‘AGT’ Season 14 Finale (PERFORMANCES)

Well, the season 14 finale performance round has just concluded and my oh my the talent upped their games tonight! The final 10 acts performed one after another, each delivering a good case to America for why they should win the ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!

It’s really tough to say who will win but here below is a recap of all the remaining acts along with my initial prediction.


The balcony flip was crazy from the beginning and all the succeeding flips and tricks and dance moves all throughout definitely made my eyes widen in amazement. It was crazy seeing them continuously fly though the air effortlessly. All four judges gave a standing ovation to them. In honor of their beloved member Vikas, they are victorious already after their finale performance no matter what the actual results are!

Initial Prediction: Top 5, in contention still for the win


They have loads of reasons to be proud that they made it to the finale. With that said, the DYC sang and danced once again to their audition song choice, “Can’t Hold Us” from Macklemore. I don’t think it was enough to win them the million dollars but the exposure and reception they’ve received this season will give them potential for more gigs when they return back to Detroit.

Initial Prediction: Bottom 5


Emanne impressed once again with her vocal efforts tonight singing “La Mamma Morta.” I thought she did an excellent job convincing the viewers why she should win. However I’m skeptical if she will win though. I think she will finish somewhere mid-pack among the competition either in 5th or 6th. She definitely deserves a recording deal once all of this is settled though.

Initial Prediction: Tossup b/w Top 5 and Bottom 5


A decent set of jokes tonight by Ryan, better than the last round for him for sure. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the year a comedian wins AGT.

Initial Prediction: Bottom 5


They’ve been very beneficial to the military and their families this season. The intro package of them reading the letters from PTSD patients is truly remarkable to listen. Truly inspirational and uplifting performance once again for VOS. They deserve to win but I don’t think they’re a million dollar Vegas act. They must continue doing what they’re doing wherever they tour next. Keep spreading the positive vibes!

Initial Prediction: Toss-up, somewhere mid-pack of the competition. 5th through 8th is my projected result for them.


The LBK are definitely a Vegas act and I do hope they make it to the top 5, top 3, and quite possibly the WIN. They really deserve the million dollars for their unwavering efforts and preparation each round this season.

Initial Prediction: Top 5, strong contender for the win


Benicio really has the knack for songwriting. I feel like he should continue making these acoustic, feel-good songs in his career. He could be the next Ed Sheeran with these vocals. This was his best performance of the season in my opinion but still not enough to win the million dollars.

Initial Prediction: Toss-up b/w 6th through 8th.


The fact that Beyonce cleared the song for Tyler’s performance is cool!!! I feel like this could lead him to the win, if not definitely top 3. He has survived so much in life and on this show to get to this point and it would be a shame if he were to not make the top 5. He has inspired many people around the world and with this show, I hope he continues to play the violin and putting smiles on people young and old regardless of the million dollar prize and headlining Vegas shows.

Initial Prediction: Top 5, has a good shot at winning


All season long, Kodi has influenced and left a mark on viewers for his vocal talents despite his disabilities. I strongly believe he will be in the running for the win.

Initial Prediction: Top 2, great chance at the win


Ndlovu Youth Choir showcased yet another uplifting performance filled with pride and joy. I loved the energy they exuded and I believe they are a top 5 contender. Amazing job covering “Africa” by Toto with this South African twist.

Initial Prediction: Top 5

My shortlist of picks to win AGT season 14 has got to be: Light Balance Kids, Kodi Lee, and Tyler-Butler Figueroa. Who do you pick as the winner? Cast your votes one last time on the AGT app or online at nbc.com/agt

Finally, tune in for the star-studded results show tonight at 8 P.M. EST only on NBC! Lots of special guests are in store including the one and only Cher!


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