiglia, John Early & Mary Elizabeth Ellis as the grown sons and daughter-in-law!

2:33 🌃 – That’s a pretty dark dream/memory! Wow!

2:42 😪 – You can really feel the “exhaustion” in Swift’s vocals in portraying a depressed person realizing they’re a problem to others.

2:57 💰 – Hilarious reading of the will scene! Only 13 cents, hah!

3:19 🥶🙌 Wow wow wow! This song as a whole is quite chilling to hear! Swift is such a master at crafting lyrics and she’s proven yet again that she can touch hearts and souls all around the world with her words. Also props to Grammy-winning artist/producer, Jack Antonoff for collaborating with her again and providing his amazing musical talents to the track!

I predict their respective Grammy nominations/wins count will grow in the years to come!

4:15 ⚰️ – The in-fighting that goes on after you’ve passed can be a hot mess!

5:09 🍾🍾🍾 Cute ending to the video with the three Taylors!

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Mark your calendars for more Midnights content and upcoming TV appearances by Taylor! She’s scheduled to be on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this coming Monday! Tune in!

How do you like “Anti-Hero” and what tracks are you vibing so far from Midnights? Comment below!

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