New Music Friday: April 28, 2023 | Bebe Rexha & Dolly Parton, The National feat. Taylor Swift, Niall Horan, ILLENIUM (w/ Avril Lavigne & Travis Barker) & Stephen Sanchez

Happy NMF for Friday, April 28th, 2023! Bless your ears this week with the latest from pop star Bebe Rexha & Rock & Roll HOF-er Dolly Parton, indie band The National featuring the one and only Taylor Swift, pop musician/current The Voice coach Niall Horan, EDM mainstay ILLENIUM with pop punk titans Avril Lavigne & Travis Barker, and last but not least Stephen Sanchez.

Philip's Music Corner Presents : New Music Friday April 28, 2023 | Bebe Rexha & Dolly Parton, The National feat. Taylor Swift, Niall Horan, ILLENIUM w/ Avril Lavigne & Travis Barker, Stephen Sanchez
New Music Friday: 04.28.23

“Seasons” by Bebe Rexha & Dolly Parton


Hear this refreshing ballad from pop star Bebe Rexha and country music icon, Dolly Parton! It’s part of Rexha’s third studio album, Bebe, out now!

There’s a lot of contemplation that goes on in this song. As the seasons change, you start to wonder about the future for yourself. At times, the seasons move faster in life than the progression of your desired goals and achievements. You might find yourself stuck in a rut for a long time now, or you might still think you’re the same spry kid from years past even though you’re not. You might feel others are ahead of you on the career ladder. Or you might feel lost without any help even though you have a good support system. Those feelings are all valid and shouldn’t be discounted!

Hopefully this beautiful song gives you healing vibes! It’s lovely to hear the breathy vocals of Rexha which goes hand in hand with Parton’s angelic vocals. They both looked liked they had a fun time shooting the music video. What do you all think?

“The Alcott” by The National feat. Taylor Swift


This second pick is a very cool ballad by the talented indie band, The National, fronted by Matt Berninger. They’ve teamed up with multi Grammy-winning pop singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift again (see “Coney Island” from Swift’s evermore for the first instance.) and fans of both, I feel, will appreciate their joint efforts.

If you feel like your relationship is on the cusp of rekindling, then this song will speak to you the most! A frequent trip to a specific venue can be the central spark (or collapse) to a relationship’s eventual fate.

*cross your fingers* your relationship remains intact!

“The Alcott” is part of The National’s ninth studio album, First Two Pages of Frankenstein which is out today! Other collaborations on the record include Phoebe Bridgers, and Sufjan Stevens. So check it out for yourselves!

“Meltdown” by Niall Horan


Pop artist, Niall Horan returns with his second single off his forthcoming third album, The Show (releasing June 9th.) It’s called “Meltdown” and it follows the euphoric track, “Heaven” released earlier in February.

Everyone in life goes through ups and downs. Horan sings about making a critical mistake which proves costly. That could mean a breakup, or a divorce. Fortunately, there is a strong likelihood, someone can lift your spirits back up. The trials and tribulations are temporary and better days are ahead!

I love the 80s fusion mixed with the modern day drums and vocoder elements. The infectious “wooo-ooh’s” in the chorus will have you melting those sorrows and stresses away as this uptempo track unravels for your ears to enjoy.

Looking forward to hearing the rest of his songs this summer and perhaps the live performance of this song on The Voice soon! How about you?

“Eyes Wide Shut” by ILLENIUM w/ Avril Lavigne & Travis Barker


Feeling tired, lost or disconnected from a relationship? Then let Avril Lavigne soothe your troubles away! Even though its ILLENIUM’s track, this felt like something you would hear on a Lavigne album not going to lie.

Together with ILLENIUM and Travis Barker, this collaboration is an A+ in my books! The production, vocals, and drums make for an epic sounding track. Put this on your pump up jams playlist today!

“Only Girl” by Stephen Sanchez


Transport yourself to the 60s with the serene stylings of Stephen Sanchez. It’s refreshing to hear a song sound like this in the 2020s. Your parents will likely enjoy this if they grew up listening to the classics we deem today.

This song is most resonant for those in love with someone and they want to profess their love to them wholeheartedly. There’s no one they would rather be with and hopefully the feelings are reciprocal back to you. Good luck!

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