OneRepublic: “Sunshine” (First Reactions)

It’s always a great day when pop band OneRepublic releases new material. Today is that day once again! What a nice surprise to hear this latest track called, “Sunshine.” The Grammy-winning band wrote this song for the soundtrack to the new family flick, Clifford The Big Red Dog.

Released 11.10.21 via Mosley Music/Interscope Records

Check out the song here:


Time Code Reactions:

0:14 So far this is a “positive vibes” kind of track. I like the flow of the chorus.

0:28 Life will bring you ups and downs. It’s how you react to those down moments that separate you from being totally sad or totally happy.

0:40 Ryan Tedder in with the catchy pre-chorus section. My favorite part would be the “woo-hoo!” We all need to collectively take deeper breaths, smile more often & just stress less about the little things we can’t control.

0:58 Production-wise, this part sounded cool as we transition into the second verse.

1:22 Too much social media can drive us crazy. That’s why it’s imperative to exercise self-care and take a break from all the noise that we surround ourselves with. Well-written verse by the way!

2:17 Ryan going off in the bridge! Wow, impressive bars! I think the best line in this section is: “Basically, life is the same thing unless you don’t want the same thing.” If you’re tired of the status quo in your life, why stay there. Take a risk, explore and do something new. Who knows? You might find your next hobby, your next job, or even your next place to call home.

2:43 Kudos to OneRepublic for making this feel-good track. I hope it also appears on their next album (next year?). I would also like to see a music video get made for this soundtrack song. How about you?

Thanks for reading my first reactions blog post on OneRepublic’s new song! Comment below with your thoughts and feelings.

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