‘AGT’ Season 14: Semifinals #1 Results (RECAP)

So based on my initial predictions last night, I only missed on two of them. I originally thought Ndlovu Youth Choir was going to be eliminated but they got the judges’ save after the Dunkin’ Save went to Light Balance Kids. I also thought the Messoudi Bros. would advance but sadly they didn’t.

Along with those two acts, violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa, singer and pianist Kodi Lee, and singer Benicio Bryant advanced to the grand finale in two weeks.

Season 12’s Preacher Lawson and Darci Lynne returned to the stage tonight which was a treat:

The friendly rivalry continued with Darci Lynne.
Petunia shines on the ‘AGT’ stage once again!

Next week, Alex Dowis (blacklight painter), Chris Kläfford (singer), Detroit Youth Choir, Dom Chambers (magician), Emanne Beasha (opera singer), Lukas & Falco (wildcard pick – dog act), Luke Islam (singer), Marcin Patrzalek (guitarist), Ryan Niemiller (comedian), V. Unbeatable (acrobatic dance group), and Voices Of Service (vocal group) will be demonstrating their performances in the final round of the semifinals. Tune in next week Tuesday at 8 P.M. E.T. for that.


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