New Music Friday: September 11

On this 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I wanted to start off this week’s post by taking the time by saying “Never Forget.” Always remember the victims who tragically died that day, always remember all of the first responders whom risked their lives that day, and all the families who’ve been affected by that very dark day. It’s crazy how many years have gone by since that tragic day and it still feels like yesterday. My thoughts go out to those affected and I hope you take the time to reflect today on your loved ones as well as the loved ones of others.

With that being said, here are this week’s picks for you all to consider. Enjoy!

“OK Not To Be OK” by Marshmello & Demi Lovato

This is the first time EDM superstar, Marshmello & pop star, Demi Lovato have collaborated with each other. They made this song for September’s National Suicide Prevention Month which raises awareness that it’s ok to not be ok. It’s wise to open up to somebody you know and love and express your inner thoughts and feelings. You may feel like a measly drop in the ocean but you are unique and you matter each and every day. Having someone to lean on, or to have somebody to hear you will literally change your life for the good.

What the two artists have made could literally save someone’s life. And after Lovato’s scary drug overdose two years ago, it’s literally been a tough journey to get to where she is today. But it’s also been a rewarding one for her and her career. She’s now found clarity, peace and happiness with her recent engagement announcement earlier this summer and a prosperous new path on life filled with endless possibilities and potential. I commend Lovato’s road to recovery and I love that she’s working hard on making new music for her fans all around the world. The Lovatics and myself want to see her succeed in this new chapter of her life.

In terms of this song, it starts off slow and calm, almost meditative like, but gradually picks up as Lovato sings through the verses. The tone of the track remains a positive one as Marshmello provides the keyboard/synths for this danceable song. I don’t know about you but I kind of see a Billie Eilish look in the music video from Miss Lovato. Thoughts? Wondering if the Grammy winner’s vibe inspired her.

At the end of the song, they mention Hope For The Day (HFTD) in an outro card. This is a non-profit movement empowering the conversation on proactive suicide prevention and mental health education. If you would like to learn more, visit:

There’s also a companion website for the song at: where you can download/stream the song, take a mood quiz, play Mindsweeper, get a cool Instagram Stories effect, and get help and resources if you’re feeling depressed, lonely or confused about life.

Feel free to voice your thoughts on the song, about life in general or whatever is bothering you in the comments below. I will gladly listen and offer some words of encouragement. 🙂

“Let’s Love” by David Guetta & Sia

I love the synth heavy, 1980’s vibe going on in this song. In my opinion, this new David Guetta/Sia track has a similar sound to Pat Benatar’s “Love Is A Battlefield.” This is the ninth time the two award winning artists have worked together. Some of their previous notable hits include 2011’s “Titanium” and 2017’s “Bang My Head.”

Sia’s vocals and Guetta’s crafty beats production make for a feel-good track that will lift your spirits! We’ve all been stuck in isolation for so long during this year and witnessed crazy events (the pandemic, racial injustice, climate change effects: strong hurricanes, massive wildfires) each month thus far! We’ve all felt days of despair, feelings of stress and sadness, but after hearing this warm track for the first time, it gives you hope that we will all come together and be a better society once this all passes. Love over hate!!!

It’s comforting to hear “This too shall pass,” “We’ll get through it all together,” and “Let’s love” from Sia’s mouth. It felt like a hug from a far and she wants us all to collectively feel the love and spread the kindness.

“Bad Habits” by Usher

Usher, the 8x Grammy Award winner has just released a new track called “Bad Habits” a week after he announced his very first headlining Las Vegas residency starting July 16, 2021.

This song is about his many short-lived romances and how easy it is to fall in love. A snippet from the first verse goes like, “Every time I think that I found the one/I turn around and then another one come/On God, I be tryin’ baby/At least you know the truth, I ain’t lyin’ baby.” He’s aware and acknowledges his past mistakes in this upbeat R&B track.

This single has that classic Usher flair to it in my opinion, his smooth dance moves and sleek infectious vocals that fans have come to love throughout his two decade career. Plus it has an 80’s sounding vibe to it which a lot of artists have been doing lately. (See: The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights”) All those elements combined make for a great track to vibe out to for future post-pandemic club gatherings and parties. For now, you’ll just have to enjoy it from the comforts of your headphones, Bluetooth speakers, etc. at home or at a socially distanced gathering with a small group of friends outdoors.

“Visitor” by Of Monsters and Men

Ever feel like you’re on the outside looking in when it comes to the people you once had a thriving connection with? Well, then this song is for you! The Icelandic indie rock band follows the release of their 2019 album, Fever Dream with this standalone single called “Visitor.”

The music video was made in their native Iceland before the COVID-19 crisis. Lead singer Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdóttir cites the band’s latest track as “a song about disconnection and being on the fringe of change, seeing everything you once knew disappear, and finding yourself in the role of the visitor.”

Overall, I love the sound of this new track, from the percussion heavy parts to the soothing vocals from Nanna meshing with the guitar string embellishments. If you’ve been a fan of their decade long career, then you’ll likely enjoy this new single too. Looking forward to hearing their fourth album effort next year. How about you?

“Chemicals” by The Vamps

Brit-pop band, The Vamps just dropped their second single “Chemicals” off their upcoming fifth studio album, Cherry Blossom. The band has made another ear worm of a song if I do say so myself.

This love song was made for the summertime. It feels like all the elements of the song from a production standpoint are being combined in a chemistry class beaker and the reaction that forms is this explosion of greatness. Lead singer, Brad Simpson’s vocals are top-notch in this feel-good song as he sings passionately, “So give me that summertime/Sweet like caramel/The way that you get me high/Is something like, something like chemicals/Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.” It’s going to sound amazing when they perform this song on their next tour or next televised appearance next year. Can’t wait to hear what the rest of the new record sounds like! How about you? Share your thoughts/feelings in the comments down below.

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Stay safe, be kind to everyone and happy listening!