New Music Friday: May 8

What’s up everyone?!? It’s Friday once again and this week we have new music from Lauv. He dropped bonus tracks that didn’t make the cut from his debut album. We got the latest from Sia and Weezer, both of whom are dedicating their respective songs to essential workers. Additionally, I’ve picked the latest emotionally touching singles from lovelytheband and Chord Overstreet to round out this week’s edition of New Music Friday, May 8, 2020!

“Love Like That” by Lauv

Lauv’s debut album, ~how i’m feeling~ dropped in March. It had 21 tracks, so there was definitely going to be songs that didn’t make the final cut. Fortunately, Lauv has repackaged those into these bonus tracks into this week’s release titled, ~how i’m feeling~ (the extras). It contains a new song called “Love Like That,” as well as several stripped down versions, remixes and acoustic versions of songs like “Drugs & The Internet,” “i’m so tired” and “Modern Loneliness.”

This song really comes from the heart and will have you wrapped up feeling the love. It’s suitable for times of sorrow, for moments of confusion, or for situations where you’re feeling isolated and for casual listeners whom are fans of soft pop songs. If you’ve enjoyed listening to his debut album, these songs will certainly bring you joy during this time of uncertainty.

Proceeds from streaming and digital purchases of this song will benefit the Blue Boy Foundation which helps nonprofits de-stigmatize those seeking mental health help.

“Saved My Life” by Sia

9x Grammy-nominated artist, Sia debuted this emotionally stirring song at Americares Foundation’s “COVID Is No Joke” livestream event on May 1st. This is such a feel good single knowing that all proceeds from this song will go towards Americares and CORE Response’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

This is the second single she has released this year after “Original” dropped back in January for the film, Dolittle. Sia deserves more credit and props for her songwriting because lyrically speaking, the song’s message is raw and powerful.

When she belts out the chorus, “Yeah I’ve been waiting for you. Well someone must have sent you here to save my life. Someone must have sent you to save me tonight. I know that in darkness I have found my light. I know that in darkness I’ve been given sight,” I felt that and is why this is a recommended track to listen to this week. If you loved any of her past works like “Chandelier,” “Elastic Heart”, or “Fire Meet Gasoline,” you’ll definitely connect to this one as well.

Fun Fact: Chart-topping pop artist, Dua Lipa co-wrote the song with Sia along with Grammy-winning producer/songwriter Greg Kurstin who also produced this amazing track.

Download and stream “Saved My Life” right here.

“Hero” by Weezer

This week’s rock pick of the week goes to Weezer. This latest single from the Grammy-winning band pays tribute to the essential workers out there risking their own lives to helping saving lives and or making the wheels turn in society while the rest of us are under lockdown.

This track will be a part of their upcoming 14th studio album, Van Weezer (release date: TBA). This song is like a prelude at what’s to come for the band as they are shifting to a heavier rock sound as compared to past albums in recent years which were more on the electropop and pop rock sides. (See: Pacific Daydream and Teal Album)

Watch the above video for a cool chain reaction of leading vocalist, Rivers Cuomo’s heartfelt letter to those frontline workers. Crowdsourcing at it’s finest!

Download “Hero” today! Also be sure to check them out rocking to The Simpsons theme song in this Sunday’s new episode.

“i should be happy” by lovelytheband

Quarantine life has it’s ups and downs and when you’re feeling down, hopefully you can seek a small pick me up with this song from Billboard Music Awards nominated indie pop band, lovelytheband. Let’s face the facts, anxiety has hit an all-time high for folks during this pandemic who suffer from it on a daily basis, so it’s nice to have a band that addresses that in song. I hope you feel those feels and feel seen by this track. Vulnerability is not something to be ashamed of. Remember that! And once you start being happy again, confiding with loved ones is one way to maintain your good self-esteem as well as listening to soothing tracks such as this one.

The song is available to download and stream right now. Hear it for yourself, and be sure to visit the band’s official site for news updates.

“What You Need” by Chord Overstreet

This new song from actor/Platinum-selling recording artist, Chord Overstreet is really soothing to listen to! If you like Niall Horan’s music, you’ll like this too because this has that Horan vibe to it in my opinion. An acoustic slow jam that is perfect to listen to when you want to decompress, de-stress, and chill. Play this track whenever you want to clear your mind.

The song is about a toxic relationship that has gone south even though you still have feelings for the other person. It delves into the notion of somebody who still wants to take the high road and express love and forgiveness despite it not always being the case of course.

“What You Need” is available now! For all the latest updates, visit his official website, here.

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of New Music Friday! Which songs will you be listening to? Come back again next week for another round of recommendations. Happy listening!


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