New Music Friday: May 28, 2021

Greetings once again! Happy Memorial Day Weekend for those readers in the U.S. And happy weekend to all! This week we have brand new music coming to you from young pop star Tate McRae, BRIT Award-winning artist Griff, pop artist JoJo, rising pop star Victoria Justice & alternative group Picture This! Scroll on down to read all about them.

“Darkest Hour” by Tate McRae


Rising pop star, Tate McRae is having a banner year so far, having released an EP earlier this year and booking festival dates this summer. Now she has a song on the Amazon Prime Video teen drama series, Panic (out now) called “Darkest Hour.” You can read about the show, here.

Her vocals on this track are pretty solid, chilling especially in the beginning, and hits deep overall! The lyrics talk about having the confidence, spark and energy in getting through a challenging time or obstacle in life. In the chorus she sings, “In the darkest hour, I’ll spark like a flame/A heart that can’t surrender/Burns into a hostile blaze/In the darkest hour, you’ll know my name/I will hold the power and I’ll run that game.” I believe the verses combined with the impressive instrumental layers makes for quite an uplifting anthem that listeners need to hear!

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“One Foot In Front Of The Other” by Griff


British singer-songwriter, Griff has a new resilient track called “One Foot In Front Of The Other.” It follows the release of her up tempo/emotional song, “Black Hole” back in January and her collaboration with Zedd last fall in “Inside Out” which charted on the US Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs as high as number 12. This song is for those who can agree that perseverance is the key to achieving goals in life. You might falter due to varying reasons (i.e. losing a job, get sick, or get into an unexpected accident resulting in surgery then rehab, or just the latter only) but you will work hard each and every day to recover, and find inner strength through your support system (family, writing, music, etc.). One step at a time, and soon enough you will conquer whatever goals you have.

Fun Facts: The 20-year-old artist wrote and produced this song all by herself during lockdown last year! She also recently won a BRIT Award for Rising Star. Other artists who’ve won it in the past include 15x Grammy-winner Adele, 4x Grammy-winner Sam Smith, Grammy-nominated Ellie Goulding and Florence and the Machine just to name a few! Excellent company to be in if I do say so myself!

In my opinion, her vocals on this single reminds me a little of Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Julia Michaels. What do you guys think? Both are crazy talented by the way!

I hope you feel uplifted by the song and add it to your playlists this week. This song will be a part of her upcoming mixtape of the same name due to release on June 18th!

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“Creature Of Habit” by JoJo


Fresh off her runner-up finish as the Black Swan on The Masked Singer is singer-songwriter, JoJo! She dropped her new single, “Creature of Habit” yesterday night and it’s already generating a lot of buzz!

This song is about someone who craves being in a relationship even though they’re likely not 100% satisfied being in said relationship. You’re afraid to move on yet you wonder what would happen if you hooked up with somebody new.

I enjoyed her vocals on this track which was a nice pivot from the folksy single, “American Mood,” released three months ago. She can gravitate to any genre and still be impressive in sound. On this one in particular, she has an Ariana Grande-esque delivery in my opinion. Thoughts?

It has the makings of being a song that can get promoted on mainstream radio. I hope more ears get to listen to JoJo’s artistry this year now that she’s back in the spotlight again and gearing up for her sixth studio album which is in the works along with a new tour coming next year too. She was suppose to go on tour this year in promotion of her Good To Know Tour but she had to cancel it out of precautionary reasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Too F*ckin Nice” by Victoria Justice


Another Pisces artist is out with new music and that comes courtesy of singer-songwriter, Victoria Justice! I feel this one will be trending heavily amongst her fans this week and beyond! It follows her previously released singles, “Treat Myself,” and “Stay,” the latter of which dropped just three months ago.

On socials, she declared the new single is for those “fellow peeps out there who have people pleased/made themselves small when they are SO the opposite.”

If you see yourself as a people pleaser or one who lets others speak for you often, then this song is for you! Hopefully after hearing this song, you take back control of your decision making and speak for yourself in situations like dating someone or professionally when you want to ask for a raise for example. Don’t be the doormat for others!

I simply love/dig this new single by Miss Justice and I can’t wait to hear more as we move another step closer to her debut full-length studio album as a solo artist!

“If Ever However Whenever Forever” by Picture This


Irish alt-pop band, Picture This have a new song called, “If Ever However Whenever Forever,” and it will hit you right in the feels! From my interpretation, I feel like this song is about a singleton whom recently broke up with somebody and now has set their eyes on someone else recently single too. Both of you can relate to getting out of a previous relationship and its tough on the heart and soul. The other person may or may not be ready to start dating again but deep down you have a keen interest in dating them and want to feel loved again and to offer your own love for them. You can both have better and brighter futures, the only catch now is the encouragement process and a decent amount of time to gain their trust! Good luck to those who can relate to these lyrics and want to use this song for their own future relationship building.

This track will be a part of the band’s upcoming third studio album, Life In Colour. Previously released singles, “LA House Party,” “Winona Ryder,” “Things Are Different” & “Unconditional” will also join said record due next month. A total of 14 songs are slated for the album by the way. Let me know which ones you’ve been vibing with so far and please share your predictions about their future sounds down below.

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